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March 30, 20095

BASG NCAA Madness: Only two left dancing

For 26 of the 28 entrants in the BASG NCAA Madness pool, the only reason to watch the rest of the NCAA

March 27, 20090

Some links to help me forget last night

Well, there goes my bracket. Memphis and Duke, just like that, out within ten minutes of each other. I had an idea

March 26, 20090

Sweet Sixteen Preview, Part II

I figured I’d get an earlier start on Friday’s Sweet Sixteen games, since I got a ton of emails from readers upset

March 26, 20090

NCAA Tournament: Sweet 16 Preview, Part One

Now that we’re finally done with Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, we can gear up for college basketball’s best weekend of the year.

March 25, 20093

That’s why we call him TONY Randolph

A couple years ago NBA active rosters were expanded from twelve to fifteen players, by way of eliminating the confusing and completely

March 24, 20094

NBA Tuesday: It’s not all bad in Warrior-land

Here’s how confident I was that the Warriors were going to lose, evident in the NBA Power Poll I posted earlier this

March 23, 200912

BASG NCAA Madness — How YOU doin’?

The thrill of victory, and the agony of picking Arizona St. to make the Final Four. SGL entered her first NCAA Tournament

March 22, 20090

Wanna know the future?

Are you ready for Kobe Bryant’s inevitable scoring explosion to end the regular season? One thing I learned hanging around Vegas sports

March 21, 20097

Peace, Quiet and T-Shirts

Every year, it seems like I watch less and less college basketball. I used to watch Big Monday. I almost broke my

March 20, 20091

Jrue story, Holiday’s an NBA point guard

Things you learn (or just think about without learning anything) when you’re unemployed watching basketball all day

March 20, 20090

The Neverending Story: Close NCAA Games

As a kid, the commercials didn’t bother me. I’d watch every NCAA Tournament game I could get my eyes on, and even

March 19, 20090

Las Vegas, a great time out

Vegas was an absolute blast…literally. I was there from Monday until yesterday morning thanks to a preview event for THQ’s Red Faction

March 17, 20092

Some NCAA Tourney Advice

The NCAA Tourney is huge in my office this year. I’d never really paid much attention to it, but when I got

March 16, 20092

Could DunMurphy come back to the Bay?

Here’s some links to peruse while I’m on my way to…Las Vegas! It’s for a work trip, but it should still be

March 15, 20092

Patrick Mills’ return = No NCAA Tournament

It sounded like a great idea at the time. Kind of like the the Hindenburg, Halle Berry playing Catwoman or the Giants

March 13, 20090

Anthony Randolph = Kobe + Trevor Wilson

It’s real easy to get excited about the Warriors this week, until you realize they’ve been playing at home the whole time.

March 13, 20092

BASG March Madness Tourney – Win and Play for FREE

It’s time for March Madness and we are hosting a BASG bracket competition for all of you NCAA Basketball fans. Click here

March 12, 20090

Will Patrick Mills stay in college?

Here’s a good old-fashioned link dump before I get to go check out the EA Sports party in San Francisco. Videogames and

March 11, 20090

Free Michael Phelps Weedies!

Ladies and gentlemen, your most uplifiting Bay Area semi-sports-related story of the year

March 11, 20092

Still driving the Jay Cutler Bandwagon

All of us here were extremely excited to see this on “After a contentious conference call between quarterback Jay Cutler and

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