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February 02, 20110

NL West Preview: Colorado Rockies

Since the San Francisco Giants have been gracious enough to invite me to a media event they’re throwing on Friday (2/4) at

January 31, 20111

NL West Preview: Arizona Diamondbacks

Since the San Francisco Giants have been gracious enough to invite me to a media event they’re throwing on Friday (2/4) at

January 28, 20114

Brian Wilson and Tracy Morgan get kinky

“Seaman” double entendres. “Politicians” as masturbation fuel. The motto of last night was, “If you have Brian Wilson or Tracy Morgan as

January 27, 20116

What Joe Lacob’s plan should be

Joe Lacob’s hour with Gary Radnich just ended, and it was hardly a surprise that Lacob said virtually nothing. His quotes from

January 26, 201116

I watched last night’s Tim Lincecum show … obviously

Have to say, I really enjoyed last night’s really mellow version of “Cribs” on CSN Bay Area, otherwise known as “A Day

January 25, 20110

Scattershot thoughts: KNBR rumors, homeless people and zits

One of the many joys of walking to work in San Francisco every morning is walking past people who are sleeping on

January 24, 20112

Playing Journalist: Part 4

The best teams in the NBA all have some sort of image that opposing fans can cling to with disdain, knowing full

January 24, 20110

On my way to Oracle…

Tonight I’m getting my second Warriors media credential in six days, which means I’ll get to witness the greatness of the NBA’s

January 21, 20112

NFL Conference Championship Predictions

I used to do an NFL picks post every week against the spread. Every week, every game, and damn it was humbling.

January 21, 20114

KNBR soap opera: Lee Hammer drops Mychael Urban

To say it’s has been a tumultuous last couple years at “The Sports Leader” would be a pretty big understatement. Traditional radio

January 20, 20114

Playing Journalist: Part 3

The first time I covered a Warriors game — I’ll admit it — I was pretty nervous. Not because I was afraid

January 19, 20114

Monta makes All-Star case, Brandan Wright makes case for PT

As I wrote yesterday, All-Stars are picked based on reputation, win-loss records and publicity/hype. However, if making All-Star teams was based solely

January 19, 20111

Al Davis’ misplaced rage

It was pretty clear what Al Davis’ “State of the Raiders” bitchfest, otherwise known as yesterday’s press conference announcing Hue Jackson as

January 19, 20114

Mike Singletary mentions accountability, disperses blame

Mike Singletary landed on his feet pretty quickly, joining former teammate Leslie Frazier as a linebackers coach/assistant head coach for the Minnesota

January 18, 20110

Al Davis speaks, Cody Ross signs: just another day in the Bay

Today was just another Tuesday on the surface, but it was a day to reminisce for your favorite independent Bay Area sports

January 18, 20110

Why Monta Ellis will not be an All-Star

Getting pumped for my third chance at covering the Warriors tomorrow night, and not just because I get a kick out of

January 14, 20116

Rick Reilly gets the “Fire Joe Morgan” treatment

It’s such a great idea that you feel filthy taking it, but I can’t help myself today. It’s Fire Joe Morgan time,

January 13, 20112

Holding pattern until baseball season

Are you getting tired of the term “labor stoppage”? How about “lockout” or “collective bargaining agreement”? Because for all the talk about

January 13, 20115

Monta vs. Kobe is regular season eye candy

If Joe Lacob called Stephen Curry and David Lee his two building blocks as a way to motivate Monta Ellis, then he’s

January 12, 20116

HBO 24/7 series we’d like to see

Every once in a while, I start on a post that’s what those in the editorial business call “evergreen,” meaning it’ll stay

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