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May 21, 20104

The local media scene — it’s changing

Everybody’s on the Internet. Everyone wants a piece of the pie. Nobody knows how the future is going to unfold, or how

May 19, 20101

Giants winning in spite of Sabean’s fear of speed

Until last night’s exercise in catharsis against the vaunted San Diego Padres, people wracked their brains. How could the Giants lose and

May 18, 20103

NBA Tuesday: Should the Lakers sit Bynum?

NBA Tuesday used to be a regular feature around these parts, and then I finally got a job after a year of

May 17, 20103

B2B BLTs, bee costumes and B-Weezy

It’s a full day when in the morning you ran alongside (and dodged) thousands of drunken Bay To Breakers revelers and still

May 14, 20100

The time my buddy puked on a cop’s shoe

Since it’s almost Bay To Breakers time, how about a little drinking story? OK, good. I thought you’d like one. I wouldn’t

May 13, 20102

Cleveland’s last chance, and Giant self-pity

No pressure, guys. You’re only fighting for the future of the city of Cleveland, professional sports in Ohio and world peace. Because

May 12, 20100

Mark DeRosa foils his own master plan

By all accounts, Mark DeRosa’s a really smart guy. Not baseball player smart, either. He’s an Ivy Leaguer, extremely well spoken and

May 11, 20100

All hope is lost for the Warriors, too

Watching the Lakers dismantle Utah last night in the same fashion the Jazz nearly always impose their will on the Golden State

May 10, 20100

Braden, Buster and stolen cable

I haven’t seen the Giants or A’s play in nearly a week on television, unless you count that replay I saw yesterday

May 07, 20103

“We don’t do much talking in the 209”

Well, it had to be something. No way the Oakland A’s could go on this year with one of the most anonymous

May 06, 20101

Welcome 19 new sites to the BASG blogroll!

An old boss was always fond of saying that all the hyperlinks, blogrolls, related widgets and all the other things you can

May 05, 20101

What does $100 million buy these days?

You know those columns where the writer has no idea what point he wants to make, so he just provides a bunch

May 05, 20105

A new decade

Trust me, it’s knock on wood time. Knock on wood, formica, granite, steel, plastic, whatever’s around you. Because even reading this will

May 03, 20108

Where there’s fog, there’s fire

What a crazy, busy weekend. After you get engaged every weekend becomes sort of planned for you, and it takes skill (and,

April 30, 20107

Don’t trust ESPN

A lot of you probably read that headline and figured, “Oh great, another whiny blog post from a West Coast hippie about

April 29, 20104

Complete Games

All you need to know is that people now call it “Lincecum Day.” Every day The Freaky Franchise is scheduled to start

April 27, 20104

JaMarcus Russell and the Niners

Al Davis is getting ready to cut JaMarcus Russell. Hopefully for JaMarcus, the process won’t involve any overhead projectors. “JaMikeous, I want

April 27, 20102

I wanna be like Matt Maiocco

In news only shocking because it took so long, Matt Maiocco recently announced he was leaving the Press Democrat for other opportunities

April 26, 20105

My baseball weakend

Yeah, that’s right. “Weakend.” I did a Giants vs. A’s taste test, and I’m still looking for a third choice. Bad luck,

April 23, 20101

Niners gain o-linemen, Smith loses excuses

Congratulations to the NFL, who for the first time since the early 1980’s televised a first round of the draft that I

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