We didn’t get to watch the players take part in anything beyond stretching and position-specific warmup drills before the actual “practice” took place. So, photos of the drills is what you’re getting.

I didn’t get any photos of dudes stretching either, and here’s another thing I unfortunately didn’t capture on “film”: Trent Baalke getting touchy-feely with Matt Barrows, who had a tough time pulling away from the 49ers general manager when he grabbed the Sacramento Bee beat writer by the trapezoid and didn’t look like he wanted to let go.

Otherwise, Jimmy Ward and a few others were either watching or not on the field. One player who appears to be “working through something” very minor is Marcus Lattimore, the subject of this Vine posted by the 49ers.

That was on the other side of the field, so I didn’t even notice Lattimore was out there. To show you how far away the running backs were, here’s the photo I got of second round pick Carlos Hyde.

Carlos Hyde 49ers

As for the rest, I captured a few draft picks, a few higher-profile camp invites, and — of course — Jim Harbaugh.

Undrafted rookie quarterback Kory Faulkner (we covered some of his interesting practice habits earlier in the day here, along with several other notes and quotes from pre-practice interviews):

Kory Faulkner 49ers

Here’s third-rounder Marcus Martin, looking like the guard/center he is.

Marcus Martin 49ers

Want to see linebackers catch passes? You’re in luck!

Third-rounder Chris Borland:

Chris Borland 49ers

Fifth-rounder Aaron Lynch (who definitely has the length and arm tattoos of an NFL pass rusher):

Aaron Lynch 49ers

Undrafted free agent Shayne Skov:

Shayne Skov 49ers

If you want to see actual receivers catching passes, alright. Here you go.

Fourth-rounder Bruce Ellington (who everyone seems to love):

Bruce Ellington 49ers

And Jerry Rice (Jr.) himself:

Jerry Rice Jr 49ers

To finish things off, let’s head into the weekend with a little Harbaugh.

Here he is, watching fourth round cornerback Dontae Johnson backpedal:

Jim Harbaugh Dontae Johnson 49ers

And you knew he’d get a few throws in, seeing as Faulkner is the only true quarterback at this minicamp.

Jim Harbaugh 49ers

As for a report on what happened, that’s pretty much it. After Harbaugh unleashed this deep pass, we were all kicked off the field so the players and coaches could get down to business in private. All the players looked really good during stretching and warmups, though. Pivotal day for the franchise.