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April 21, 20091

NBA Tuesday: Lakers vs. Cavs looks inevitable

LeBron James hit a half-court bank shot at the halftime buzzer on his way to a 38/8/7 performance in his first game.

April 18, 20090

Giants in need of makeover

Ok, Giants. Don’t think that we haven’t noticed. A bunch of you got makeovers in the off-season. And I’m not talking NBA

April 17, 20091

Georges St-Pierre speaks the language of love

Montreal, Quebec Within seconds of stepping into the Town Car that was to take me to my hotel, the driver asked me,

April 16, 20095

4 hits for the A’s, 4 hot dogs for me

I’d never even come close to seeing a no-hitter in person, but if I were to see anyone pull it off it

April 14, 20092

NBA Tuesday: Warriors to-do list

After a long, laborious season that left the Warriors in the awful yet familiar position of NBA purgatory — out of the

April 13, 20090

Does blogging burn calories? God, I hope so

There’s so many things to go over from this past weekend that my head is spinning. Or maybe it’s all the bacon-wrapped

April 12, 20090

Meet the new Giants, same as the old Giants

The San Francisco Giants hit 94 home runs last year. Man, that sucked. The Giants’ offense was less powerful than a light

April 09, 200916

Meatballs, your wish is my command

Once Memphis and Duke went down in the Sweet 16 within fifteen minutes of each other, I started preparing myself for the

April 08, 20092

Tim Lincecum has thicker skin than Josh Beckett

Of course I was worried when Tim Lincecum was replaced with Joe Martinez to start the fourth. Lincecum’s production has seemed too

April 07, 20090

SF Giants Opening Day Journal: Part 2

4:45: After driving through the streets of San Francisco, picking up SGL and driving to Luckerson’s (Lucky’s + Albertson’s since they can’t

April 07, 20093

SF Giants Opening Day Journal: Part I

1:09: Nice to see Randy Johnson has gone back to the mullet. Like Doug Flutie, Johnson should never go away from the

April 07, 20093

Best Week Ever? Yeah, Right

As I sit here and wait to watch an afternoon full of rain delays at Mays Field on my television, I can’t

April 06, 20090

NCAA Pool’s done; go Spartans!

A hearty congratulations to “Meatballs,” winner of the first annual BASG NCAA Madness tourney pool. After UConn lost to a solid yet

April 06, 20091

2009 San Francisco Giants: Worst Case Scenario

(From the 2008 San Francisco Giants: Worst Case Scenario): Barry Zito gives up a grand slam in the first inning on opening

April 04, 20090

2009 San Francisco Giants: Best Case Scenario

Last year at the beginning of Spring Training, when this website was in its infancy (as opposed to the mature, adult blog

April 03, 20090

Jay Cutler trade a real crowd pleaser

You know the old cliche, “the best trades are the ones that help everybody?” It looks like yesterday’s trade of Jay Cutler

April 02, 20090

I’m OK, just don’t draft Mark Sanchez

I heard the news that Jay Cutler had been traded to the Chicago Bears for two first round picks (2009 and 2010)

April 01, 20093

Giants marking their San Jose territory

Larry Baer and Bill Neukom have a lot on their plate. But while the fans see winning a World Series as the

March 31, 20090

Really, the 49ers can get Jay Cutler

First, let’s get this straight. Now that Pat Bowlen has gone on record with his desire to formally cut the cord with

March 31, 20090

NBA Tuesday: Nellie dug his own grave

I was one of the eight people who watched the Warriors/Grizzlies game last night, and one sequence told you everything you need

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