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September 19, 20104

Luck could be just around the corner

Update, 6 pm Sunday: Here’s the Flip Cam video package I shot at the game for CSN Bay Area, and here’s the

September 17, 20100

49ers’ frugality leads to dysfunction

Bill Walsh’s complaints that John York was worried about the cost of belt buckles and bottles of water struck a nerve years

September 17, 20100

Stanford holding up OK without Toby Gerhardt

It seems normal after how much noise Stanford made at the end of last season, but this No. 19 ranking they currently

September 16, 20101

A toast to Brian Sabean

Home runs and strikeouts, that’s the blueprint. And as exciting baseball plans go, that’s as good as they come. Tonight’s game was

September 15, 20101

Matt Cain is underpaid

I hate getting pulled into the trap of saying one game a week is the “most important game of the season” for the

September 15, 20104

So … why was Jimmy Raye hired again?

Now that we’ve all heard the story about Jimmy Raye’s playcalling being as clear as a lecture from Charlie Brown’s teacher, there’s

September 15, 20100

Giants offense tests Barry Zito again

Last night’s game had its moments, and the fact that the Giants lost wasn’t all that surprising given the pitching matchup. So

September 14, 20104

Quick pregame notes before heading to AT&T

Getting ready to go to the Giants game tonight, meaning this last hour of work is crawling by at a Molina’s pace.

September 14, 20103

Warriors quietly adding the right role players

For a second, forget all the extraneous stuff about the Warriors. The uniforms, the mascots, facial expressions displayed by shooting guards, announcers,

September 13, 20105

Who says Giants fans are soft?

They say fans at AT&T aren’t real fans. Too casual. Too rich. Too interested in their smartphones, Cha Cha Bowls, Build-A-Bears and

September 13, 20107

49ers’ system hacked from the inside…BASG’s, too

When you give away your secrets like Tic Tacs, bad things usually happen. A hacker dug deep inside the BASG fortress last

September 09, 20101

Giants too dependent on HRs … for the Padres

The Giants have had some exciting, notable and cathartic wins this year. You remember ’em. I don’t need to be a good

September 09, 20105

Linkfest: Cal vs. Colorado, featuring Keenan Allen

For those of you who don’t know, I’m helping CSN Bay Area with their coverage of this weekend’s preview of a Pac-12

September 08, 20104

Randy Moss: closer to Jerry Rice than you think

The very idea seems laughable. How could anybody possibly match the brilliance and longevity of Jerry Rice? How could any receiver possibly

September 07, 20101

Tim Lincecum takes weight off his shoulders, wins

I’m not going to go as far as my fiance and say the reason why Tim Lincecum won today and struck out

September 07, 20104

Playing catch up

I’m back! After three-plus days “off the grid” (if you can excuse my awful use of corporate-speak as we strive for synergy

September 03, 20100

San Francisco 49ers cut Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson is tough, and, one would assume, talented. You don’t go from playing quarterback for the Big-10’s 11th team to becoming

September 02, 20105

Sample Raider press releases

Adam Schefter learned a lesson yesterday. Throw out a rumor about a quarterback who’s been more of a punchline than a viable

September 01, 20100

Happy Darren Ford Day!

You have to admit, there’s less of a jinxing possibility to that headline, isn’t there

September 01, 20100

Michael Crabtree’s the “elephant,” it seems

The Niners’ two resident divas, Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree, had a little spat today. You know what this means … training

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