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July 27, 20091

What did Brian Sabean expect?

This isn’t the first time Brian Sabean has vented publicly about the ineptitude of his players, but it might be one of

July 27, 20099

Swimming’s FINA bans Michael Phelps’ secret weapon

Sadly, Michael Phelps is going to have to break records without the help of his high tech secret weapon. And no, I’m

July 24, 20091

Giants’ magic number is now 6

One down, only six to go. Sometimes a man needs to stake his reputation on a completely irrational prediction, and here’s mine:

July 24, 20091

Enter the 36 Chambers: The Lego Version

Some of you don’t know this about me, but I am a ridiculous, die-hard, obsessive fan of the Wu-Tang Clan. Put it

July 23, 20091

The unstoppable Giants ground attack

I think what today’s Giants game showed us was why it’s been so hard for the Giants to pull off a sweep

July 21, 20093

On your mark, get set, panic!

“I miss the comfort in being sad.” -Kurt Cobain The Giants have started their difficult road trip 1-3, and have fallen to

July 20, 20091

Giants’ hitters auditioning for their jobs

You know how when teams fire their head coach/manager midway through a season, and the guy who replaces him is labeled an

July 18, 20092

What does Tom Watson’s performance say about golf?

The British Open began as a story about Tiger Woods, because golf always is — whether Tiger’s playing or not. Then, after

July 17, 20091

Will the Warriors add a veteran free agent?

If you want to check out an interesting video, check out this interview of Warriors GM Larry Riley from HoopsHype. The phrases

July 17, 20091

Towels, tumbles and tweets: the three funniest 1st half Giants links

Winning doesn’t just breed good chemistry, it breeds good comedy. It’s a lot easier to laugh at your mistakes when your record

July 16, 20091

2009 San Francisco Giants second half preview

The work Jonathan Sanchez did in the bullpen before throwing a no-hitter. The adjustments Pablo Sandoval made in April and May to

July 16, 20090

Lance Armstrong, he’s just like us!

I’m hardly what you’d call a cyclist. My longest ride is 50 miles, but I’ve only done that once. I’m not all

July 15, 20091

Anthony Randolph + point guard = championship

It makes little sense to get too excited about Anthony Randolph’s record-tying 42 points in his last summer league game, since the

July 14, 200910

Tim Lincecum’s first All-Star Game: Meh

Nobody is beyond getting the jitters. Not even Tim Lincecum, at least when it comes to the first time doing something. I

July 14, 20090

Can Tim Lincecum reverse All-Star jinx?

Tim Lincecum hasn’t been taken by ambulance to the nearest St. Louis hospital yet, so that’s a start. Still, usually it’s fans

July 13, 20090

I bet Dwight Howard and Venus Williams never have to deal with flight delays

Well, I’m in Vancouver. Still. Nothing better than sitting on the runway and hearing the flight attendant announce, “Well, as you can

July 13, 20092

BASG interviews Billy Beane

Since baseball’s going on a three or four day vacation starting Monday, I figured I’d run my interview with Billy Beane I

July 12, 20090

Pandamonium at Mays Field

Since Barry Zito just gave up a 3-run homer and still hasn’t gotten anybody out in the first inning as I’m writing

July 11, 20090

Jonathan Sanchez no-hitter? Was I dreaming?

When I woke up (admittedly late) this morning, the first thing I had to do was check the computer. Did Jonathan Sanchez,

July 10, 20091

No-hitter for Jonathan Sanchez? All bets are off now!

After Tim Lincecum had his no-hitter broken up by Tony Gwynn, Jr. last night, it was sob-city around the Bay Area. Yeah,

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