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May 05, 20090

Timmy and the Giants brighten a dreary day

Days like today are what make baseball so cool. The ability to sit inside during a gray San Francisco day and catch

May 05, 20090

In defense of Jonathan Sanchez

First off, Jonathan Sanchez was pretty awful last night. 4 earned runs allowed in 4 innings, with 6 strikeouts overshadowed by 5

May 04, 20092

Barry Zito gets Dikembe’d by Alyssa Milano

Barry Zito finally feels confident enough to want people to watch him pitch, even ex-girlfriends. Check out how Zito slyly tries to

May 04, 20099

Catching Randy Johnson’s foul at win No. 297

I went to my first Giants’ game of the year to see the Giants take on the Rockies in Game 1 last

May 04, 20092

Are the Warriors so petty they’d pass on Ricky Rubio?

While pretty much everyone from reporters to bloggers to radio yakkers wishes the overall Bay Area sports landscape would see a little

May 03, 20090

Barry Zito isn’t cursed

Barry Zito may still be 0-2, but stop saying he’s this year’s Matt Cain. Sub-4.00 ERA and 1.16 WHIP aside, Zito isn’t

May 02, 20093

Mine That Bird shocks at the Kentucky Derby

For people sick of news stories about mass layoffs, executive bonuses and plant closures, today’s Kentucky Derby was a nice little dose

May 01, 20096

Tim Lincecum could use a bread bowl

Hey kids, it’s time for more of your favorite segment, Loosely Associated Thoughts! Today’s version of LAT is brought to you by

May 01, 20090

Who’s better, Paul Pierce or Ray Allen?

Although I’m about as far from a Celtics fan as one can be without my last name being “Rambis,” the best thing

April 29, 20091

Schierholtz waits for his shot in S.F.

I felt like today was a perfect time to re-release this old vintage story, a feature I wrote about Nate Schierholtz back

April 29, 20090

Yeah, but will he let Brian Urlacher spit on him?

In the 1995 NFL Draft, the defending Super Bowl Champion San Francisco 49ers traded a boatload of draft picks to the Cleveland

April 29, 20091

Manny Ramirez, the Bret Michaels of baseball

Adam Duritz, Chris Kirkpatrick…Manny Ramirez? The former two are singers who’ve gone the way of the weaved dreads. In Duritz’s case his

April 28, 20094

Jonathan Broxton is fat

Ya closer’s so fat!!! How fat is he??? Ya closer is so big and fat that he can get busy with twenty-two

April 28, 20091

NBA Tuesday: Warriors’ window getting bigger?

Utah’s precipitous fall from title contenders to getting waxed in the first round was one thing, but it was another game last

April 27, 20090

Can the Lakers trust Lamar Odom this time?

Watching Lamar Odom tonight as the Lakers finished off Utah four games to one, it seems like he’s changed. One nearly forgets

April 27, 20090

Brian Wilson’s troubling tweets

Athletes have long complained about the media, likening them to a group of opportunistic leeches gleefully detailing their every misstep. The athlete/reporter

April 27, 20090

Golden Gate Fields: like the Boardwalk, only with gambling

In my six years living in Santa Cruz (1998-2004), my favorite source of cheap entertainment was the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk (along

April 25, 20091

Al Davis, the gift that keeps on giving

The first day of the NFL Draft was an absolute tour de force by the San Francisco 49ers, who lucked into Michael

April 25, 20093

Debunking Crabtree Doubters

In drafting Michael Crabtree, the 49ers have suddenly and surprisingly added a 21-year-old who’ll walk into camp as the best receiver on

April 25, 20092

Michael Crabtree falls to the 49ers!!!

(2:15 pm: The Packers have just drafted B.J. Raji, and the 49ers are on the board) We’re 5 minutes away from what

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