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Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio is still obsessed with the Jerry Rice stickum story

Jerry Rice last game Candlestick Park

It’s not easy as an NFL writer to keep the ideas flowing in February, the slowest month of the year. Once people get sick of talking about the Super Bowl, the only remaining stories consist of arrest reports and speculative posts about coaching staffs (not that we’d know anything about that) and the draft.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio knows this all too well, as his site pumps out several NFL-related posts a day. It’s a varied mix, including everything from important news stories that rock the NFL world to space-filling notes detailing fringe roster moves.

Florio thought he had a world-rocking story when Jerry Rice admitted to using stickum (which was banned about five years before Rice entered the league). With everyone talking about “Deflategate,” Florio would change everyone’s thinking about cheating in the NFL.

Yes, despite the fact that Rice used stickum decades ago. Yes, despite the fact that an individual admitting he looked for an edge is a tad bit different than an organizational plot that was brought to the NFL’s attention by multiple suspicious teams.

Florio was in the mood to make a timely joke after Haley finally earned a spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame:

Hey, why isn’t anybody talking about my scoop-o’-the-century?!?!?!?!?!

Maybe this makes me unique, but whenever I see Cris Carter or hear his name, my automatic response is to either change the channel or not click the link:

Some more, um, humor here:

Anyone else notice one particular similarity between the two elite 1990s receivers who piped up to deny they used stickum? Other than that both of them are media talking heads who were a level below Rice when they played, I mean:

Florio’s frustration started to come out today (or he couldn’t think of anything to write and figured it was worth one last shot):

One last Hail Mary (until Terrell Owens makes up some sort of stickum admission just to get back into the news somehow):

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