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March 13, 20090

Anthony Randolph = Kobe + Trevor Wilson

It’s real easy to get excited about the Warriors this week, until you realize they’ve been playing at home the whole time.

March 13, 20092

BASG March Madness Tourney – Win and Play for FREE

It’s time for March Madness and we are hosting a BASG bracket competition for all of you NCAA Basketball fans. Click here

March 12, 20090

Will Patrick Mills stay in college?

Here’s a good old-fashioned link dump before I get to go check out the EA Sports party in San Francisco. Videogames and

March 11, 20090

Free Michael Phelps Weedies!

Ladies and gentlemen, your most uplifiting Bay Area semi-sports-related story of the year

March 11, 20092

Still driving the Jay Cutler Bandwagon

All of us here were extremely excited to see this on “After a contentious conference call between quarterback Jay Cutler and

March 10, 20095

NBA Tuesday: BASG Power Poll

NBA Tuesday: BASG Power Poll It’s time for another NBA Power Poll, but first here’s the NBA-related rap lyric of the week,

March 09, 20090

Only in a San Francisco Laundromat

After a pretty non-descript sports weekend, it’s definitely time for a bunch of mostly unrelated thoughts. Ready, set, go! –I’m in the

March 08, 20090

Fantasy Baseball Rankings Part 4: Third Base

I apologize for taking so long between fantasy baseball segments. I could blame an avalanche of negative Warriors news, the Manny Ramirez

March 06, 20090

I knew Monta Ellis was pissed…and other links

When I was writing a recap of the Warriors/Thunder game we attended a couple weeks ago, I wrote a long paragraph detailing

March 05, 20092

Giants release Dave Roberts

In a move that must have brought a mixture of humility and embarrassment for both of the protagonists involved, Brian Sabean released

March 05, 20092

Mike Piazza’s bacne means Rick Reilly’s wrong…again

When it comes to steroid smoking guns, bacne is right at the top of the list along with a noticeably bigger dome

March 04, 20093

T.O.’s Available? Al Davis to the rescue!

Unless you’re an outstanding Raider fan or are paid to cover the team, you probably don’t know who Chaz Schilens is. Schilens

March 04, 20095

With guys wide open…

So it’s official, Kurt Warner isn’t just your run of the mill free agent quarterback, he’s Scott Stapp. For those who don’t

March 04, 20090

The free agent athlete’s anti-Bay Area checklist

Residents of the Bay Area like to say how we live in the best part of the country, partly because it’s true

March 03, 20096

He should put a towel on

Sorry about the lack of NBA Tuesday on a Tuesday. I was busy today testing and reviewing Major League Baseball 2K9, and

March 03, 20090

The return of Patty and other non-Warner links

In case you missed it, it’s March now, which means college basketball finally matters! I have to admit, I started out this

March 02, 20091

49ers roll out red carpet for Kurt Warner

The Internets are all a twitter about Kurt Warner, because the 49ers look like they’re actually serious about bringing the formerly bearded

March 01, 20092

49ers should go after Jay Cutler

The 49ers are currently in the same spot with Kurt Warner that the Giants are with Manny Ramirez. If the Cardinals really

February 28, 20090

Don Nelson wastes Crawford’s sick day

I have to admit I didn’t watch any of last night’s Warriors/Bobcats game. Actually that isn’t completely true, as I saw about

February 28, 20090

Patriots fans have to be sick of the Chiefs

First the Kansas City Chiefs ruined the New England Patriots’ season when Bernard Pollard barreled into the side of Tom Brady’s left

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