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March 26, 20100

Stupid free Internet TV, making me wait…

No full column ideas today, just a bunch of stuff we noticed while wasting company time on a Friday&#

March 25, 20100

No “Hard Knocks” life for 49ers

As the Niners jumped out of the gate last season with a 3-1 record, and the nation’s fascination with Mike Singletary threatened

March 24, 20102

Yorks more like Chris Cohan than Eddie Debartolo

I took a little longer than I would have liked to tackle the latest stories sweeping the Bay Area. No, not the

March 22, 20104

BASG March Madness Pool: How YOU doin’?

What a crazy last few days. A health care bill of some sort passed in the House, Chris Cohan hired Georges St-Pierre

March 19, 20100

Are those Marquette t-shirts on sale?

It’s always easy to complain about the corportate-ness of sporting events, especially big ones. “The Super Bowl doesn’t have real fans, it’s

March 16, 20109

Fix yo bracket, fool!!!

Before I get started, I have to remind you to sign up for the 2nd-annual BASG March Madness NCAA Basketball Tournament Pool.

March 12, 20100

Mike Leach isn’t a fan of the born-agains

The good-ol’ boys at Texas Tech are probably doing a boot-scoot boogie over the Mike Leach videos that bestowed to the

March 11, 20100

In sports, pessimism is your friend

One of my main philosophies in life is “don’t get your hopes up.” And I am absolutely maniacal in my attempts to

March 10, 20100

Thank God for mock drafts

If you’re ever wondering whether your favorite teams suck, ask yourself this question: “Have you spent more time in the past year

March 08, 201011

Amazing how much a sparkly rock changes things

Do you guys mind if I get a little self-indulgent for a few minutes? Wait, this is a blog, which is by

March 04, 20107

The Warriors are basketball Nyquil

The inflatable mattress was set up in prime position in the living room yesterday evening, directly in front of the TV. Me:

February 25, 20105

The Olympics soap opera rolls on…

To truly enjoy the Vancouver Winter Olympics is to enjoy the imperfections. Sort of like walking to work in San Francisco. The

February 21, 20105

10 thoughts about USA’s win over Canada (yes, a hockey post)

Anyone paying any sort of attention knows that hockey isn’t necessarily a hot-button issue on BASG. In fact, the Sharks are usually

February 19, 20102

Tiger Woods should run for president in 2012

A lot’s been said since Tiger Woods essentially said nothing today. Yeah, he said he’s sorry, but let’s stop acting like that’s

February 18, 20103

Shaun White and his crazy needs (We’re talking about chicks, man)

I’m not one to jump on a trending topic and milk it for all it’s worth … actually, that’s exactly what I

February 17, 20107

Wait, was that Dave Chappelle over there?

OK, so I don’t have any confirmation, but I’m about 98% sure I saw Dave Chappelle at around 6:15 yesterday evening. I

February 16, 20105

Larry Ellison’s getting impatient with Chris Cohan

Larry Ellison is rich, he loves attention and he’s a winner, as evidenced by his America’s Cup triumph over the weekend. Chris

February 14, 20102

Lincecum’s the dessert after “piecemeal” offseason

After a winter in which the Giants heard their fans’ wishes for a tropical vacation or a luxury car and answered those

February 11, 20105

2009-10 Warriors: Worst Warriors Ever?

I was in the kitchen a couple nights ago with the radio on when I heard the latest Warriors catastrophe. In a

February 07, 20104

Peyton Manning just peed a little

From a 49ers-centric perspective, the right team won tonight. And not just because they defeated this generation’s Dan Marino (more on that

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