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February 29, 20082

The 2008 San Francisco Giants: Best-Case Scenario

Amazingly, the Giants are playing their first Spring Training game of the year today against the Cubs. Have the games always started

February 28, 20082

Wednesday’s Weird KNBR Commercial of the Week

Inane rambling can make any radio commercial unlistenable, but what can make any driver lunge towards his radio tuner quicker than Ichiro

February 27, 20080

Frandsen Gets Opportunity to Fill in for Omar Vizquel

Like the Warriors when they heard about Yao’s foot (even though Houston destroyed the Wizards last night without him), Kevin Frandsen couldn’t

February 26, 20080

Yao’s Left Foot

The Warriors received some fantastic news today: Yao Ming has a stress fracture in his left foot that will keep him out

February 25, 20080

Busey and Barbara – An Oscars Recap

Some Oscar thoughts, to keep my mind off the Warriors losing at home to Atlanta on Friday night: Busey v. Seacrest As

February 23, 20082

Fantasy Baseball: Be Like Beane on Draft Day

Billy Beane’s best quality is one that would serve many fantasy general managers well: he knows when one of his players is

February 23, 20080

Even Patrick Willis Can

You’d think a team with Patrick Willis would be immune to having a bad linebacker week, especially in February. But the 49ers

February 21, 20080

No Trades for the Warriors, Just Entertainment

For the many that flipped back and forth from Lakers/Suns to Celtics/Warriors, it was one of the best nights of regular season

February 21, 20084

Wednesday’s Weird KNBR Commercial of the Week (Hall of Fame Edition)

While there are several difficult-to-listen-to commercials floating around The Sports Leader these days, this week is a time to honor a company

February 20, 20081

Warriors Trade Looking Necessary

February 19, 20082

Not so Sorry I Missed the Costume Party

Sorry about the delay in posts, I was in South Lake Tahoe playing in the snow. After over three days of sports

February 15, 20082

Roger Clemens Did Drugs…So?

Here’s my exposure to Clemens v. McNamee: while running through the Panhandle and Golden Gate Park yesterday morning, plus my post-run getting

February 14, 20080

Wednesday’s Weird KNBR Commercial of the Week

Aren’t men stupid? That’s the theme of most romantic comedies, television sitcoms and several commercials. One shining example of this not-so-subtle form

February 13, 20080

Leon, I always Knew You Had it In You

No way this kid is 17. That was my first thought while watching my first San Francisco Pro-Am game at Kezar Pavilion,

February 11, 20082

Point by Point (almost): Bay Area Sports Guy Goes to the Warriors/Kings Game

First Quarter 8:34: It was an ordeal to get into the Oracle, to put it lightly. There must be some sort of

February 09, 20082

Webber, Shaq and Chickens, Oh My!

Here are a few points of interest for those with short attention spans. Webber is the Antichrist Just kidding. It’s one game,

February 08, 200812

The Patriots are the New Britney Spears

You hear a lot about role models when the talking heads on ESPN and KNBR are discussing the best players and teams.

February 07, 200811

Wednesday’s Weird KNBR Commercial of the Week

I don’t know what’s worse, erectile dysfunction ads on television or on the radio. With the barage of TV commercials featuring middle-aged

February 05, 20080

St. Patrick’s Day in a Dark Gym

February 04, 20080

Thinking about the Giants…the San Francisco Giants!

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