Colin Kaepernick has been down in Los Angeles for tomorrow’s ESPYs this week, mingling with many of today’s sports superstars. Yesterday, Yasiel Puig tweeted out a picture hanging out with the 49ers’ quarterback:

Puig and Kaepernick

I expected a little more indignation when this picture turned up (fans were pretty outraged about his Dolphins hat after all), but the reaction to this was fairly tepid. People were more bothered by Kaepernick’s shirt than the man standing next to him in the photograph. To be fair to Kaepernick, browsing Puig’s Instagram account turned up pictures with Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, John Wall and plenty of other celebrities.

Anyway, another picture of Kaepernick in Los Angeles turned up today (thanks, @DarthKaepernick), and this one should actually put a smile on 49ers fans’ faces:

It’s a little blurry, but yes, that’s Kaepernick and Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. And yes, Wilson is #Kaepernicking.

I can think of at least a few Seahawks fans who may actually break into tears seeing a photo like this. It’s understandable — if Wilson had a signature move (#Touchceptioning?), I wouldn’t want to see Kaepernick doing it either. The picture is pretty grainy, so maybe Wilson didn’t know he was being photographed. Either way, it’s a reminder that athletes don’t share the same competitive hatred with fellow athletes as fans do with fellow fanbases.