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September 09, 20105

Linkfest: Cal vs. Colorado, featuring Keenan Allen

For those of you who don’t know, I’m helping CSN Bay Area with their coverage of this weekend’s preview of a Pac-12

September 08, 20104

Randy Moss: closer to Jerry Rice than you think

The very idea seems laughable. How could anybody possibly match the brilliance and longevity of Jerry Rice? How could any receiver possibly

September 07, 20101

Tim Lincecum takes weight off his shoulders, wins

I’m not going to go as far as my fiance and say the reason why Tim Lincecum won today and struck out

September 07, 20104

Playing catch up

I’m back! After three-plus days “off the grid” (if you can excuse my awful use of corporate-speak as we strive for synergy

September 03, 20100

San Francisco 49ers cut Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson is tough, and, one would assume, talented. You don’t go from playing quarterback for the Big-10’s 11th team to becoming

September 02, 20105

Sample Raider press releases

Adam Schefter learned a lesson yesterday. Throw out a rumor about a quarterback who’s been more of a punchline than a viable

September 01, 20100

Happy Darren Ford Day!

You have to admit, there’s less of a jinxing possibility to that headline, isn’t there

September 01, 20100

Michael Crabtree’s the “elephant,” it seems

The Niners’ two resident divas, Vernon Davis and Michael Crabtree, had a little spat today. You know what this means … training

August 31, 20101

Happy, um, Lincecum Day?

After two weather-related posts last week, I promise not to obsess over another, milder heat wave in San Francisco that’s supposed to

August 31, 20100

Don’t expect a full season from Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry’s got it all: the pedigree, the looks, respect from coaches and media members, a starring role on a Warriors team

August 31, 20106

Leaving Ross in RF wasn’t Bochy’s biggest mistake

For a game where we got to watch Jonathan Sanchez carve up the Rockies for eight innings, that was one terrible game

August 30, 20106

“Inside” tips for going to games at AT&T Park

Got emailed a question, and I figured I’d answer it and use it as a post at the same time. Have questions

August 30, 20104

Billy Beane copies Sabean, then surpasses him

Kind of a strange thing has happened in Oakland, where Billy Beane hasn’t just spent time overseeing Brad Pitt’s visor-wearing ability, he’s

August 29, 20107

5 reasons why Warriors fans need to Melo out

Carmelo Anthony will not always be a Denver Nugget. He will play for a different NBA team, maybe this season, definitely the

August 27, 20101

Sorry NFL, for not selling out Raiders preseason games

Thank you, NFL. Thanks for rightly believing that preseason games are just as important as regular season contests. Thank you for charging

August 27, 20100

Stephen Strasburg = Tommy John

I normally wouldn’t worry too much about what fans in Washington D.C. think, except at work I’ve almost been forced to become

August 26, 20104

Pitch counts and Madison Bumgarner

Mike Krukow said it on Friday night when Madison Bumgarner got strike one against Albert Pujols in their last battle, a lively

August 25, 20102

Chills … and then just cold

It seemed like everything was back to normal after yesterday’s uber-weirdness left us overheated and giddy. The city’s warmer than usual, but

August 24, 20102

Just another normal summer day in San Francisco

They’re all like this, aren’t they? Just another standard hot August day and night here in the city! Where baseballs soar from

August 24, 20103

Singletary knows he needs Nate Davis

Like all politicians (except perhaps Joe Biden), NFL coaches are extremely calculating when it comes to speaking publicly about anything. Whether it’s

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