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I’m back! After three-plus days “off the grid” (if you can excuse my awful use of corporate-speak as we strive for synergy going forward), I’m back online. Our stay at my Dad’s cabin near the Trinity River was fun, refreshing and filling (I love that I’m in the stage of my life when hanging out with family pretty much consists of mass consumption, 24/7).

However, three days without Internet, 3G coverage or even phone reception of any kind was a shock to my system. How are the Giants, Padres and Phillies doing? Did the 49ers do anything surprising? Has Al Davis penned any press releases with his trusty quill that I should be aware of? And then there’s the opening weekend of college football, Team USA’s exploits and a bunch of national sports news that I was completely in the dark about.

So it’s time to play catch up, which seems to be exactly what the Giants did while I was away from all things electronic besides my Dad’s iPod playlist. Did you know people still listen to Norah Jones? (Just kidding, Dad!)

Nate Schierholtz lives!

— There are some things that are impossible to predict, like Jonathan Sanchez and Madison Bumgarner asserting themselves as the best pitchers on the Giants down the stretch (so far). And some things are incredibly easy to predict, like when I told my fiance (SGL) yesterday evening that we’d be able to listen to Marty Lurie from the moment we hit Willits until we reached our apartment in San Francisco. Honestly, she’s a saint for putting up with me, although she did start to complain whenever the “Kars For Kids” and “Good Neighbor” commercials came on, or whenever Lurie let a caller with a voice she deemed “annoying” prattle on for five minutes. (Although to be fair, until we finally ate dinner at 10 pm at In ‘N Out, every caller’s voice seemed annoying simply because we were hungry and had been on the road for 5 hours.)

— Shows how awesome the Padres have been all season to think they had a 10-game losing streak from August 26 to September 5 and are still leading the NL West. Sure, it’s by only one game, but you have to admit that was a nice little cushion they built. However, if they continue to crumble, Bud Black’s 2010 Manager of the Year award is going to have to go back to the trophy shop to get re-engraved, with his name replaced by either Bobby Cox’s or Dusty Baker’s. Or even Bruce Bochy’s, if the Giants continue winning at their current pace.

— I guess when I wrote that Singletary knows he needs Nate Davis, that wasn’t quite true. At all. Either that or Singletary changes his mind pretty easily. Davis’ biggest fan, Jason Whitlock, tweeted that “Multiple teams have put in to claim Nate,” while this morning on KNBR Singletary still seemed to hold out hope there was a chance Davis would go unclaimed and end up on the practice squad.

— It’s easy to see why the Niners would be interested in Troy Smith, even though his listed height of 6-0 is obviously an outright lie. Alex Smith isn’t the fastest QB in the world, and David Carrcia is slower than Joe Montana when he’s wearing those Shape-Up shoes (which, by the way, will eventually prove to be as laughable a fad as people wearing Crocs out in public).

— Apparently Aubrey Huff is wearing a “rally thong.” Funny idea, but that’s probably the detail I’m least upset about missing while hanging out by the river and eating barbecue all weekend. In fact, it might have killed my appetite.

— Something to keep an eye on if you’re a regular reader of BASG (and for some reason want to know the name of the sick mind behind this site), pay attention in the coming days. I’ll be helping a certain “SportsNet” with Cal football coverage this weekend when the Bears play the Buffs in Berkeley. More details to come…

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