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March 20, 20119

Brian Wilson’s oblique scare – who would replace him?

Since the age of 14, my back has always been a source of pain. Sometimes manageable, sometimes crippling to the point where

March 17, 20112

Well, I really screwed up my NCAA bracket

I have no idea what happened. I had San Diego St. as my National Champions. I saw their logo at the top

March 16, 201116

If Brandon Belt’s ready, who gets pushed aside?

Their 2011 power potential is unlike anything the San Francisco Giants have looked forward to since their 3-4-5 went by the names

March 15, 20110

Forget Biedrins, Udoh is the future … and present

Sometime soon, we may remember last night as Andris Biedrins’ last start in the NBA. In a game marked by defensive indifference,

March 14, 20115

BASG March Madness Challenge: New Prizes This Year!

We can all cry about how college basketball stopped mattering for Bay Area teams yesterday, or we could do something about it.

March 11, 20112

Lakers lucky Kobe acted out during regular season

Have the league’s two most important players also been the most despised? Magic Johnson and Larry Bird in the 1980’s; Micha Jordan

March 10, 20114

Tim Lincecum doppelganger video: is it really him?

Moving on from Brian Wilson’s friendship with Charlie Sheen to another titillating non-story about the World Champs, a Tim Lincecum video got

March 09, 201111

BASG ranks the best shows on KNBR (Updated)

One thing that always drives me crazy about this blog is looking at the stats and seeing that the post where I

March 09, 20113

March Madness Contest: GET READY

Here’s the post where I tell you to get ready for the post that tells you how to join the third annual

March 08, 20110

Where a blogger piles on one last time

Unless some actual news arises out of this Joe Lacob thing, I swear I’m done talking about it. Well, except for this

March 07, 20111

Joe Lacob might want to sit out a couple plays

Update: Joe Lacob went on Razor and Mr. T this afternoon to explain what he meant when he said what he didn’t

March 06, 20113

The best/worst Giants song … ever

Baseball shouldn’t be this entertaining in March, with the games not mattering or on televison. Weather wise, I’m as far from Arizona

March 05, 20112

Joe Lacob: when keeping it “real” goes wrong

A statistics-based conference at MIT deemed “Dorkapalooza” by Bill Simmons hardly seems like the likeliest of places to produce controversial quotes sure

March 04, 20110

The Sacramento Kings and Larry Ellison

It seems very strange that the best (offensive) NBA team in the early 2000’s is almost certainly moving to freaking Anaheim in

March 03, 20110

Questioning Andris Biedrins

Andris Biedrins finally lost the one person still behind him, Keith Smart. Smart, who spent three weeks in Latvia with Biedrins during

March 02, 20111

Pop the champagne, Al Thornton’s a Warrior

Tired of losing since the All-Star Break, Warriors fans? Worried that Monta Ellis is rapidly running out of gas, and Andris Biedrins

March 02, 20113

Like the other Barry, Zito isn’t going anywhere — sorry, Mr. Jenkins

Barry Zito has walked 80 batters in every season except for two: his first, when he walked 45 batters in 92 2/3

March 01, 20119

Eric Byrnes: next KNBR Sportsphone 680 host?

Like Marty Lurie a year ago, it looks like another guy who made his name with the Oakland A’s will soon be

March 01, 20116

5 overblown San Francisco Giants fans’ concerns

Right now, several San Francisco Giants fans are acting like a perfectionist who worked like crazy to buy the luxury car he’d

February 28, 20113

If the Warriors have a plan, they’re hiding it well

It’s not so much that they didn’t do anything at the trade deadline. Well, that’s not completely accurate. The Warriors did less

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