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August 04, 20114

View from the San Francisco Giants’ dugout

As I write this in the press box, viewing a landscape full of about 2,000 more seagulls than people about 15 minutes

August 04, 20113

View from the AT&T Park press box

Well, I finally made it. Covering my first San Francisco Giants game from where the beat writers toil away. I don’t get

August 03, 20115

10 observations about the Giants’ 1-game winning streak

You can complain about overuse of the “10 observations” format this week, or how much I write about Nate Schierholtz, but at

August 03, 20111

Schierholtz’s slump earns him a spot on the bench; what about Huff?

A fun weekday game in the sun? Ha, try elsewhere. The San Francisco Giants are on the verge of losing their grip

August 02, 20116

49ers lose Aubrayo Franklin to the Saints, but they aren’t tanking

So much for the 49ers signing a well known free agent who isn’t a kicker. At least so far, the Niners’ relatively

August 02, 201127

95.7 disses KNBR in 2 commercials, KNBR fires back

The sports talk battle has started to look like election season. 95.7 FM (the young upstart), which recently changed its name to

August 02, 20110

10 observations about the Giants’ 4-game losing streak

It all seemed so simple back on Thursday, after the San Francisco Giants clinched what at the time seemed like a symbolic

August 01, 201133

Gary Radnich and Damon Bruce together on KNBR: you heard it HERE first

It all started with an anonymous source. And despite what certain dirt-dishers will tell you, my report last week that Gary Radnich

July 27, 20117

95.7 keeps the pressure on KNBR, adds “Insiders”

If you care at all about the future sports media landscape in our market, this week has been mighty interesting. KNBR decides

July 26, 201136

KNBR Gossip: Gary Radnich and Damon Bruce joining forces?

According to a highly-placed source, KNBR is exploring the idea of putting Gary Radnich and Damon Bruce on the same show, possibly

July 21, 20111

If the 49ers and Raiders became roommates…

Now that we’ve reached the tedious part of the lockout, as it reaches the finish line and the owners realize, “Oh crap,

July 19, 20111

Ryan Vogelsong gets early second half head start on Barry Zito

I think I’ve given everyone enough time to watch the first episode of The Franchise if they were planning on checking it

July 14, 20110

Giants Zoology: Examining the Panda, Pablo Sandoval

Crikey! After Pablo Sandoval put together one of his best at-bats of the season against Brandon League in the All-Star Game, it’s

July 10, 20118

Giants’ playoff experience on display throughout first half

Take a quick snapshot of the 2011 San Francisco Giants season, and most people would describe them as a team with great

July 08, 20112

Barry Zito continues his post-sabbatical dominance

Nobody wants to hear that a guy making $18 million per year needs a vacation, and nobody would argue suffering a foot

July 07, 20113

Nate Schierholtz to the rescue … again

Nate Schierholtz has filled 2011 with not just an inordinate amount of great moments late in ballgames, but hits and plays that

July 01, 20116

Brian Wilson or Sergio Romo – is there any question?

The vast majority of the people reading that headline are thinking, “Yeah, umm, NO.” Brian Wilson has the most saves of any

June 25, 201119

Warriors draft Klay Thompson — what it means

It shouldn’t have been surprising, but it was. For all the talk about defense and rebounding, the Warriors went with what they

June 23, 20114

Barry Zito seeks his own ‘Redemption (Vogel)Song’

Baseball fans have always been fascinated with youth and the future, but never more so than the post-steroid (chuckle) era. The worst

June 21, 20116

Channeling Buster and Swimming from Alcatraz

By: Sports Girl Liz I must admit, I’m a little bit of a wimp. When I saw the Buster Posey season ending

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