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July 31, 20106

I wish I could criticize Sabean…

I really, really do. Ever since sports talk radio changed the way we talk, whine, yell and bitch about sports, criticism is

July 30, 20102

Time to play GM

There are different ways to write/blog about the rosterbatory practice of obsessing over the trade deadline: 1. Read and respond to every

July 29, 20106

Dogs have no manners

We’re dog-sitting this week for our nextdoor neighbor. Usually it’s no big deal. We take the dog out in the morning and

July 27, 20102

First post-Barry Giants team with an identity

You know what they say: you never want to get in a home-run hitting contest with the San Francisco Giants. What’s going

July 27, 201019

Joe Lacob: Monta and Biedrins aren’t great players

“I have a philosophy about building a basketball team. I, as you know, was involved with the Celtics. And I really believe

July 26, 20103

Weekend Roundup: Part 2: Buster Posey’s “nickname”

Marty Lurie is a Godsend on the weekends. Last night’s traffic jam we slogged through would have been downright impossible to handle

July 26, 20101

Weekend Roundup, Part 1: Giants win, Eugenio Velez doesn’t die

Spent the weekend hanging out with my sister and her new fiance in Calistoga, away from computers and once again away from

July 23, 20103

Giants fans shouldn’t expect any big trades

This isn’t an original pet peeve, but it’s a pet peeve nonetheless. I hate it when people call sports talk radio and

July 22, 201018

Did Krukow really call Zito a clown?

Mike Krukow should know better. Every time he opens up his mouth and calls somebody a clown, there have been repercussions. The

July 21, 201014

To cheer us up, the Warriors sign a flawed combo guard

The Warriors signing Jeremy Lin is a little bit like the Giants signing Shinjo. It makes more than a little sense for

July 20, 20103

The best game and Tim Lincecum pitch of the year

It all started when Tim Lincecum decided that if he wasn’t going to get the win, or even have much of a

July 20, 201015

Buster Posey is dynamite

With all due respect to MaddyMaddyBumBum (don’t forget to read that in a British accent), as the games go by and the

July 19, 20100

Monday Roundup: beer, ball and tats

Went beer tasting yesterday. OK, that’s not really accurate. When you go wine tasting, they have those buckets you toss your unused

July 18, 20105

A perfect time to crush the Dodgers

The Giants have this Mets series wrapped up all pretty with a bow and stuff, so you might be better off going

July 16, 20102

Working for the weekend

Well, kind of a crazy day on top of a crazy week. I was like Larry Riley or Robert Rowell today, as

July 15, 20104

Who would the Giants trade, anyway?

When Henry Schulman let it be known that “top Royals talent evaluator is in the house” this evening, an obvious question popped

July 15, 20105

Cohan says no to Ellison, keeps sale among friends

Chris Cohan has never cared about winning a championship. One doesn’t do everything he can to avoid the luxury tax, swallow trade

July 14, 20103

Chris Cohan hates us all

Well, it’s sort of our fault. Well, not OUR fault, since I doubt many of you reading this made it to the

July 14, 201011

Lincecum and Sandoval prove why Brian Sabean loves veterans

Brian Wilson sure threw a nice 1-2-3 inning in the All Star Game last night, huh? Alright, well I think that’s just

July 13, 201011

Who will be Larry Ellison’s first new hires?

Alright kids, before we get into this week’s edition of “Rampant Speculation,” let’s talk a little bit about JaMarcus Russell. I apologize

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