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Point by Point (almost): The Bay Area Sports Guy Goes to the Warriors/Grizzlies Game

warriors_grizzlies“The beautiful people, the beautiful people!”

Yep, it’s Warriors Point-By-Point time again, this time it’s the (drum roll) Memphis Grizzlies versus the best under-6’10” team around, the Golden State Warriors!

Pregame Intros: I haven’t been to a game in over a month, but when did so many side-bumps enter the Warriors introductions? And dance routines, my God! The only one without a choreographed routine was Monta. No surprise.

First Quarter

12:00: The Grizzlies have lost 18 of their last 20. But if the Warriors have shown anything so far, it’s that they can play as bad as any team in the league, as long as they’re playing an under .500 team.

11:36: 24-second violation for the Grizz. Ouch.

10:35: Air France, fingeroll lay-up! Maybe Pietrus should just sign with the Warriors halfway through the season, kind of like how Roger Clemens used to.

9:22: Baron does not respect the Grizzlies.

8:00: I love that the Grizz decided to go with a Warriors-style lineup…their center is Hakim Warrick. As a result, the fact that Stack is the Warriors’ power forward tonight is by no means gimmicky or strange. 9-2 Warriors after two MP free throws.

7:25: Pietrus just shot a “yeah, I’m a starter now” jumper. Missed horribly.

7:15: Pietrus foul.

7:08: Hakim Warrick just missed two free throws due to the noise generated by a Warriors crowd that’s about 4,000 short of capacity.

6:10: Stack misses another three. Not a great shooting game by either team so far. 9-5, Warriors.

5:43: Three for Monta! This game is weird so far. 12-7, Warriors.

warriors_grizzlies_24:53: Monta has officially reached superstar status. Well, inevitable superstar status, anyway. He just threw a pass a little high on a break, but Pietrus was definitely capable of jumping and catching it. Ball goes out of bounds, mandatory timeout, and Monta looks pissed…he’s legitimately angry, either at himself or Pietrus…I know he’s been shooting about 68% from the field for about two months now, but when did Monta start looking like a grown man? He was a kid about six weeks ago, and now he’s a guy who’s going to start intimidating other NBA players, and not just because of his quickness.

3:13: I might not watch anything but Monta the whole game. He’s running the point like a pro, starting the best play of the night with a franticly low crossover dribble before an around-the-neck pass to Stack, who dropped it off to Mystic Biedrins for a lay-up. Next play: pass deflection by Monta, then he takes off like Jerry Rice to snare the pass and soar in for the lay-up.

Two things here: Monta’s the only guy in the league who seems like he’s cherry-picking when he isn’t, and he’s the creator of some of the prettiest lay-ups in the world right now…16-9, Warriors.

2:10: Circus stuff, now. Monta crossed-over (high dribble this time), faded to the left as he banked a 12-footer with the shot-clock buzzer sounding. I’m giddy right now about Monta. This is becoming borderline unhealthy. 18-10.

1:10: Stack to MP in the corner. Good…24-14. How many corner threes does Pietrus practice a day during the off-season? 300?

58.7: Harrington checks in. Is he the only guy who doesn’t even play enough defense for Don Nelson?

24.2: Stack 3, on an assist by C.J. Watson of all people. I don’t think Nelson respects the Grizz either. 29-15.

0:00: 29-17 Warriors, after a put-back dunk by Warrick.

Harold from Harold and Kumar is here, wearing a black “The City” t-shirt underneath a flannel. Harold just got the spotlight while standing next to a member of the Warriors Hype Squad in the second level. Nice ovation for Harold.

warriors_grizzlies_3SGL says the Warrior Girls’ hair extensions have grown since we got here. So have their shorts. Some of those tighty-whiteys are above the navel.

Second Quarter

11:44: Monta with a lefty lay-up.

11:28: Juan Carlos Navarro with a teardrop lay-up. That was pretty. 31-19, Warriors.

10:41: Navarro for three. If I were putting together an NBA team, I’d demand my backup point guard be foreign.

