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February 04, 20084

Billy Might Want to Re-think the Southwestern Motif

Red hooded sweeeaatshirt…what was Belichick thinking? He’s gone grey-hoodie for years, he’s undefeated and going for the first 19-0 season of all

February 03, 20080

Drunks and Dryers

It had always been in the back of my mind, the chance it could happen. But when I entered my neighborhood Laundromat

February 02, 20080

Hey Niner Fans, Sound Familiar?

February 01, 20080

Le Baron no Match for Byron and Friends

January 31, 20081

7 Reasons You’re Really Watching the Super Bowl (Other than the Game Itself)

Being the girlfriend of the Bay Area Sports Guy, I think I have a pretty good feel for why all you sports

January 31, 20080

If I Only had a Vote: Part 2

Since this site started less than a month ago, this has been BY FAR the most challenging subject to write about. Did

January 30, 20089

Wednesday’s Weird KNBR Commercial of the Week

This week’s commercial is weird due to just one line uttered by Daniel Day Lewis. The ad for “There Will be Blood”

January 29, 20081

If I Only Had a Vote

With NBA All-Star reserves getting announced on Thursday, it’s definitely worth guessing who those names will be. I’ll save the toughest choices

January 27, 20084

Everyone’s Got a Comment to Make

Some of you may have noticed that this website went through a pretty big makeover this week. It got hair extensions, a

January 26, 20080

I Can’t Tell…Did the Warriors Beat the Nets or the Spurs?

Thursday night’s 121-119 win over the Nets caused several outbursts of celebration from Nellie’s bunch. About 20,000 people leaving Oracle Arena last

January 25, 20081

Guest Sports Guy of the Week: Mac

January 25, 20080

Red Sox Ads – Sox Sells!

Now Batting, Microsoft Ramirez! The Boston Red Sox announced yesterday that they would be testing uniforms with advertising in Japan exhibitions March

January 24, 20080

Wednesday’s Weird KNBR Commercial of the Week

This week’s journey into weirdness comes to us courtesy of Mitsubishi Motors. Every time I hear or see a Mitsubishi ad I’m

January 22, 20082

Point by Point (almost): The Bay Area Sports Guy Goes to the Warriors/Timberwolves Game

1:09 p.m. Warm-ups for both teams ending, leading to starting lineup intros: Warriors are wearing the Hardwood Classics. Nice. These seats are

January 21, 20080

Location Sensation

When I found out tickets were available to the tomorrow’s Warriors/Timberwolves game at $75 apiece, I have to admit I was a

January 18, 20080

Signing Pete Won’t Make Me Happy

Time to start figuring out how the San Francisco Giants can actually make the 2008 season worthwhile. Most baseball fans will find

January 17, 20080

Wednesday’s Weird KNBR Commercial of the Week

This week it’s a pair of KNBR commercials that win the Weird Commercial of the Week award. They’re both pretty much the

January 16, 20080

Magowan and Sabean can blame more than just Bonds

They’d never admit it to Larry Baer, but Brian Sabean and Peter Magowan could easily blame AT&T Park for getting the dreaded

January 15, 20081

One kid hurt, another kid cries

Warriors fans rejoiced today. Not because they won’t have to look at Mike Dunleavy and Troy Murphy in person for another year,

January 14, 20080

That’s more like it

I wasn’t really happy having to work yesterday, where there’s a plasma TV but no channels. We don’t have cable, we’ll never

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