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October 07, 20104

The Giants are exactly who we thought they were!

You know why we were all freaking out over the 25-man roster like a bunch of OCD-fueled Skip Baylesses? Why Barry Zito,

October 07, 20102

Giants 25-man roster announced: Guillen left off

The Giants finally announced their 25-man roster at the last minute, and there were two differences from the one I predicted. One

October 06, 20102

Why this Giants team seems to mean more

Granted, it’s sort of like a chef skipping around his kitchen exclaiming, “Wow, people just seem to love my crab bisque more

October 05, 20104

10 Giants v. Braves NLDS Predictions

Maybe my memory is just failing me, but I don’t remember this much of an obsession with the 25-man rosters back in

October 04, 20109

NL ROY Tracker: Buster Posey has the final word

Only one good thing happened to our Bay Area teams this weekend, unless you count the A’s sweeping the lowly Mariners as

October 02, 20102

What the Giants should do about Barry Zito

Barry Zito’s stuff is so bad, every pitch is a potential embarrassment. The great curveball he threw in Oakland, it’s gone. Because

October 02, 20101

Tweedia Day Q&A with Monta Ellis

Finally got a chance to do a little transcribing from the Tweedia Day interviews I pulled, after I had to catch up

October 01, 20101

Well, torture IS the slogan…

This was less about the Padres, and more about the 2010 baseball season as a whole. Because this season is a living,

October 01, 201014

Michael Lewis departure another bad sign

No matter how immature, petulant, selfish or egotistical, NFL players don’t simply give up on their team without some serious thought. Not

September 30, 20103

NL ROY Tracker (Updated) … your move, Heyward

I made it to the park, but a combination of the Giants’ ridiculously efficient bullpen and my fiance requesting lunch (she works

September 30, 20101

NL ROY Tracker … So very, very close

I work in downtown San Francisco, on 4th and Market. That means I’m only a 1.3 mile walk from Mays Field, according

September 29, 20103

Bruce Bochy’s one shining moment

Usually it’s a long, slow walk. Trudging is a better way to describe it. When the Grim Bochy grabs the dugout handrail

September 29, 20104

NL ROY Tracker … Mat Latos shouldn’t talk

Mat Latos took a baseball, threw it over a set of bleachers, and broke someone’s moonroof. Not just anyone’s moonroof, but Giant

September 29, 20105

Stanford up, Cal way down

In all of the Tweedia Day, Jimmy Raye and Giants-hooray hoopla, I forgot to mention the best performance from over the weekend,

September 28, 20103

Remember Nate?

He’s the only one they’ve ever trusted. From Fresno, anyway. No, they haven’t trusted him with two uninterrupted months of playing time,

September 28, 20105

NL ROY Tracker … 49ers jealous of Warriors, fire Jimmy Raye

The Niners are a paranoid lot these days, with Mike Singletary focusing all the blame on dad-gum (or is it dag-gum?) Yahoo,

September 27, 20106

Louis Amundson wants your tots!

Again, thanks to the fine fellows at Fear The Beard, I got an idea for some content. They posted a video featuring

September 27, 20103

Andris Biedrins: “No spikes, no goose”

One of the highlights of Tweedia Day was Andris Biedrins, who was asked about the controversial interview that came out of Latvia

September 27, 20104

Warriors Tweedia Day: a new beginning

Today’s Golden State Warriors Media Day (or “Tweedia Day,” as it was called for us non-affiliated folks), wasn’t just fun for the

September 25, 20104

NL ROY Tracker … laundromat hell

If I’ve done this rant before, forgive me. I just got back from the laundromat, and there’s no way I’m not going

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