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March 01, 20116

5 overblown San Francisco Giants fans’ concerns

Right now, several San Francisco Giants fans are acting like a perfectionist who worked like crazy to buy the luxury car he’d

February 28, 20113

If the Warriors have a plan, they’re hiding it well

It’s not so much that they didn’t do anything at the trade deadline. Well, that’s not completely accurate. The Warriors did less

February 23, 20112

A look back at the Brandan Wright era

I know, I know. Brandan Wright’s tenure in a Warriors uniform and in street clothes behind the bench while injured can hardly

February 22, 20112

Celtics bring crazy energy (and Bill Simmons) to Oracle

So far this year I’ve covered games the Warriors have played against the Suns, Rockets, Pacers, Spurs and Hornets. To say covering

February 21, 20110

NBA All-Star Weekend: thoughts, shots and connecting the dots

If you had realistic expectations for All-Star weekend, you had to leave pretty pleased with what you saw. I completely missed the

February 18, 20110

NL West Preview: San Diego Padres

Since the San Francisco Giants were gracious enough to invite me to Media Day, there’s no better time than now two weeks

February 15, 20110

Udoh passed Smart’s test – will it lead to more PT?

In the post-game press conference, Keith Smart praised Ekpe Udoh after their 102-89 win over the New Orleans Hornets, saying, “He’s a

February 15, 20112

NL West Preview: Los Angeles Dodgers

Since the San Francisco Giants were gracious enough to invite me to Media Day, there’s no better time than now two weeks

February 15, 20112

Sacramento Kings’ problems are in 3-D

It wasn’t that long ago that the only embarrassing thing about the Sacramento Kings was how often Doug Christie did that ridiculous

February 14, 20112

Warriors’ guard-focused offense holding defense back

It’s a widely held, decidedly unscientific theory that big men need touches, otherwise they won’t to work hard to do the things

February 11, 20112

Tim Lincecum provided Darren Ford with a room, support

People often confuse leadership in sports with age and noise. A veteran with some gray in his goatee calling a team meeting

February 10, 20112

Nate Schierholtz is healthy, anxious to prove himself

Full disclosure: I’m a huge Nate Schierholtz fan. Ever since his mom came into the triathlon store where I used to toil

February 09, 20114

Links: Arco Arena sign removed, Deadspin strikes again

I’ve been busy lately writing thousands of words, going to tennis matches and transcribing interviews of San Francisco Giants, but there’s other

February 09, 20112

Madison Bumgarner Q&A: Part 2

Now it’s time for Part 2, where I get to talk to Madison Bumgarner for a few minutes without interruption (here’s Part

February 09, 20115

Madison Bumgarner Q&A: Part 1

Besides the video interview I did with Cody Ross, the other players I talked with on San Francisco Giants Media Day were

February 08, 20112

SAP Open: Sampras makes shots, takes shot at Agassi

Last night I saw the first pro tennis match in my life, and it was an exhibition. Frivolous, right? No. Awesome. Pete

February 07, 20113

Aaron Rodgers twists the knife on 49ers fans

Since most of us around here had to struggle to find some reason to care about the Super Bowl other than “it’s

February 04, 20113

More Giants Media Day videos: Tim Lincecum and Freddy Sanchez

Sometimes in sports it’s best to do all the dirty work, and sometimes it’s better to be like Kobe Bryant and stay

February 04, 20111

Flip Video: Cody Ross interview

Move over Tony Danza. You too, Slim Thug. In the Bay Area, Cody Ross is the boss. Even if you didn’t buy

February 04, 20113

Giants Media Day: “They’re all so nice!”

The quote in the headline comes from Julian Levine, the man behind Splashing Pumpkins. Actually, Julian goes to Albany High School usually,

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