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February 25, 20090

Ric Bucher: Celtics to break up Big Three after this season

I love having NBA League Pass, which allows me to escape the poor defense — and even worse picture quality — of

February 25, 20099

Bay Area Free/Cheap Eats and Events

With the recession and the greatness of our wonderful economy, I’ve become much more of a frugal person. Looking for deals for

February 24, 20093

NBA Tuesday: Warriors a rudderless ship

For the Golden State Warriors, the most dispiriting part of last night’s loss to the Clippers wasn’t that Baron Davis almost got

February 24, 20090

NBA Tuesday: (Way too early) playoff predictions

The trading deadline has come and gone, and Rafer Alston is the most important player that moved. That was really exciting. Even

February 23, 20090

Tonight may be Baron’s last chance to get out of the doghouse

The Warriors are in Baron Davis country tonight to take on their biggest rivals, and we’re guessing Stephen Jackson won’t be staying

February 22, 20094

Warriors don’t seem all that happy

Don Nelson notched his 1,300th victory when the Warriors beat the Thunder 133-120, putting him 32 regular season wins away from tying

February 21, 20090

Kevin Durant or the Utah Jazz…not a tough choice

Sure, a true basketball fan is supposed to appreciate the consistency and grit shown by Jerry Sloan’s Utah Jazz or Gregg Popovich’s

February 21, 20095

Fantasy Baseball Rankings, Part 2: First Basemen

When I first started collecting baseball cards in 1987, first basemen ruled the Major League landscape. There were six young surefire Hall-of-Famers

February 20, 20090

Odom and I have at least one thing in common

Lamar Odom and I are quite similar, really. Not physically, since I’m not left-handed or 6’10”. Tony Randolph is however, and that

February 20, 20096

BASG’s Guide to picking the Oscars

Awards shows are a complete waste of time, but I have to admit I’m really excited about the Oscars. Since childhood I’ve

February 18, 20092

Warriors/Lakers point-by-point (almost)

We’re starting this Warriors/Lakers “point-by-point (almost)” at the start of the second half. Why? Because that first half was silly. 68-62, Warriors,

February 18, 20093

Rick Reilly’s eyes have magical drug testing powers

I can’t stand Rick Reilly. I know that hardly makes me unique, particularly among those who know how to read, but he

February 18, 20093

49ers going back to the old uniforms … we think

While many will grab onto the news that the 49ers will under no circumstances (besides full-scale amnesia spreading throughout the entire Bay

February 18, 20090

NBA (late) Tuesday: Warriors week that was

This week the Warriors got themselves a cold, hard slap of reality during this season’s first half. And lately, it hasn’t felt

February 17, 20090

NBA Tuesday: Greg Oden eats Gerald Wallace, and other predictions

We’re in the midst of the craziest week of the NBA regular season — a week where a player can play in

February 15, 20094

BASG Top 10: Worst Air Jordans Ever

So here’s the part of the show where we make fun of ugly shoes. Over 23 different Jordans there have been a

February 14, 20093

BASG Top 10: Best Air Jordans of all time

All-Star Weekend is always relatively entertaining in comparison to similar festivities in other sports, but it used to represent all that was

February 13, 20093

My Small Friend Nate Robinson

Like many of us, I rely on BASG to inform me of what is going on in the sports world. So, when

February 11, 20092

“Hypnotize” (Manny Ramirez Remix)

With Bobby Abreu signing with the Angels and Adam Dunn taking a two-year deal with the Nats, it looks like all the

February 11, 20093

Bay to Breakers – R.I.P.

In case you haven’t heard, San Francisco’s combination of Bizarro Mardi Gras and a 12K road race known as the Bay to

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