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August 19, 20080

Next up for the Redeem Team: Australia (a.k.a. The Boomers)

August 16, 20082

Milorad Cavic talks trash to Michael Phelps, loses

It’s not enough to be the most talented. Even Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods and Michael Phelps, the three most dominant and clutch

August 13, 20080

Castillo, Bowker and Holm gone, Walker still employed

In a flurry of moves that makes one wonder just how bad Brian Sabean’s tantrum was last night, today the San Francisco

August 12, 20080

Doctor’s orders: watch the Olympics

The best thing about the Olympics is it’s a great diversion from Bay Area sports. Michael Phelps isn’t a visiting swimmer from

August 11, 20089

“We heard the Frenchies talking some stuff…”

August 10, 20080

Barry Bonds challenges Dodgers while wearing a $600 shirt

August 08, 20085

The Olympics: Good…The Opening Ceremonies: Lame

Have you ever been busy doing nothing? That’s the world of sports around here, with more inconsequential events this evening than there

August 07, 20084

Tired of Brett Favre? It’s going to get worse

Are you ready for a lot of Thomas Jones? How about Jerricho (Don’t call me “Crotchery”) Cotchery? Does listening to John Madden

August 07, 20082

The shortest San Francisco Giants game I’ve ever attended

Some pitchers are dominant the first couple of times through the lineup, and then fall apart. That’s why God created the bullpen.

August 06, 20080

Everybody loves Lincecum

August 06, 20080

LeBron and Kobe tired of making less money than Stephon Marbury

August 04, 20082

Eric Chavez has shoulder surgery to avoid watching the A’s

August 04, 20084

Giants babying Lincecum? Good plan

One of the biggest manufactured stories in the Bay Area has been the concern over pitch counts in games started by “I

July 30, 20084

Back from Mexico, here’s what I learned

July 28, 200817

BASG ranks the best shows on KNBR (2008)

Talk radio shows are almost always an acquired taste. To be more specific, radio hosts can take a while to get used

July 24, 20081

Twins Nation Speaks

Ahhhh, to be a fan of the Minnesota Twins. Thank God for the internet, because if it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t get

July 22, 20083

Olympic Swimwear: My suit is skankier than yours

I love competitive swimming. And more than anything, I love watching the Olympic swimming events. Unlike many of the popular sports in the US

July 16, 20080

We’re believing Tim Lincecum…this time

July 15, 20080

Tim Lincecum taken out of New York hotel on a stretcher

July 13, 20084

Mascot most deserving of a beatdown: Slamson

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