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July 11, 20090

Jonathan Sanchez no-hitter? Was I dreaming?

When I woke up (admittedly late) this morning, the first thing I had to do was check the computer. Did Jonathan Sanchez,

July 10, 20091

No-hitter for Jonathan Sanchez? All bets are off now!

After Tim Lincecum had his no-hitter broken up by Tony Gwynn, Jr. last night, it was sob-city around the Bay Area. Yeah,

July 10, 20090

Appreciating Tim Lincecum

There’s a lot of things to complain about when it comes to the San Francisco Giants, historically speaking. Just mention “complain” and

July 10, 20093

The sad saga of Patrick Mills continues

There’s a nice, happy headline from Portland Blazers draft pick Patty Mills to miss summer league after breaking foot. After watching

July 10, 20093

Public Enemy No. 1: Charlie Manuel

Are you kidding? Jayson Werth? I joked about this yesterday at McCovey Chronicles, but I didn’t really think Charlie Manuel would take

July 09, 20090

Pablo Sandoval loses final All-Star vote to Shane Victorino

If you cared enough to vote, you probably know by now that Shane Victorino piggy-backed the overwhelming celebrity of Brandon Inge en

July 09, 20090

Wait, I thought the Giants needed a power hitter…

Rumors involving the Giants and whether or not they’ll open up the company checkbook are getting louder and more pervasive by the

July 08, 20091

John Bowker gets moved up, LeBron gets rejected

We at BASG prefer the term “Link Sanitation Center” over “Link Dump”…remember to reuse and recycle!

July 08, 200912

Will Chris Cohan pull a Sarah Palin?

The rumors are getting louder that Chris Cohan wants to sell the Warriors. Wait, before you pop the champagne and light off

July 08, 20092

Everything sucks!

Great Giants game today, a sweet 7-0 loss to Chris Volstad, some 6’8″ oaf I dropped from my fantasy team a month

July 08, 20090

NBA Tuesday: BASG off-season power poll

If the start of this NBA off-season has shown us anything, it’s that the split between the elite teams and the schedule-fillers

July 06, 20092

Unit hits DL, but at least Pablo Sandoval’s healthy

It was about as depressing a scene as you can imagine. After 36 hours on a windy houseboat, and a 4th of

July 02, 20090

Hey Warrior fans, at least you don’t root for Memphis

It’s almost as if Chris Wallace is playing an elaborate prank on Grizzly fans. Unfortunately for basketball fans in Tennessee who would

July 02, 20090

Giants shouldn’t trade unless it’s for a cleanup hitter

It’s pretty difficult to get too maudlin about how the Giants lost earlier tonight, which sounds weird since they lost on a

June 30, 20090

NBA Tuesday: Maggette’s concussions have to worry Warriors

I noticed that Corey Maggette underwent what was termed as “minor surgery” on Monday, trying to alleviate the pain that plagued his

June 30, 20090

Tim Lincecum, Pert Plus on line one…

What, you thought I’d go all Juan Uribe-insane and forget to write about the best pitching performance from a San Francisco Giant

June 30, 20090

Juan Uribe should be the Giants’ starter at 2B

The move was widely panned at the time as another attempt at recapturing a veteran’s lost youth, but Brian Sabean struck gold

June 28, 20092

Nate Schierholtz: My Giant

I guess I’m a member of the media now, albeit not in the traditional sense. I don’t have locker room access, and

June 27, 20091

Giants’ (most recent) worst loss of the year

If you want to find some silver lining from today’s gut-douching blown save from Brian Wilson, at least there’s a new terrible

June 27, 20090

Don Nelson: Curry’s the next Steve Nash

The negotiations in the Amare Stoudemire trade have gone public, and who better than Don Nelson to throw some nice daggers. Check

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