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Pregame notes: a lighter Buster Posey’s here; Bochy on Wilson and tonight’s lineup

Buster Posey’s in the house for tonight’s version of WIN OR GO GOLFING, and besides a few less pounds than before he looks no worse for wear after helping his wife take care of their twins for the past few weeks. He’s on his way to Arizona for a rehab assignment in less than two weeks; here’s part of the interview that took place in the clubhouse at about 4:15 this afternoon…

On whether or not he’ll catch again:

I sure as heck hope so. That’s the goal. That’s why we’re putting in all the work right now.  I love catching, I love working with the staff. When you get a chance to work with this caliber of pitching it’s a pretty cool thing, so looking forward to getting back into some action eventually.

How hard it is to watch the team, especially during a rough August:

It’s starting to get a little bit harder now because I’m able to walk around and do more things. Definitely want to get in there and play a little bit but at the same time I know physically I still can’t do anything.

Hey Buster, you look thinner!

I’ve probably lost about 10 or 12 pounds. I just wanted to go that way instead of the other way.

Was that a conscious decision to lose the weight?

Not really to lose some weight, it just happened. I think it’s a combo of working out hard, doing more cardio than I normally do. Probably having babies, doesn’t allow me to eat as much as I used to.

Is the weight loss a permanent thing?

I kind of go back and forth on what weight I want to play at. Sometimes I feel like I want to be heavier just so I can get through the grind. I feel like if I came in at 205 pounds I might wither away by the end. Everybody’s different.

What did you play at last year?

210 to 215.

Is this weight you expect to gain back?

I think so. Once I’m able to lift heavier weights I might put some on.

— Brian Wilson took Tim Lincecum’s spot at the dominoes table this afternoon alongside bones mainstay Guillermo Mota and somebody else I didn’t notice because I was too busy running (okay, walking quickly) around the table to get to Posey. Let’s just assume the third participant in the game was Ramon Ramirez, but don’t hold me to that.

— Sorry if I’m the only one who cares about who’s playing dominoes. It’s one of my favorite games; when I had a customer service job after college (and was chained to my cubicle with a headset) my buddy Sean and I played over 2,000 games of Yahoo Dominoes, and ended up either tied or within one or two games of each other. Not much work got done that year for either of us.

— Mike Krukow’s back.

— The fans may not have warmed up to him, but it seems like before every game you see Pablo Sandoval and Andres Torres trying to glean as much hitting knowledge from Carlos Beltran as possible. Or maybe they were talking about what they ate for lunch. My Spanish is pretty terrible.

— Not a lot of news from Bruce Bochy’s pregame interview session in the dugout. Lots of questions about what it’s like to have the young kids up here … you know, because they’re obviously going to play such a huge role in tonight’s game.

— Barry Zito is making some progress and might be back by the middle of the month.

— On Nate Schierholtz: “Nate swung well today,” Bochy said. “I think when he’s eligible to come off (the DL) he’s gonna be ready.”

— On Brian Wilson, Bochy said, “Nothing new to tell you. We’re confident that he’s going to be back before long.” Then Carl Steward asked a question about tonight’s veteran-laden lineup, and Bochy didn’t quite bristle, but he seemed a little put off by the question. But, he did explain his thinking:

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