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August 11, 200913

Bochy’s veteran love went too far tonight

Nate Schierholtz was eligible to come off the disabled list today. He wasn’t activated. In fact, Bruce Bochy said during the world

August 10, 20092

The Giants lose on Dave Dravecky Day…What?!?!

On the strength of great young pitching, a recent power surge and an unfathomable hot streak from their speedy backup outfielder who

August 09, 20094

NFL, ESPN behind the times with Twitter stance

With the NFL coming out this week and putting its collective foot/shield down on the whole Tweeting-athlete phenomenon, the dominant professional sports

August 07, 20090

49ers’ quarterbacks too chummy for their own good

When Joe Montana and Steve Young competed for the heart of Bill Walsh in the late 1980’s, they didn’t just polarize an

August 06, 20090

Michael Crabtree prepared to sit out 2009 season

I just flipped on SportsCenter and caught some disturbing breaking news: John Clayton is reporting that due to negotiations with the San

August 05, 20090

Giants have some goofy-looking starting pitchers

Ah, daytime baseball on a weekday. A time for a man to examine his surroudings, breathe in the fresh air of his

August 04, 20090

Sanchy-squared soars superbly

I’m usually not much for alliterative headlines, but Sanchy-squared was super-sweet tonight! Wait, I almost did it again. I think I’m delusional

August 04, 20095

It’s time for the Giants to lower beer prices

We all knew it was true, and now we have proof. The Giants charge more for one beer ($8.75) than any team

August 03, 20090

Ha ha, Tiger Woods farted!

I was about to start this links post focusing on the local wide receivers who’ve been making a lot of noise lately,

August 02, 20096

Lincecum wins, Lincepom gets robbed

You got to hand it to the Giants’ marketing team. Not like it’s really hard to sell tickets to a Tim Lincecum

July 31, 20090

Giants/Phillies All-Star rivalry heating up

If you all will excuse me, I’m going to channel Bill Simmons for a moment (and not just because of the name

July 30, 20096

Warriors say arrivederci to Marco Belinelli

With the Giants making headlines yesterday, the Warriors sneakily went about their business of becoming the NBA’s version of the Pittsburgh Pirates,

July 30, 20092

Freddy Sanchez, the morning after

What I’m about to write either proves my amazingness as a fan or indicts me for being exactly the type of Bay

July 29, 20090

Giants want Uggla over Sanchez

(12:07 pm update, from Joel Sherman of the NY Post via Twitter: “Giants definitely getting Freddy Sanchez, a source tells me.” So

July 28, 20090

NBA Tuesday: Oh crap, Speedy wants to play

Introducing the Golden State Warriors, a team whose most recent problem is the veteran point guard they just traded for actually is

July 27, 20090

No place like (Tim Lincecum’s) home

Yeah, I know: real original headline. Sorry, nothing else comes to mind. Seeing the Giants play this way at home reminds me

July 27, 20090

Why Mike Vick won’t get the Barry Bonds treatment

For those wondering or even hoping Mike Vick will face the same type of job market after being reinstated today by the

July 27, 20091

What did Brian Sabean expect?

This isn’t the first time Brian Sabean has vented publicly about the ineptitude of his players, but it might be one of

July 27, 20099

Swimming’s FINA bans Michael Phelps’ secret weapon

Sadly, Michael Phelps is going to have to break records without the help of his high tech secret weapon. And no, I’m

July 24, 20091

Giants’ magic number is now 6

One down, only six to go. Sometimes a man needs to stake his reputation on a completely irrational prediction, and here’s mine:

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