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June 03, 20090

Our server = Bob Howry

For all of you who’ve been wondering why your favorite Bay Area sports blog has been running a little slow lately (or

June 02, 20090

NBA Tuesday: Jameer Nelson’s comeback

Of the four NBA teams I saw in person this year, the Orlando Magic were by far the best. Sure, two of

June 01, 20090

MLB Monday: Trading Holliday

One doesn’t have to be Billy Beane to figure out why everyone’s speculating on where Matt Holliday is going to be traded.

June 01, 20090

MLB Monday: Aurilia buys some time

Were you one of those people who smiled and cringed at the same time when Rich Aurilia hit that home run yesterday?

May 31, 20095

“Life of Brian” play-by-play…um, yeah

For reasons I’m still not yet sure of, I decided to watch Comcast Bay Area’s “Life of Brian,” the new reality show

May 30, 20091

Sorry Unit, No. 300 doesn’t excite me

On August 7, 2004, I was present for Greg Maddux’s 300th win at Mays Field. As far as milestones go, it was

May 29, 20090

Not exactly the Nuggets’ finest hour

Can’t say I saw that one coming. You probably can’t, either. Based on the Lakers’ pattern coming into tonight’s Game 6 at

May 29, 20091

A peek inside Warrior headquarters

(Inside the office of Warriors President Robert Rowell, who’s alternately staring at and kissing a 8×10″ framed photo of Don Nelson on

May 28, 20090

Did Kobe finally learn his lesson?

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and for Kobe Bryant last night that meant passing. In his postgame interview with ESPN’s Doris

May 28, 20090

Aaron Rowand obviously reads BASG

Before my week-long tour of Southern California, I declared that Aaron Rowand’s contract was actually even worse than Barry Zito’s. That was

May 27, 20094

Quietly, Tim Lincecum is better than ever

Sports Illustrated recently called Zack Greinke the best pitcher in the game. Johan Santana’s dominance is again paying dividends. Teammate Matt Cain

May 26, 20090

NBA Tuesday: David Stern’s worst nightmare

David Stern probably woke up at 4 am this morning in a cold sweat. Nike is rapidly putting together a Carmelo Anthony

May 22, 20091

On L.A. radio, the sky is falling

Besides Damon Bruce and Mychael Urban, this site probably doesn’t have a lot of fans at KNBR 680. Ours is probably the

May 20, 20090

It’s Official: A is worse than Z

I watched every pitch of tonight’s Giants/Padres game, and I didn’t even get a Patrick Misch bobblehead. And damn it, I deserved

May 19, 20090

NBA Tuesday: Lakers/Nuggets preview

Before you start paying too much attention to what the Los Angeles Lakers did against the short-handed Houston Rockets, ask yourself two

May 16, 20093

Show us ALL the replays, please

It’s Thursday night, Game 6, second quarter. The ball is knocked out of bounds, and Ron Artest and Carl Landry turn to

May 15, 20097

Warriors more likely to trade for Amare Stoudemire than Chris Bosh

Tim Kawakami said that according to his (unnamed) sources, Larry Riley and the Warriors are going to make an all-out push to

May 14, 20091

Bay to Breakers: B.Y.O. Thermos

It looks like all the reports detailing the demise of Bay to Breakers were a tad overblown. Sure, there have been several

May 13, 20091

Elijah Dukes is easily rattled

Today proved once again that no matter how hot the home team is, it’s hard to pull off a series sweep against

May 12, 20090

The Giants just keep winning series

Last year, when the bullpen came in and a 5-4 lead became a 7-5 deficit, watching the last inning of a Giant

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