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October 21, 201010

This City is ready to explode

It’s been so long since we’ve had a winner in San Francisco, or anywhere around here, really (unless the Sharks’ yearly flameouts

October 20, 20101

The Giants’ kids shouldn’t be this good yet

Madison Bumgarner throwing 94 mph fastballs on the corners, with Gerald Posey setting the target. That’s the lasting impression of this game

October 20, 20102

Posey, Huff and the rest of the lineup should shave their heads

The Giants played a perfect game yesterday, one that perfectly captured a Giants rout in 2010. Tonight won’t be so easy, and

October 19, 20101

NLCS Game 3: Matt Cain dominates in his own way

Matt Cain just sent a little message to Tim Lincecum and Jonathan Sanchez: don’t you … forget about me. No, no, no,

October 19, 20100

Like I didn’t already hate the idea of “Glee”

I can’t stand musicals. I don’t think this makes me a better person, in fact I know that in some circles that

October 19, 201016

Contest!!! Who wants to win a Beard Head?

Usually when we do contests, the prize is something that doesn’t cost anything, like homemade cookies. Well, they don’t cost ME anything,

October 18, 20109

Playoff baseball makes you think too much

It’s a lot easier to look at a team and predict whether they’ll win 92 games in a season than if they’ll

October 18, 20101

Quarterly links for sale, every sport must go

I haven’t done a links post in quite a while, so on an off-day after a wild sports weekend I figured it

October 17, 20105

Human nature on display from the Giants and 49ers

This Game 2 bore way too many similarities to Game 2 against Atlanta. The Giants just weren’t the same scrappy, resourceful team

October 17, 20101

NLCS Game 2 Preview

Due to a midseason trade, Roy Oswalt has faced the Giants four times in 2010. That wouldn’t be strange if he was

October 16, 20103

Philadelphia gets a taste of Giants baseball, throws up

My heart rate is still through the roof. Same as everyone else I know. We were all expecting 1-0 tonight, and we

October 16, 20100

Giants NLDS roster wasn’t broke, wasn’t fixed for NLCS

The Giants didn’t make a roster change from the NLDS to the NLCS, and while I figured Aaron Rowand and Guillermo Mota

October 15, 20105

Why the Warriors might gamble on Melo

I know there are many reasons for the Warriors NOT to trade for Carmelo Anthony, so let’s go through those first

October 15, 20109

10 Giants vs. Phillies NLCS Predictions

Where are you going to watch the games this weekend? Are you heading to a sports bar? Flocking to downtown San Francisco

October 14, 20103

But the Giants could have had Corey Hart!

Instead, they got Cody Ross. And that all started when Brian Sabean decided that he couldn’t part with Jonathan Sanchez. Even though

October 13, 20102

Bay Area Buffet (but the 49ers aren’t hungry)

One of the unique parts about writing a “Bay Area Sports” blog instead of a team-specific one is when one of the

October 12, 20101

Giants NLCS roster: Panda extinct?

Alright, I’m rested up (sort of), and ready to focus on the Philadelphia Phillies and how the Giants should approach this series.

October 11, 20109

Giants pitch their way to the NLCS

Part of it could have been how tired I was after my Lake Tahoe bachelor party, or maybe because the last sports

October 09, 20103

This just in: the Braves don’t suck

Bobby Cox got tossed in the second inning, the Giants jumped out to a 4-0 lead, and it all seemed to easy.

October 08, 20108

My bachelor party dilemma: Giants, 49ers or both?

In less than two hours, I will be on my way to a party that will mark a departure from the world

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