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October 27, 20082

According to Fox sideline reporter, Mike Singletary communicates with the dead

Whenever YouTube yanks something off its virtual shelves, you know it has to be good, and this one was. Danyelle Sargent, who

October 26, 20080

Chris Mullin’s pretty much a goner, but is that a bad thing?

October 24, 20080

After celebrating with his teammates, Matt Stairs was seen walking with a limp…

October 21, 20080

Mike Nolan has plenty of time to wear suits now

October 18, 20084

Why the Giants shouldn’t sign Manny Ramirez

At least the Giants know the secret to signing him. “I want to see who is the highest bidder,” Manny told the

October 13, 20083

Maybe Nolan needs a less challenging job

October 12, 20081

Robert Rowell tells Monta Ellis about his 30-game suspension

October 07, 20080

Luke Walton has a stalker, and it isn’t Kobe

October 07, 20080

Mike Nolan sees dead people (Bill Walsh)

October 07, 20080

The 2008/09 Golden State Warriors — Another Reason to Hate Mopeds

The financial world crumbling, the 49ers on pace to become the second NFL squad in the Bay Area to fire their coach

September 30, 20084

Al Davis tells everyone why Lane Kiffin won’t get paid

September 30, 20085

Barry Zito calls Gary Radnich, talks about self love

I was going to do a full 2008 San Francisco Giants recap yesterday, but I couldn’t because I had to actually, you

September 26, 20083

My first 19 hours in New York

I’m in the air as I write this, somewhere between New York and San Francisco (maybe Ohio?), after one of the most

September 25, 20081

Lincecum wasn’t the only one walking

For some reason, I ended up walking all the way from my house to the Giants game last night. I didn’t plan

September 21, 20080

If you build it, they might win

I’ve been covering high school football on San Francisco side of the Bay for about three weeks now, and now I’m worried

September 20, 20080

Friday Night Lights (Daly City Style)

September 15, 20088

The National Football Locks: How dreads have taken over football

A lot of crazy stuff going on in the NFL today, starting with the reports that Al Davis might fire Lane Kiffin

September 14, 20080

This just in: Ohio State isn’t that great

September 11, 20083

Hanging out in a luxury suite with Rod Brooks

September 06, 20086

Top Ten reasons why I hate college football

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