On Monday afternoon the San Francisco Giants unveiled “@ Café” next to the huge glove, behind the bleachers in left center.  Larry Baer said the Café would open either in late April or early May, but the Giants apparently wanted to wait to unveil their new social media hub until there was a night when Tony Abreu, Joaquin Arias, Hector Sanchez and Juan Perez were in the lineup at the same time that Brandon Crawford was hitting third.

One might wonder why the Giants need a place for fans to congregate that isn’t close enough to see the action on the field, and there are three logical responses.

1. They want to be known as the most followed team on every social media platform (they have more followers than any team on Instagram and Google Plus, and they’re fourth on Twitter and Facebook).

2. The space and a building were available.

3. The former tenants — Build-A-Bear Workshop, are no longer relevant — if they ever were to begin with.

That last point probably isn’t fair, since I’m not (and never was) the target audience for the customizable stuffed animal specialists. And for people reading this who may be wondering why the hell people need another excuse to stare at their phones and FaceTweet, InstaSpace and TumblrGram instead of watching the goshdurn game for once … sorry, but @ Café wasn’t built with you in mind. That is, unless you want a place behind the bleachers to buy a specialty coffee drink. Because, as Peet’s Coffee CEO Dave Burwick said, @ Café is a place “that’ll have Giants and Peet’s fans buzzing.”

I took some photos of the Café to show you what it is and what it looks like. Then you can hashtag it and make it TOTES TRENDING!

A view from the front -- there are four tables inside and four tables on a deck outside.

A view from the front — a deck and four tables sit outside, with four more tables inside.

There's a coffee bar is on the right ...

There’s a coffee bar is on the right …

... and some @ Cafe employees on the left, making sure nothing naughty makes it to the social media board.

… and employees on the left, probably making sure nothing naughty makes it to the back wall.

Here's the video board, which shows

Here’s the back wall. The video board shows the Giants’ Twitter follower count (bottom left).

A closer look --

A closer look — the board also shows where in the world Giants-related posts are coming from.

The board, made up of six flatscreens put together, is in the center of the back wall (it’s not a touchscreen, noted Giants Director of Social Media Bryan Srabian). The board rotates images featuring all kinds of Giants-related social media info and hashtagged tweets/photos as they’re posted (and approved by the @ Café staff), and acts as the hub of the Giants’ new social media headquarters. But the most popular parts of the building may be the charging station (not pictured) and the coffee offerings, at least according to this well-timed plug from Jeremy Affeldt: