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December 06, 20084

Tim Lincecum MLB 2K9 press conference (transcript)

On Tuesday I got to visit the 2K sports studio in Novato, where they do all the motion capture for their excellent

December 05, 20081

Don’t let the transplants take over, and other rules for Bay Area fans

Imagine the excitement the 49ers will feel on Sunday afternoon, getting ready in their home locker room. Back home after an actual

December 04, 20081

San Francisco Giants sign Edgar Renteria

November 28, 20086

BASG Interview with Kevin Love

Here’s an interview I did in September (2008) with Kevin Love, who was doing press for NCAA Basketball 09, where Love is

November 26, 20081

A laundry list of complaints

November 26, 20080

Mark Cuban and the curse of Nellie

November 22, 20081

Anthony Randolph: Small Head, Big Game

November 19, 20080

How good are Anthony Morrow and Monta Ellis?

After last night’s stirring 111-106 win over the Portland Trailblazers, it seems like we know less about the Golden State Warriors than

November 17, 20080

Giants sign a big left-handed pitcher…Jeremy Affeldt

November 16, 20085

I’m Back!

November 11, 20082

Amsterdam: how much is that girlie in the window?

November 08, 20080

The Warriors: a better time out than you think

November 05, 20084

Last night was like Super Bowl XXIV, all over again

November 02, 20080

Mike Singletary doesn’t wear suits for a reason

October 30, 20081

Tampa is gloomy after World Series loss

Tampa, you can blame me. I get into town yesterday evening, and within three hours Geoff Jenkins is hitting a double to lead

October 27, 20082

According to Fox sideline reporter, Mike Singletary communicates with the dead

Whenever YouTube yanks something off its virtual shelves, you know it has to be good, and this one was. Danyelle Sargent, who

October 26, 20080

Chris Mullin’s pretty much a goner, but is that a bad thing?

October 24, 20080

After celebrating with his teammates, Matt Stairs was seen walking with a limp…

October 21, 20080

Mike Nolan has plenty of time to wear suits now

October 18, 20084

Why the Giants shouldn’t sign Manny Ramirez

At least the Giants know the secret to signing him. “I want to see who is the highest bidder,” Manny told the

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