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August 24, 20117

Deadspin accuses Damon Bruce of calling for racial profiling, then takes it back

On Monday, in the aftermath of what by all accounts was one of the ugliest days in Bay Area sports history, the

August 24, 20113

Heath Bell could slide to the Giants? Yes, please!

According to Buster Olney, the Giants were awarded a waiver claim on San Diego Padres closer Heath Bell. Even though the Giants

August 23, 20111

Giants too sloppy to deserve a second chance

When the Giants came back to tie the game in the 8th, the crowd went crazy. Not only did the Giants come

August 23, 20110

Nate Schierholtz Giants’ latest injury victim – what else is new?

It seems like every time there’s an off day for the San Francisco Giants, when they come back to the park there’s

August 23, 20111

Time for a new hashtag: #JailAaronRowand

Aaron Rowand has gone 85 at bats without walking. No reason to differentiate between plate appearances and at bats in Rowand’s case,

August 22, 20110

How Al Davis chose Terrelle Pryor (transcript)

It was a surprise to some … wait, that’s a lie. If you’re surprised Al Davis gave up a 3rd rounder in

August 22, 201110

Candlestick Park violence was caused by two things

There was no chance I would attend the preseason game at Candlestick Park between the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders, because

August 21, 20113

Giants disappoint one of their biggest fans on Saturday – again

On Saturday, for the second straight night, I watched the Giants by checking my phone. Due to my buddy Sean’s bachelor party

August 19, 20111

Sunburns and PB&J dances – my first day at 49ers practice

Yesterday I checked out a 49ers practice for the first time, which was good timing because Jim Harbaugh doesn’t want anybody to

August 19, 20118

KNBR keeps adding insiders; Radnich ‘interviews’ Giants blogger on KRON

I have no idea what Henry Schulman and Andrew Baggarly think of each other, but now they’re both under the KNBR umbrella.

August 19, 20111

Giants should’ve stuck with Belt like the Braves stuck with Freeman

I guess when it comes to fantasy baseball, I was a little like Bruce Bochy this season. Or Brian Sabean. Or Brice

August 18, 20110

Jim Harbaugh is tired of talking about quarterbacks (videos)

It’s clear watching the 49ers practice that the offense is a work in progress. You don’t need to watch them practice two

August 18, 20113

Vote BASG as ‘CBS San Francisco’s Most Valuable Blogger’

Today’s my first time at the 49ers’ facility, but I arrived way earlier than necessary for media availability that was canceled before

August 17, 20110

Braves don’t like, Braves don’t like … Matt Cain

Sometime during the past week, I don’t know when, Mike Krukow said Matt Cain would definitely be a manager someday. I’m pretty

August 17, 20115

KNBR counters 95.7’s ‘insiders’ with two of their own

The term “insider” is now being used by yet another local media entity, as KNBR has announced that Matt Barrows of the

August 16, 20112

All the Giants and their fans can do is laugh

It’s as ridiculous as ridiculous gets, and it just keeps getting crazier. Five Giants went down before this game in one form

August 16, 20110

If Jonathan Sanchez implodes … then what?

Jonathan Sanchez has become impossible to defend. In the past I’ve tried. And tried again. All the way back in April, one

August 16, 20112

2011 San Francisco Giants: a different kind of torture

Last season, Duane Kuiper played up the “Giants baseball … torture” angle to such a degree that many people (including me) experienced

August 15, 201122

Gary Radnich picks strange time to go on a 2-week vacation

At some point next week I wanted to do a preliminary review of KNBR’s new “Gary and D-Bruce” show, or whatever they’re

August 14, 20113

Brandon Belt, freed

It doesn’t make for great television, but whenever a professional cameraperson loses track of an opposite field home run — because it

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