10:22: Watson for two. Yep, he’s still in the game. 33-22.

10:00: That’s Wright, Brandan’s in the game! The man whose favorite movie is “Bad Boys II” (thank you, Mac) just scored, which probably inflated his John Hollinger PER to the highest level in rookie history. Don Nelson just yawned.

Sports Girl Liz: Greg Colon (Conlon) is running for congress and is the fan of the game- BA Sports Guy was totally robbed!

9:29: Wright just followed that last timeout by blocking a shot and scoring a difficult lay-up in transition. You can’t argue with production. 37-22.

8:10: Brian Cardinal, for three! Remember when he was a Warrior? 37-27 W’s…this game might start getting sloppy soon.

7:15: Rudy Gay just abused Brandan Wright. Nelson goes and grabs Pietrus off the bench to replace him. Of course, if the Grizz actually had somebody who was a power forward or a center, Wright might have had a chance. Wright just walked to the bench, not before a little two-cents from Nellie. He IS only 20. Maybe Nellie knows more than we do about basketball after all.

warriors_grizzlies_46:12: Pietrus just had his second Shaq dunk in three games! 39-31.

4:14: Azubuike is going to get pulled. Why? Bad pass, leading to an easy lay-up for Navarro…44-35 W’s. Make a mistake, Nelson pulls you.

3:05: Barnes for three! 47-35.

2:40: Rudy Gay with a sweet reverse double-pump to the rack. I swear this is the lay-up game to end all lay-up games.

2:18 (timeout): The Warrior girls are giving out Amici’s Pizza. I’ve never heard Oracle so excited over the pizza giveaway deal, and there are probably only 16,000 people here, tops. Guess people are tired of Round Table…Also: Mike Miller doesn’t care at all about this game. Not a bit.

1:58: Barnes just dunked on Miller…49-37.

1:32: Nice finger roll in traffic for Miller. OK, maybe I’m not clairvoyant.

22.4: Barnes for 3! He’s had a nice reappearance in the Warriors rotation. 54-41 Warriors.

0:00: Monta almost made another lay-up for the ages, but it missed – back rim.

If Miller or Gay cared one ounce about this game, they’d at least be able to scare the Oracle crowd a little. But no, both guys are pretty much playing this game with stamps licked, ready for postage.

Still Halftime: A really bad commercial just popped on the screen from Luckerson’s, where a woman not only tapped, but licked a cantaloupe in order to test it for freshness. The male Luckerson’s employee damn near accosted her, telling her that each piece of produce is checked 5 times for freshness (um, sure). The woman looked embarrassed that she licked the melon, and told the employee she’d buy it. End of commercial. So what’s the message here, that Luckerson’s shoppers will lick the produce, so you better wash it? Or maybe it’s: hey, our employees are watching you closely. So don’t mess with our melons. Man, halftime seems long tonight.

Third Quarter

12:00: 54-41. Will this be a close game at any point?

11:52: Turnover by Monta.

11:25: Airball three from Baron. Did the Warriors eat Amici’s during halftime?

10:03: Not much going on in the game. SGL just got shut down cause she didn’t have ID for a margarita.

9:38: Warrick just became the first Grizzly in double figures with 11 after two free throws. 58-43, Warriors.

warriors_grizzlies_59:14: Baron just made a lay-up that was way too easy. 62-45 W’s, and it looks like it might be smooth sailing.

7:36: Jackson committed three turnovers in two minutes, which is pretty much standard practice in a game like this. Who’s going to get stats tonight is the main question. I think the answer will be Matt Barnes and Juan Carlos Navarro.

7:27: Monta makes both free throws, 64-49. I still think this game is going to get interesting.

7:15: Lay-up Rudy Gay.

6:17: Mike Miller looks like he cares all the sudden…lay-up in traffic, 64-55 W’s. The crowd might be needed tonight, after all.

5:30: Miller with a jumper.

