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April 05, 20110

Giants, Athletics Start Season By Kicking Baseballs Around

We interrupted the traditional “Week In Review” format last week to talk about the best- and worst-case scenarios for the San Francisco

April 04, 20111

Cash, truffles, cookies … who won the prizes?

Congratulations to Fixing Clam Chowder, champion of the 2011 BASG March Madness Tournament Classic, presented by Zima! Did you know that domestic

April 04, 20112

Early struggles give Giants a needed dose of reality

Just ask any A’s fan. Or any Dodgers, Padres, Rockies, Diamondbacks fan around here — that is, assuming D-Backs fans actually exist.

April 02, 20110

Mark DeRosa may not be a bench player for long

It was a day game after two disappointing, offensively stagnant night games, but it was still awfully strange to turn on my

April 01, 20110

Only one game, but Giants have 5 concerns

Normally Opening Day for the San Francisco Giants would have led to a post that same evening in this here space, but

March 30, 20114

San Francisco Giants And Oakland Athletics Preview 2011: Best- And Worst-Case Scenarios

For the first time since 2004, it isn’t completely ludicrous to suggest there’s a possibility of a second Bay Bridge World Series.

March 30, 20111

Brandon Belt decision signifies new expectations

A little after midnight last night, while I was slaving away on my latest Warriors post about Keith Smart, Monta Ellis and

March 30, 20110

Why Keith Smart gave the Warriors to Monta Ellis

It may have been a conscious decision, perhaps it happened due to a series of moves that all added up to a

March 28, 201111

BASG March Madness: only 2 possible winners left

It’s all about one game, which means everyone in the BASG bracket can do the right thing and root for Butler or

March 28, 20113

Joe Lacob on bloggers and real fans, in his own words

The way news on the internet travels around before quickly fading away, the whole mini-controversy surrounding comments Joe Lacob made about bloggers

March 25, 20111

Giants need to be extra cautious with Wilson, Ross

The Giants are coming off their shortest offseason in franchise history, and everyone wants it to be perfect when they step back

March 24, 20110

Barry Bonds trial: an afternoon in US District Court

I couldn’t have had a closer vantage point to watch Barry Bonds compete back in his playing days if I sat in

March 23, 20112

The NFL Labor Stoppage Is Ruining My Offseason

The NFL Labor situation has done the worst possible thing the NFL could do, at least to me. I hate all football

March 21, 20111

BASG March Madness still wide open

Great Odin’s Raven looked to be having a historically great bracket … and then the bottom fell out of the Big East.

March 20, 20119

Brian Wilson’s oblique scare – who would replace him?

Since the age of 14, my back has always been a source of pain. Sometimes manageable, sometimes crippling to the point where

March 17, 20112

Well, I really screwed up my NCAA bracket

I have no idea what happened. I had San Diego St. as my National Champions. I saw their logo at the top

March 16, 201116

If Brandon Belt’s ready, who gets pushed aside?

Their 2011 power potential is unlike anything the San Francisco Giants have looked forward to since their 3-4-5 went by the names

March 15, 20110

Forget Biedrins, Udoh is the future … and present

Sometime soon, we may remember last night as Andris Biedrins’ last start in the NBA. In a game marked by defensive indifference,

March 14, 20115

BASG March Madness Challenge: New Prizes This Year!

We can all cry about how college basketball stopped mattering for Bay Area teams yesterday, or we could do something about it.

March 11, 20112

Lakers lucky Kobe acted out during regular season

Have the league’s two most important players also been the most despised? Magic Johnson and Larry Bird in the 1980’s; Micha Jordan

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