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November 30, 20090

Singletary’s toughest challenge

Before the back-slapping and champagne cork-popping gets too loud for anyone to hear this, it’s time to sound the siren of complacency.

November 29, 20090

Now THAT’S a No. 1 Draft Pick

It’s not like the 49ers are devoid of talent. That’s why this year has so maddening. The Niners have been drafting for

November 26, 20090

Happy Thanksgiving from Lincepom!

November 25, 20090

10 Things I’m thankful for

It’s the time of year when you’re supposed to forget your problems. Don’t have a job? At least you have your health.

November 25, 20093

Khloe Kardashian: Thanksgiving makes me fart

Hey all you beautiful hot people. BASG asked me to write a little post on why Thanksgiving is so awesome. Since I’ve

November 24, 20090

The greatnuss of tha Raiduhs cannot be ignored

Al Davis: I am extremely upset. I have crafted a stadium, a coliseum, a mausoleum of epic proportions. It even bares tha

November 23, 20092

BASG Exclusive: Jimmy Raye’s script

For all the talk about “hitting people in the mouth,” the 49ers have been left rubbing their own sore jaws after 6

November 22, 200910

11 things learned while watching the Niners go 4-6

1. Never trust the 49ers at 10 am on Sunday

November 20, 20090

Would the Warriors sign Allen Iverson?

Don’t laugh, it’s a move so totally Warriors and Don Nelson that I wouldn’t be shocked at all if it occurs. Why?

November 19, 20093

Tim Lincecum wins NL Cy Young Award

Tim Lincecum, 2009 NL Cy Young Award winner. I’m sure Bud Selig is STOKED right now. You can’t make the following claim

November 18, 20092

Jim Harbaugh finally got our attention

It wasn’t enough to build the best football offense the Bay Area has seen at any level in nearly a decade. Or

November 17, 20098

Warriors Makeover, Step 2: Trading Monta

Maybe Monta Ellis could be happy as a Golden State Warrior(s) if the team fired Don Nelson. But….that’s not going to happen,

November 16, 20092

Pablo Sandoval “was a little poopy-pants”

Lots of stuff on the Internets worth linking to today, and I promise that none of the following links consist of mathematical

November 16, 20093

Somehow, Warriors don’t screw up Stephen Jackson trade

The Warriors made a pretty satisfying trade today, dumping Stephen Jackson and Acie Law off on the Charlotte Bobcats for Raja Bell

November 13, 20091

Who says NFL games are better on TV?

Can we just take a moment and give it up for tailgating? With astronomical parking, ticket and concession prices, high-def TV’s and

November 12, 20094

Just kidding Niners, don’t start tanking yet!

Remember after the Niners did their imitation of George Brett in Las Vegas after a crab dinner (and 14 cocktails, I’m guessing)

November 09, 20090

Angel Villalona fits in perfectly around here

Just another day in the neighborhood, where Hall-of-Fame linebackers who look like they could still play get bullied by little bald sportswriters

November 08, 20093

Time for the 49ers to start tanking (please!)

We’ve all seen this before. The 49ers were too mistake-prone, ineffective and just plain dumb this season when it counted. They’re on

November 07, 20090

Why LeBron won’t repeat as MVP

Carmelo Anthony and Dirk Novitzki have obviously lost weight. Steve Nash has gained a little nastiness and a chip on his shoulder.

November 07, 20094

Warriors lottery-bound again

Forget pondering whether the Warriors would have held the Clippers to within 30 for at least a majority of the game last

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