4:58: Baron just traveled (no call). Nice lefty lay-up for B-Diddy: 68-57, Warriors.

3:58: Baron jumper. Somebody just woke up. 70-60.

3:18: Miller lay-up…he’s got some stats in mind tonight. 72-62, Warriors.

1:53: Al Harrington 3…75-62…the Warriors PA announcer almost announced that three for Stephen Jackson, but caught himself just in time. SGL thinks he’s racist, I just think the PA guy is Indianaist.

1:26: Monta leaves, C.J. Watson comes in. Monta has done almost nothing since my near-soliloquy about his talents.

47.1: Rudy Gay turnaround jumper off the glass. He’s a stat-boy if I’ve ever seen one. Like an athletic Troy Murphy

Sports Girl Liz: Biedrins didn’t realize that the appendix holds all of your tanning power.

warriors_grizzlies_64th Quarter

12:00: All right, it’s a 14-point lead against the Grizz…if Wright doesn’t make it back into this game, you’ll know Nellie’s got it in for him.

10:59: Uh, now it’s a 9-point lead, after a Lowry basket. Time to start gripping.

8:55: JCN with a three: 84-76 Warriors.

8:11: Barnes for three! 89-78.

7:57: Miller scores, and one. Mike Dunleavy, Jr. wishes he had Miller’s hair. 89-81 Warriors.

7:19: Not much going on, except the Grizzlies making a run. Two FT’s for Warrick, 89-83.

7:07: Monta with an 18-footer. 91-83.

6:34: JCN with another jumper! 91-85, Warriors.

5:46: Three for Brian Cardinal…You knew the Warriors would let it get close: 94-90.

4:49: Baron charges through the lane and scores, and the Warriors lead by 6. Maybe that’s the Warriors’ deal. If they don’t get the home crowd out of their seats in excitement, it’s not a complete day.

4:39 (timeout)…Mascot talk: are Inflatable Thunder and real Thunder the same guy? If they aren’t, real Thunder has got to hate Inflatable Thunder, who has been given carte blanche to bop policemen with his inflatable dome.

4:13: Biedrins in the lane, Warriors up 8.

3:53: Rudy Gay scores, 98-92.

3:33: Stack fouled on a three attempt. Not a strong play by Kyle Lowry. Three free throws, all good. In other news, the Warriors scored 100 points (101 actually, for a 7 point lead), giving the crowd free Big Macs. I think people would have been a lot more stoked about that say, 12 years ago.

2:07: JCN for three, and the Grizz are down 102-99…it’s getting a little scary here.

SGL: I think Baron likes to chew Apple gum. Not Bubblicious, otherwise we’d see a lot more bubbles.

1:54: Navarro hits both free throws, now it’s a one-point game. Really? How did this happen? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?

1:42: Baron hits a 19-footer. Marc Iavaroni is going crazy.

warriors_grizzlies_71:01: Moment of the game: Biedrins hits the lay-up to put the W’s up 5 (106-101). But it wasn’t before Monta penetrated and led Biedrins with a great pass, which Andris bricked off the bottom of the rim. Luckily, Andris has better hands than he has hops, and he grabbed the ball quickly and put it back in to give the Warriors a probably insurmountable lead.

15.7: Stack fouled, but not before a bad turnover by Baron and an almost-three by JCN, who has definitely shown himself to be the hardest working Grizzly…Free throws made: The Warriors will win. Not by much, but they made this game entertaining. That’s all we can ask for. 108-103, Warriors.

09.1: Stack free throw, ballgame. 109-105.

0:00 (supposedly): Meaningless lay-up for Memphis, and the Warriors prevail, 109-107…but wait, the refs gather around…confetti’s all over the court, so if the game isn’t over, somebody needs to start sweeping.

Stack fouled with 00.3 left. Makes the first, but he missed the second by slamming it off the glass without hitting the rim. No matter, the game’s over. Weird game. The Warriors play no defense, they play to the level of their opponent, no matter how depleted, and they always give us a great timeout.

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