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August 20, 20102

Giants interested in every available OF

Cody Ross, Brad Hawpe, Johnny Damon, Luis Gonzalez, Andre Dawson….is there an outfielder the Giants don’t have interest in? Not sure what

August 19, 20100

NL isn’t good enough for Giants fans to panic

Philadelphia radio host Howard Eskin came on with Brian Murphy this morning and delighted in tromping all over the San Francisco Giants

August 18, 20106

BASG vs. ESPN’s Rob Neyer (OK, not really)

Normally linksharing between blogs is pretty common and not really worth noting, but I’m not too jaded to admit I was flattered

August 17, 20106

Numbers aren’t everything in the preseason

Wasn’t able to catch the 49ers’ first preseason game live, because I am an incredible fiance. Instead of lounging on the couch

August 17, 201010

We can’t fix Tim Lincecum

We don’t know what’s wrong with Lincecum. And “we” means everybody. Fans, reporters, coaches, front office execs, former pitchers, even meddling fathers

August 16, 20100

Scot McCloughan convinces Pete Carroll on Balmer

Come with me, on a trip to Renton, Washington. Pete Carroll’s office, to be specific. I just transcribed the conversation between the

August 13, 20100

Alright Sabean, prove me wrong again

Remember back when Brian Sabean’s trades took everyone by surprise? I had no idea Matt Williams was on the block in 1997,

August 12, 20101

The Bay Area, where nobody ever gets fired

You have to think we’re in for at least another year or two of having Brian Sabean as the general manager of

August 11, 20104

10 rules every fantasy football player must follow

If you ever had any question as to how far removed he’s become from the majority of sports fans throughout the country,

August 10, 20104

In defense of Jonathan Sanchez

No matter how slow the news day, or how fast for that matter, the media absolutely loves it when athletes or coaches

August 09, 20100

Surviving my first high school reunion (and some links)

When I told people I was taking off for my old hometown of Eureka for my 15-year high school reunion instead of

August 05, 20100

Giants vs. Braves: quieting the haters

The Giants are the hottest team in baseball right and … what’s that I hear? I that the sound of haters picking

August 04, 20104

Brett Favre just an actor in ESPN’s reality show

There’s one interesting thing about this annual Brett Favre saga. No, I swear. Well, at least it’s interesting to media consumers/critics/bashers/wannabe’ers like

August 03, 20100

Giants turn clock back to 1993

Back in the days before humidors and dinosaur mascots — hell, back before the days of Coors Field, playing the Rockies used

August 03, 20101

Wishing I were at Niners training camp

Gary Radnich made fun of Matt Maiocco’s twitter habits at the Niners’ “nutcracker” practice yesterday,  and I’m sure Mr. Rabinich figured he

August 02, 20107

Photo shoot proves Andre Ethier is a wookie

First Kobe Bryant, now Andre Ethier. From now on, any Los Angeles athlete who gets a call from LA Times Magazine asking

July 31, 20106

I wish I could criticize Sabean…

I really, really do. Ever since sports talk radio changed the way we talk, whine, yell and bitch about sports, criticism is

July 30, 20102

Time to play GM

There are different ways to write/blog about the rosterbatory practice of obsessing over the trade deadline: 1. Read and respond to every

July 29, 20106

Dogs have no manners

We’re dog-sitting this week for our nextdoor neighbor. Usually it’s no big deal. We take the dog out in the morning and

July 27, 20102

First post-Barry Giants team with an identity

You know what they say: you never want to get in a home-run hitting contest with the San Francisco Giants. What’s going

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