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March 31, 20084

NCAA Tournament Predictions: How’d I Do?

After writing my Nantzatron column, I got one comment: You should post an updated analysis of your top 16. I’d like to

March 29, 20084

No Sign of Barry After the Divorce

In a move that makes hypocrisy sound like an understatement, the San Francisco Giants have decided to remove all Barry Bonds signs

March 28, 20085

Where Ink Happens

March 28, 20080

How Long Until A-Rod Gets the Bonds Treatment?

Those who hate Barry Bonds will no doubt take pleasure in his upcoming federal trial, even though it won’t be televised. Just

March 26, 20080

Best Baseball Team in the Bay? Look East, My Friend

Billy Beane is certainly not perfect. While he has let several players go over the years, with mixed success, Beane did go

March 26, 20082

From Movie Script to Footnote

Well, that didn’t work. But as they say: no harm, no foul. That’s the best way to look at today’s news that

March 25, 20080

Warriors Won’t Win in Playoffs

With visions of Derek Fisher doing a clumsy tango with Monta Ellis still in their heads, Warriors fans may have a tough

March 24, 20087

Phone Fun and Baron on Skates: Just Another Fantasy Baseball Draft

Fantasy sports is a socially acceptable form of Dungeons and Dragons. Instead of 20-sided dice, D&D books and a cape, the fantasy

March 22, 20080

St. Mary’s Falls off the Tracks

March 21, 20080

OK, Maybe I Overrated the Pac-10, and Other NCAA First Day Thoughts

While UCLA, Stanford and Washington State throttled their weaker opponents, USC and Arizona (two of my Sweet 16 picks, that’s right) bowed

March 21, 20081

Everything According to Plan – For the First Four Hours, Anyway

So far, so good. Only one game picked incorrectly, as UNLV ran Kent State out of the gym. I thought Kent State

March 20, 20084

Turn the Nantz-a-Tron up Full Blast, It’s March Madness!

Let’s call March Madness what it really is, a CBS orgy. We all know the networks that televise sports pretty well. But

March 19, 20080

McNolan Better Not Leave Chad Hanging

The 49ers just signed former Arizona wideout Bryant Johnson, then immediately cut Darrell Jackson, possibly the most lackadaisical receiver in football last

March 17, 20080

Point by Point (almost): The Bay Area Sports Guy Goes to the Warriors/Grizzlies Game

March 14, 20080

Old People: Good for Baseball, Bad for Football

March 13, 20080

And This Was Supposed to be This Team’s Strength?

Noah Lowry not only hit the backstop with wayward pitches so many times in two Spring appearances that it looked like he

March 12, 20088

Maybe Families Shouldn’t Stick Together

All I did today was drive. All over the East Bay, up and down 680. It doesn’t even bother me that I

March 11, 20080

Don’t Leave Now, It’s Just Getting Good!

Saw my buddy Neal for the first time since we watched a Sharks playoff game in a Dublin sports bar last year.

March 09, 20084

Yeah, but can Either Team Beat Los Lakers?

There were a few odd things about today’s Spurs/Suns game. First, Shaq looked absolutely spry out there, grabbing 11 rebounds in the

March 08, 20080

Don’t Y’all Believe Favre Just Yet, Ya Hear?

When Brett Favre held his (supposed) farewell press conference yesterday, the tears weren’t that surprising. He’s cried and done the whole “I

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