Earlier this week, TEST Football Academy, where JaMarcus Russell has been training, tweeted a picture of a man that looks like Russell — at least in the face region.

This slimmed down version of Russell certainly fits the narrative being  put forth by former NFLer Jeff Garcia, who spent the early part of June campaigning for Russell. Said Garcia on the NFL Network, Russell transformed from “that slouch, early on, when he was kind of hunched over, hood pulled over his head walking in, not smiling as much to a slimmer, hoodless football player.

Still, the reaction of the Twitter-sphere has been a dubious one, at best. Because, of course:


Just how skinny Russell is not as important as the fact that he’s earned a tryout with the Chicago Bears. Still, it is fun to speculate whether the photo tweeted by TEST Academy was photoshopped. We may never know for sure. But what we will know is that the following are:

I call this one: “Patriotism”


Of course, we all remember his brief cameo on “The New Girl.”


And here is JaMarcus back in professional football, suiting up for the Pittsburgh Storm of the Arena Football League.