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November 01, 20101

Madison Bumgarner isn’t growing up, he’s an adult

The most telling moment was late in Madison Bumgarner’s historical start in Game 4 of the 2010 World Series. It wasn’t a

October 31, 20100

Troy Smith wins 49ers debut, 7-9 still within reach

You knew the 49ers wouldn’t just roll over and die, right? Instead, they’re taking a page out of the Mike Nolan playbook:

October 30, 20102

Giants lose Game 3, Bochy faces 2 decisions

Every foul Mitch Moreland hit off Jonathan Sanchez, the more I expected to see a wicked slider in the dirt. But Sanchez

October 29, 20106

Troy Smith gets his shot with the 49ers

He’s not that tall, but he’s fast. But he isn’t that fast. He’s Troy Smith, former third-string quarterback turned starting QB for

October 28, 20103

Just another ha-ha-ha-ha-ha … laugher!

I hope Mike Krukow’s cool with me stealing one of his favorite lines for this headline. After all, Duane Kuiper has experience

October 28, 20100

Links to get you ready for Game 2 of the World Series

Are you stuck at work? Are you excited about Game 1, while living in fear that a poor performance by Matt Cain

October 28, 20103

What’s the matter with Cliff Lee?

Well, he isn’t a bum. He also isn’t Sandy Koufax or Bob Gibson. He isn’t unbeatable, perfect, or any better than Roy

October 26, 20100

BASG’s NBA Western Conference preview

Wait, it’s tonight? I thought we had like a week or two, at least. The NBA season has already started? You mean

October 26, 20108

Giants play “in a lacking baseball market,” proclaims Rangers fan

Now that everyone has an opinion that can be read on the screens of computers and phones these days, there’s a lot

October 25, 20105

10 Giant questions before the World Series

The San Francisco Giants are underdogs once again. Even though their opening day payroll was almost twice what Texas was paying (about

October 24, 20107

San Francisco is now a Giants town … sorry, Niners

The 49ers gave us a lifetime’s worth of memories from 1981 until Steve Mariucci was fired. But they’ve lost the city they

October 23, 20107

We’re going to the World Series!!!

I’m like Rick Reilly right now. I’ve sent off a barrage of text messages in the past half hour, all of them

October 22, 20101

Giants battling Phillies, history

It’s ridiculous to any logical person, looking back to past performance to predict future success when the participants are different. None of

October 21, 20100

What Philadelphia thinks about all this NLCS craziness

Tim Lincecum holds Philadelphia’s sporting hopes in his blistered right hand. He can either feed Philly with energy and hope with a

October 21, 201010

This City is ready to explode

It’s been so long since we’ve had a winner in San Francisco, or anywhere around here, really (unless the Sharks’ yearly flameouts

October 20, 20101

The Giants’ kids shouldn’t be this good yet

Madison Bumgarner throwing 94 mph fastballs on the corners, with Gerald Posey setting the target. That’s the lasting impression of this game

October 20, 20102

Posey, Huff and the rest of the lineup should shave their heads

The Giants played a perfect game yesterday, one that perfectly captured a Giants rout in 2010. Tonight won’t be so easy, and

October 19, 20101

NLCS Game 3: Matt Cain dominates in his own way

Matt Cain just sent a little message to Tim Lincecum and Jonathan Sanchez: don’t you … forget about me. No, no, no,

October 19, 20100

Like I didn’t already hate the idea of “Glee”

I can’t stand musicals. I don’t think this makes me a better person, in fact I know that in some circles that

October 19, 201016

Contest!!! Who wants to win a Beard Head?

Usually when we do contests, the prize is something that doesn’t cost anything, like homemade cookies. Well, they don’t cost ME anything,

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