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October 27, 20090

Mike Singletary, offensive genius?

For a smashmouth, fysical coach, Mike Singletary sure seems like to have saved his best material for the offensive side. Especially if

October 26, 20095

Mark Sanchez scarfs hot dog during blowout of Raiders

Now if I told you a quarterback was caught eating an McAfee Coliseum hot dog during yesterday’s Raiders/Jets game, and that quarterback

October 25, 20093

The Niners are still a 7-9 team

It’d be fun to get all excited about the potential of the 49ers and their new/old quarterback after today’s second half almost-comeback

October 22, 20090

Don Nelson: He is who he is

Well, I finally got on this Twitter thing. I know, the only thing more tiring than listening to people talk about Twitter

October 16, 20090

Even Balloon Boy Can’t Stomach the Raiders

I don’t get to listen to much daytime KNBR anymore these days, but since I decided to walk to work this morning

October 14, 20090

Giants set Carney Lansford free

Carney Lansford didn’t walk a whole lot during his playing career. He walked about as much as Pablo Sandoval. Now he isn’t

October 11, 20097

You just have to laugh

Don’t worry, I’m not going to go point-by-point on why the 49ers lost to the Falcons today. You probably know, because you

October 09, 20090

Let’s laugh at broke athletes, shall we?

In the blogging world, spamming is pretty much on par with baseball players tipping pitches for players on opposing teams (cough …

October 07, 20099

What came first, the Crabtree or the Bray?

The Jets were clearly interested in getting Michael Crabtree, and Eugene Parker probably told them it was a possibility this year. The

October 06, 20092

The Michael Crabtree Timeline

Kind of weird how this whole Michael Crabtree thing is going, isn’t it? Well, maybe not. The guy danced around the news

October 04, 20091

A new type of dominance … for the 49ers, anyway

The first step is to realize that we are no longer rooting and hoping for our idealized version of football — that

October 03, 20091

The Good and Bad of Oktoberfest

Good: Getting off work early on Wednesday evening (sort of); walking with my girlfriend to the stadium; getting a pretty awesome Giants

September 30, 20090

I didn’t know the Giants wore boots

I’m on my way to the park to watch the second-to-last home game of the season, but first things first: it’s time

September 28, 20090

Rough week for SF Giants emails

A few days ago, within 12 hours of the latest “most painful loss of the Giants season,” I received an email from

September 27, 20090

It’s either write a post or break something

The worst thing about the pass is we’re going to have to watch it, not just for the rest of this season,

September 25, 20092

Great timing on that email, Giants Brass

As if it wasn’t bad enough to watch last night’s game, when I got to work this morning I found an email

September 24, 20090

NFL Picks: Time to hit Favre in the mouth

I told myself I gave up on the 2009 baseball season a few days ago, but it still killed me (and more

September 23, 20094

Not invited to Odom’s wedding: Paul Gasol

Thanks to SGL for checking out and finding this little gem. (I know what you’re thinking right now. “Suuuuurrrre buddy, your

September 22, 20090

Out of the way, band geeks!

Sometimes you just need to watch something at work to make you laugh a bit, and my coworker shared this with me

September 21, 20094

Did the Jets tamper with that “idiot” Michael Crabtree?

All kinds of fun Michael Crabtree news to go over today, which is pretty surprising since the guy seems no closer to

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