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January 12, 20100

Where’s the love for Patrick Willis?

Apparently middle linebackers don’t matter

January 11, 20100

Giants sign Aubrey Huff…3 years too late

If I had a blog back then, I would have written about it. If I had a Twitter account, I would have

January 10, 20101

NFL Playoffs: Bad games, then bad calls

This morning reminded me of a wintry morning in Lake Tahoe, 23 years ago. Only much less painful. From their status as

January 07, 20101

Warriors still should trade M&M (Monta & Maggette)

Unlike some Sports Guys out there, I know that in my current state of life and/or work experience that I’m not ready

January 05, 20100

LaRoche would actually make the Giants halfway decent

It looks like Adam LaRoche will be in the orange and black. Of course, whether it’s the Giants or the Orioles is

January 03, 20102

NFL starters sent to slaughter

There was something off about NFL Sunday this, err, Sunday. It started with the 49ers/Rams game, which featured the most pathetic offensive

December 30, 20092

OK Sabes, which old outfielder will it be?

Now that the Giants have added Juan Uribe and Mark DeRosa to Bruce Bochy’s Swiss Army infield, where the only thing that

December 29, 20091

The most important game of the year for the Warriors…No, seriously

The Warriors are playing the second game of what seemed like a cruel joke of a back-to-back when the schedule was released,

December 28, 20091

Let’s hope for different talking points in 2010

Got the NFL RedZone channel yesterday in a fit of fantasy football paranoia, and I couldn’t be happier. $5 a month on

December 22, 20094

Finding genius coaches should be easier

It used to be different. Al Davis was four steps ahead of everyone, and that was just in terms of jersey marketing.

December 20, 20093

We’re the nation’s punching bag

This is getting old. Maybe it says in the sports blogging handbook (which is only available in soft-copy, as far as I

December 16, 20091

Don Nelson: drunk Jerry Seinfeld

With Don Nelson running everything from rotations to personnel, the Warriors have the same attitude toward players that Jerry did toward women

December 15, 20091

The birthday streak is back on

It’s funny what you choose to remember. I was sure the 49ers were undefeated on my birthday for at least the last

December 13, 20090

Spending other people’s money

It’s almost a relief that the Brian Sabean didn’t dive into free agency from the start with the same vigor as a

December 10, 20091

Heisman Watch: Is Toby Gerhart really the favorite?

During the second quarter of the UW-Cal game, my buddy Mike pulled out his trusty iPhone and showed us the demolition going

December 08, 20094

Our Seattle Trip: the good, the bad and the Timmy

I could spend all day listing decisions I made that in hindsight were awful

December 02, 20092

Who wore (out) it better, Tiger or that Tool on VH-1?

I tried to avoid writing about this whole Tiger Woods thing ever since I found out that according to the Florida Highway

December 01, 200910

Time to trade Monta is (still) now

Call me a Grinch, call me a hater, but you have to call me consistent — there’s no way Monta Ellis’ recent

November 30, 20090

Singletary’s toughest challenge

Before the back-slapping and champagne cork-popping gets too loud for anyone to hear this, it’s time to sound the siren of complacency.

November 29, 20090

Now THAT’S a No. 1 Draft Pick

It’s not like the 49ers are devoid of talent. That’s why this year has so maddening. The Niners have been drafting for

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