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Poor Tim Lincecum

Since the last two games for the Giants have been long and bitter, I’m going to make this one short and sweet…Tim Lincecum did not pitch poorly today. He got the loss, he gave up the 2-run homer in the 7th when the Giants were up 2-1, but he wasn’t the reason why the San Francisco Giants gagged away today’s game, a night after playing one of the worst background-viewing games of the season last night.

(I was taking part in one of the longest fantasy drafts of all time last night, 16 teams and cheat sheets that didn’t include nearly enough players for the drafters who had less than a perfunctory knowledge of the NFL…the Giants game was on in the background, and glancing at a score than changed from 6-1 to 6-3 to 6-6 to 14-6 was more even more unsettling than hearing somebody try to draft Maurice Jones-Drew in the 11th round, only 10 rounds too late.)

Lincecum was pitching against the National League’s hottest team besides the St. Louis Cardinals in a ballpark that might as well be on the moon, in a hot day game, and he had a bad outing because he gave up 3 runs in 7 innings?

Guys, this isn’t MLB 2K9.

Alright, maybe there’s more Giants observers out there with some perspective than I’m aware of, but Mychael Urban even said Lincecum didn’t pitch well on the postgame show. Not Damon Bruce, not Larry Krueger, but Mychael Urban!

Sure, he walked 5 and hit a guy, but lest we forget Lincecum was tossing a no-no through 5 1/3? Or that the Giants wouldn’t have even scored today had Edgar Renteria not turned a 98 mph fastball the other way and hit one into the jetstream?

It’s not time to be pessimistic, because this Giants team is fun. There’s no disputing that. Unfortunately, this isn’t even the offense of a 75-win team, let alone a wildcard contender. When they have a night where nobody has multiple hits, and both first basemen have brain cramps in the field, they aren’t going to win on the road.

Lincecum knew he had trouble controlling his fastball, and went to the stretch full-time for the rest of the game after the 3rd inning (I think). How come none of the Giants’ hitters can alter their gameplans when things aren’t working out? Where’s the creativity? Where’s the occasional squeeze bunt? How about starting runners when nobody’s expecting it, instead of on 3-2 counts with a hacker at the plate?

Does anybody else wish Roger Craig managed this team?

Alright, I guess the Giants probably don’t need an older manager, since the Grim Bochy (just watch him on the top dugout step whenever a youngster’s taking an at-bat — it’s like he should be carrying a scythe that sends non-veteran hitters to their early grave/Fresno) looks about 84-years-old himself these days.

Today, blame Ryan Garko for coasting on his 2-HR effort last night, and Travis Ishikawa for putting too much pressure on himself as a defensive replacement. Blame Nate Schierholtz, Aaron Rowand and Bengie Molina for making Ubaldo Jiminez’s job too easy.

Just don’t blame Lincecum. The guy’s making $650,000 this year, and he gave up 3 earned runs for only the tenth time in 26 starts. Expecting him to win every game by himself, without any help from the other eight guys on the field, will only hasten his departure.

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