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June 25, 201119

Warriors draft Klay Thompson — what it means

It shouldn’t have been surprising, but it was. For all the talk about defense and rebounding, the Warriors went with what they

June 23, 20114

Barry Zito seeks his own ‘Redemption (Vogel)Song’

Baseball fans have always been fascinated with youth and the future, but never more so than the post-steroid (chuckle) era. The worst

June 21, 20116

Channeling Buster and Swimming from Alcatraz

By: Sports Girl Liz I must admit, I’m a little bit of a wimp. When I saw the Buster Posey season ending

June 19, 20115

Pablo Sandoval and his Camaro go NASCAR on the Bay Bridge (photo)

The first thing I heard was a rumbling sound that shook the street. An anti-Prius, otherwise known as a new white Camaro,

June 15, 201112

Source: Mychael Urban returning to KNBR 680

According to an industry source, Mychael Urban will soon return to KNBR 680. Urban should resume the same role he held through

June 14, 20110

Tim Roye, the Warriors and stage fright

Update: You can now hear my interview with Tim Roye on Warriors radio play-by-play announcer Tim Roye interviewed me Monday morning

June 07, 20112

San Francisco Giants pitching staff: there’s history inside

What started as an ode to Tim Lincecum became 8 innings of scoreless ball by the best bullpen the Giants have ever

June 05, 20115

3 ways Giants can get ‘creative’ with Zito and Vogelsong

Ryan Vogelsong has officially pitched his way out of temp status. “It’s obvious Vogey isn’t going anywhere. He’ll go every fifth day.

June 01, 20112

Nate Schierholtz is not a utility outfielder

Bruce Bochy has earned the right to play Aubrey Huff too often, punish Sergio Romo for perceived slights to the unwritten rulebook,

June 01, 20110

Top 10 Bay Area Athletes Who Never Won A Championship

After watching Game 1 of the NBA Finals, it seems hard to imagine a world where the Miami Heat won’t be NBA

June 01, 20112

Coming to terms with the loss of Buster Posey

Haven’t been around much lately on the blog or Twitter. I went to a bachelor party on Wednesday that lasted until after

May 22, 20118

Objectivity went out the window today

Put the above headline in the category of “relatively speaking.” Objectivity has always been a selectively used tool in this space, and

May 20, 20112

Nate Schierholtz no longer fears the Grim Bochy

The ball was hit to the right of center, and kept slicing away to the right like 90% of the balls I’ve

May 13, 20113

Jeremy Roenick and fake fans

Jeremy Roenick called Patrick Marleau “gutless” after the Sharks gave away Game 5 at home against Detroit, and it accomplished what Roenick

May 12, 20112

Giants’ game of musical catharsis continues…

Aubrey Huff laced a homer to right field — right center, really — during what hopefully was one of the coldest night

May 09, 20114

If Ryan Vogelsong really is good, what about Barry Zito?

San Francisco Giants history is littered with great beginnings from homegrown pitchers like William VanLandingham, Jamie Brewington, Jerome Williams and Kurt Ainsworth,

May 08, 20114

After early obstacles, Giants positioned to win NL West

It’s been a nice, easy start to the season for the San Francisco Giants.  Lots of fun celebrations; 22 of their first

May 05, 20117

Dave Chappelle told jokes, peeled layers until 4:30 am

I wrote 650 words on Saturday about “Friday night’s” Dave Chappelle surprise performance, and somehow it got deleted. I still blame WordPress

April 28, 20112

Golden State Warriors’ next coach should be…

Back when the 49ers were coachless a few months ago, I was pretty sure they wouldn’t get Jim Harbaugh. Optimistic, I know.

April 26, 20111

Once Aubrey Huff starts hitting, Giants will make their run

Wild, completely old school win tonight for the San Francisco Giants. A low scoring game in front of less than 10,000 people,

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