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August 31, 20095

Giants add another one of Alyssa Milano’s exes

According to Andy Baggarly and others, the Giants picked up Brad Penny to be their fifth starter. On one hand, it’s a

August 31, 20097

The Giants should hire my cousin

Shockingly, after the most tumultuous week of August baseball any of us can remember, the Giants and Rockies are all tied up.

August 29, 20099

Groundhog Day: Stephen Jackson wants off the Warriors

Now Stephen Jackson wants out. That’s right, Jackson doesn’t want to be a Warrior anymore, because they (gasp) aren’t championship contenders. Even

August 28, 20093

Tim Lincecum: best pitcher in baseball

It wasn’t like Ubaldo Jimenez wasn’t up to the challenge. Next year Jimenez will become the first member of the Colorado Rockies

August 28, 20090

I can’t wait to see…

Not much to re-hash from the past 24 hours (an 11-0 Giants loss and a dead sports day didn’t quite inspire me

August 26, 20092

San Francisco Giants just won’t die

Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in

August 25, 20094

“Turkey Bowl Heroes” fantasy football draft recap

Turkey Bowl Heroes is the name of one of my fantasy football leagues. Well, not mine, but I’m in it. I have

August 24, 20094

It’s official: we’re cursed

To paraphrase the Pet Shop Boys, “What did we…what did we…what did we do to deserve this?&#

August 23, 20090

Poor Tim Lincecum

Since the last two games for the Giants have been long and bitter, I’m going to make this one short and sweet&#

August 21, 20090

I don’t practice Renteria…

I need something to complain about, so do you. The Giants! They swing at the first pitch all the time! F-POM! F-POM!

August 18, 20093

Goodell chats with the immortal Al Davis about Cable (transcript)

Al Davis hasn’t been around the Raiders’ facility too often during training camp, as he’s rarely seen before the sun goes down

August 17, 20090

Hey Bochy, great win today. Can I have a word?

Enough, Bruce Bochy. E-Freddy-nuff. OK, that’s not fair, since Lewis mercifully didn’t see any part of the starting lineup today. But neither

August 15, 20096

Singletary at least has the 49ers looking like a team

With Mike Nolan, it was hard to know what to think. The team would look great one moment, and completely lost the

August 13, 20091

What the Giants’ lineup should be

Ah, baseball. The smell of grass, hot dogs and garlic fries in the air…and the chance to whine about Bruce Bochy’s lineup

August 13, 20091

Michael Vick won’t get the Eagles out of the NFC

I’m going to set myself up for an angry comment from some troll living in Philadelphia, because that’s what happened last time

August 12, 20091

Michael Crabtree’s playing with our emotions

We Bay Area fans are an optimistic lot, we really are. Sure, there’s a good deal of whining that goes on, but

August 11, 200913

Bochy’s veteran love went too far tonight

Nate Schierholtz was eligible to come off the disabled list today. He wasn’t activated. In fact, Bruce Bochy said during the world

August 10, 20092

The Giants lose on Dave Dravecky Day…What?!?!

On the strength of great young pitching, a recent power surge and an unfathomable hot streak from their speedy backup outfielder who

August 09, 20094

NFL, ESPN behind the times with Twitter stance

With the NFL coming out this week and putting its collective foot/shield down on the whole Tweeting-athlete phenomenon, the dominant professional sports

August 07, 20090

49ers’ quarterbacks too chummy for their own good

When Joe Montana and Steve Young competed for the heart of Bill Walsh in the late 1980’s, they didn’t just polarize an

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