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December 09, 20103

Mike Singletary and Alex Smith have a heart-to-heart

This is a totally real (wink, wink) conversation that took place in Santa Clara this morning between Mike Singletary and Alex Smith.

December 08, 20108

Mark Purdy is not impressed

According to Ballpark Digest, the A’s have a much better chance of building a waterfront ballpark near Jack London Square than they

December 07, 201011

The Warriors need a point guard

Monta Ellis and Stephen Curry each had for 6 turnovers tonight, in a game they should have won. Yes, should have won.

December 07, 20102

The next head coach of the 49ers should be…

Does going back to Alex mean the 49ers are tanking? They probably don’t think so (unless Singletary was forced to go back

December 06, 20103

You’re never too old to wear hip hop gear

I was going to write a post on Jon Gruden, but then on my way to work this morning I saw a

December 03, 20109

Playing journalist

I’m guessing not many of you reading have had the chance to cover a professional sporting event with all the access real

December 03, 20102

Smart: Warriors have “zero” margin for error

It’s difficult, almost impossible even, to be a .500 team in any sport when everything must go right in order to win.

December 02, 20101

Giants stay true to their “Way,” sign Burrell for 1 year

It worked faster than any of us thought it would, so there’s no reason to veer off course now. At least that’s

December 02, 20105

20 worst 49ers in my lifetime – Part 2

Apparently I touched a nerve. Comments like crazy on Part 1 of this list, telling me which awful 49ers I should have

December 01, 20109

20 worst 49ers in my lifetime – Part 1

Sometimes you want to do everything you can to stay original, and sometimes a great idea comes along that you just have

November 30, 20104

Giants and Miguel Tejada finally find each other

They made eyes like shy high schoolers in the library for years. The Giants and Miguel Tejada. It made too much sense

November 30, 20100

NBA Tuesday: Power Poll Time!

Let’s see, there’s no more baseball, the 49ers played a divisional game so boring last night that the ESPN announcers were openly

November 29, 20100

Derek Anderson: a QB only Dennis Green could love

What is it about the Arizona Cardinals when they lose on Monday Night Football? I’m not sure, but the fallout hasn’t been

November 29, 20101

49ers can’t get too high after this win

One of the teams around here wins a championship, and the temptation is to put everything in some sort of broader historical

November 29, 20101

Dodgers sign Uribe, will Giants counter with Jeter?

The saddest thing about this that Juan Uribe’s departure kind of changes the end of the victory parade, at least for me.

November 26, 20101

Work tickets FTW, and Warriors observations

Remember when I said work tickets “never suck”? Well, the tickets we got to that Sharks game on Wednesday were in the

November 24, 20100

Our introduction to the 2010-11 San Jose Sharks

Right as we were getting on the plane from Dallas to SFO on Saturday night, the wife and I were graciously offered

November 23, 20102

Whether the 49ers should go broke for Luck

Got a good question on Twitter last night about whether the 49ers, who were set back for five years when they drafted

November 23, 20102

Are the Giants ready to be a billion-dollar franchise?

The phrase “running the team like it’s a business” usually invokes thoughts of belt-tightening and pragmatism. And after the Giants won the

November 22, 20108

What I learned in Mexico, honeymoon edition

I admit, it’s strange to be back after being gone so long. Two-plus weeks without blogging. Almost as much time away from

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