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May 07, 20081

Kobe MVP? No surprise, but there’s still work to do

Even though it has come to light that when he jumped over the Aston Martin it was just an effects stunt for

May 07, 20080

Why did skipping Zito for one start have to get so public?

Let’s play a little game of before and after. Before Bochy’s announcement that Barry Zito was moving to the bullpen: no worry

May 06, 20084

My scariest bike ride ever

The only worry to that point had been the wind. Yesterday I bombed down the other side of Hawk Hill, on the

May 05, 20080

Sharks Lose, Bay Area Keeps Waiting

Watching the Sharks was exhausting last night. I stayed strong through the second, third, and three periods of overtime, but in the

May 04, 20080

Boston Better Get Right on the Road, or Detroit’s Winning the East

We’re starting this post live (but the game’s 20 minutes delayed on DVR) at Will and Karen’s apartment next door for Celtics/Hawks,

May 03, 20081

I Want My AM Radio!

Good news and bad news today for the BASG. While it looks like my bike should be OK despite the mini puncture

May 02, 20080

Jose Canseco puts things into perspective

Just had a little mishap on my bike on the way to BART. I was switching gears kind of stupidly, getting a

May 01, 20081

Zito Will be a Starter Again Very Soon

Imagine if the Giants had traded Tim Lincecum to Toronto for Alex Rios. That indeed was the rumor at the general managers

May 01, 20085

Top 10 ballpark food options in the Bay Area

Even though it goes against all logic to spend copious amounts of money on refreshments when you’ll only be at a location

April 28, 20080

Zito’s Long Contract Leads to a “Small” Nickname

April 27, 20080

Um Al…Without Phones, How do we Tell McFadden we Picked Him?

April 23, 20080

Jon Miller for Giants Manager

April 22, 20080

The Giants win the pennant … in two or three years

Wasn’t it just a few years ago that the Arizona Diamondbacks were in trouble? Supposedly the franchise owed tons of money, they

April 18, 20080

BASG selects his 2007-08 NBA MVP

I just read Bill Simmons’ choice for this year’s NBA MVP. Shocker of all shockers, Simmons chose Kevin Garnett of his beloved

April 09, 20082

Hey Tim Lincecum, Bruce Bochy has a favor to ask

April 08, 20080

And The Nantzatron Goes Silent…Until the Masters, Anyway

What a great NCAA final last night between Memphis and Kansas, for several reasons: 1. Both teams played incredible defense, to the

April 07, 20083

Protesting: The Official Pastime of San Francisco

Since I already decided against skipping work Wednesday to watch the Olympic Torch Relay, I thought I was going to miss all

April 07, 20082

For What it’s Worth, the Schedule Favors the Warriors

With all the talk about how awesome the NBA’s Western Conference has been all season, it’s kind of funny to watch the

April 05, 20080

I’ll Happily Work While the Young Giants Play

Work helped me out big-time today. Sure, I’m working towards a paycheck and all that, but today the assistance from my job

April 04, 20086

Rally Like it’s 1975!

Lately, it seems like there have been some Negative Nancy’s hanging around the Warriors games (and Giants, 49ers and Raiders). But I’m

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