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September 25, 20092

Great timing on that email, Giants Brass

As if it wasn’t bad enough to watch last night’s game, when I got to work this morning I found an email

September 24, 20090

NFL Picks: Time to hit Favre in the mouth

I told myself I gave up on the 2009 baseball season a few days ago, but it still killed me (and more

September 23, 20094

Not invited to Odom’s wedding: Paul Gasol

Thanks to SGL for checking out People.com and finding this little gem. (I know what you’re thinking right now. “Suuuuurrrre buddy, your

September 22, 20090

Out of the way, band geeks!

Sometimes you just need to watch something at work to make you laugh a bit, and my coworker shared this with me

September 21, 20094

Did the Jets tamper with that “idiot” Michael Crabtree?

All kinds of fun Michael Crabtree news to go over today, which is pretty surprising since the guy seems no closer to

September 20, 20095

Angel Villalona suspected of murder

It’s like a Sunday several years ago, when this news ran across the ESPN crawler: “Kobe Bryant arrested on felony sexual assault

September 20, 20091

Break out the white wine!

Here’s how good the 49ers looked today: I’m just rarin’ to go, ready to pour a little pinot gris, eat some aged

September 18, 20090

NFL Picks: Breaking the fantasy seal

I totally forgot I used to make NFL picks every week, until yesterday. But yesterday I went to a work happy hour

September 15, 20090

Barry Zito gets his own chant

“Let’s go Zito” won’t set any records for originality, but it’s the thought that counts. And who would have thought at any

September 15, 20091

Michael Crabtree Conspiracy Theories

Why hasn’t Michael Crabtree signed yet? Bad foot, bad advice, bad attitude? There are many rumors and speculative reports floating around the

September 14, 20092

The Giants just … won’t … die

Part of you is near reverential, the other part of you is exhausted and secretly wishes it would all just end. The

September 13, 20090

Expensive 49ers worth every penny today

I have to say, I’m exhausted. This statement might be colored (literally) by the fact that this weekend marked the first time

September 12, 20091

Your 2009 NFL Predictions

Nothing’s better about writing a sports blog than the ability to put yourself out there months ahead of time by making predictions

September 08, 20093

Madison Bumgarner’s debut, inning by inning

First inning: Duane Kuiper says if you put your hand on Madison Bumgarner’s chest, it would vibrate. I guess Kuip’s talking about

September 07, 20090

Thoughts from the road with the Giants at home

Sports doesn’t stop on holidays, it just gets harder to record. Let me explain: when you’re at the house of one or

September 05, 20090

Odd man out: Renteria or IshiGarko?

Freddy Sanchez will be back either tomorrow or Monday, and not a moment too soon. The Giants could explode for 10 runs

September 03, 20091

When Buster Posey comes to town, it’s bye bye Bengie

Some would call him refreshingly honest, I would call him incredibly insecure. All he asks is you don’t call up a first-round

September 02, 20092

Buster Posey: this year’s Pablo Sandoval?

Sometimes, you can feel the rage behind some of Brian Sabean’s roster moves. There’s a point where the San Francisco Giants’ resident

September 01, 20091

Scot McCloughan and Larry Riley, delusional till the end

It’s a world of turmoil around here these days, in the form of missing, mediocre and inevitable transactions. Let’s take a look,

August 31, 20095

Giants add another one of Alyssa Milano’s exes

According to Andy Baggarly and others, the Giants picked up Brad Penny to be their fifth starter. On one hand, it’s a

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