For the second straight game, Sandoval starts at first base, which, according to Bochy, was the plan all along.

“You give a guy a day. Sometimes, you plan to give him a couple days. Really that was my plan,” Bochy said (Full video of Bochy’s comments at the end of post).

When asked if he had discussed his plan with Belt, Bochy responded with multiple “No’s.” So what remains of Bochy’s plan is anybody’s guess. As I write this, Sandoval, Buster Posey, and Hector Sanchez are taking reps at first base.

Where is Belt, you ask? He’s there, too. But, if you ask me, or any other person watching Giants games, you’d think his time might be better spent in Fresno.

Not so, according to Belt.

Belt recently blogged–that’s right, blogged–about his struggles. According to the young first baseman, his struggles are not confidence related. “I have zero doubt I will back in the lineup,” Belt wrote. “Zero.”

“Every player in this clubhouse has gone through droughts like I am now, when you can’t do anything right at the plate,” Belt continued. “If you can’t fight through it and come out on the other side, you don’t belong in the big leagues.”

Isn’t that the current debate: Whether Belt is mature enough to handle the rigors of the “big leagues?” Though his blog is meant to answer the question in the definitive, it might just assert the opposite.

In the blog, Belt takes on a public perception, most notably the perception of one Carl Steward. Steward suggests the Giants ought to pair Belt with Barry Bonds, noting the effect Bonds would have on the impressionable Belt. In his explanation, Steward calls Belt’s lack of confidence “appalling,’’ a sentiment Belt didn’t take lightly.

“Also, if my ‘lack of confidence is appalling,’ wouldn’t it be affecting my defense?” Belt wrote in his defense. “Wouldn’t I be carrying my failures at the plate onto the field if they were so devastating to me? But my fielding percentage is .996 – the best among all first basemen in the National League.”

If Belt is trying to prove that he’s not battling confidence issues, he’s doing a poor job of it. After all, there is no better way to show the world you’re not battling demons than by addressing those demons publicly, right?

Tomorrow Will Tell Us Quite A Bit

“You’ll probably see some changes tomorrow with the early game,” Bochy said.

These changes should tell us Belt’s current standing on the depth chart. The Giants are scheduled to face RHP Jason Marquis. His right-handedness aside, Marquis would be a nice match-up for Belt, who is one-for-two with a double and walk in three total plate appearances against the righty.

Here are Bochy’s full comments on Belt. He’s a man of few words.