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June 26, 20092

Amare Stoudemire will “be a Warriors”

OK, I’m not really sure if Monta Ellis’ infamous “I’m a Warriors. I’ll always be a Warriors.” quote will also ring true

June 26, 200910

Getting Married – San Jose Sharks Style

This last weekend was one of my best friend’s wedding and I was one of her maids of honor. Beyond my typical

June 25, 20094

NBA Draft Live Blog…sort of

Here’s the first annual BASG Live Blog (just click more and keep refreshing to read about how the Warriors screw this thing

June 25, 20096

Michael Jackson dead at age 50

Michael Jackson has died after going into cardiac arrest, according to TMZ. It’s one of the least surprising shocking stories I can

June 25, 20090

Everyone really trusts Larry Riley…What am I missing here?

I don’t know why I like mock drafts so much. Their usefulness and/or accuracy usually get squashed by the time the draft

June 24, 20090

Shaq dealt, is Nash next?

I can’t wait for the NBA Draft, because I want to see if it can possibly measure up to the preamble. David

June 24, 20090

Randy Johnson…OK, I’m sold

I got into a discussion with SGL around the beginning of tonight’s Giants game against the A’s, and muttered aloud that the

June 24, 20094

Welcome back Speedy???

According to, the Warriors are close to trading Jamal Crawford for ex-Warrior Speedy Claxton (who was originally traded to the Hornets

June 24, 20090

Tim Lincecum provides comic relief, and some links

Anybody catch one of the funniest moments of the season last night, after Tim Lincecum struck out Jason Giambi in the fourth

June 23, 20092

NBA Tuesday: Should the Warriors go after Rajon Rondo?

I’m not going to go all draft crazy tonight. I just can’t. There’s only thing we know about the who the Warriors

June 23, 20090

The Giants are not a playoff team right now

As we all sit on the edge of our seats waiting for the announcement that Jonathan Sanchez will get moved to the

June 22, 20090

Odds stacked against Giants tonight

When you watch the San Francisco Giants long enough, you notice things. Like how it’s not a real Giants rally unless at

June 22, 20090

MLB Monday: Donald “Eric Cartman” Fehr, good riddance

I don’t know who Michael Weiner is. I’ve never seen him, heard him speak and anyone reading this probably hasn’t either. It

June 18, 20092

Bleachers 101: Intro to S.F. Giants

I caught yesterday’s surprisingly frustrating Giants game from the middle of the left field bleachers, where it’s apparent that a large percentage

June 17, 20091

Not time to replace Sanchez yet…but it’s getting close

How much can the Giants get for Jonathan Sanchez now? A 36-year-old Triple-A designated hitter? A Costco box of assorted flavor sunflower

June 16, 20094

NBA Tuesday: Warriors drafting for their lives

So it has come to this. The Warriors are getting ready for a two-month stretch that has everything to do with the

June 15, 20090

MLB Monday: Fans are getting picky

Before we go through our first link dump in a while (hey, keep your “Dannon Activia” yogurt jokes to yourself), a few

June 15, 20090

MLB Monday: Dissecting the Panda

Sorry about the weird and/or insensitive headline, but my advisers tell me that any post that gets the attention of PETA receives

June 14, 20090

Lakers finished Magic in the second quarter

The Lakers won the NBA championship in the second quarter tonight, thanks to a three from Trevor Ariza in the second quarter.

June 10, 20092

Recap of the busiest Tuesday ever

I don’t know if I can remember a Tuesday filled with more sports activity than what we had yesterday, and to top

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