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Projecting the 2014 San Francisco Giants Opening Day roster and payroll

With news that the San Francisco Giants tendered contracts to each of their five arbitration candidates (Brandon Belt, Gregor Blanco, Joaquin Arias, Yusmeiro Petit and Tony Abreu), it probably shouldn’t be too hard to put together a 25-man roster that’ll at least be close to the one we’ll see on Opening Day.

 Gregor Blanco Giants Spring Training The Lineup

  • Angel Pagan – $10,250,000
  • Marco Scutaro – $6,670,000
  • Brandon Belt – $2,400,000 (est.)
  • Buster Posey – $11,280,000
  • Hunter Pence – $16,000,000
  • Pablo Sandoval – $8,000,000
  • Brandon Crawford – $1,000,000
  • Gregor Blanco – $2,300,000 (est)

Average age: 29.8

Salary: $58,000,000 (est)

Notes: Unless the Giants trade Sandoval, this looks to be set in stone, with Blanco getting most of the starts in a left field platoon.

The Bench

  • Joaquin Arias – $1,200,000 (est)
  • Tony Abreu – $700,000 (est)
  • Brett Pill – $500,000 (est)
  • Hector Sanchez – $500,000 (est)
  • Juan Perez – $480,000 (est)

Average age: 27.6

Salary: $3,400,000 (est)

Notes: It doesn’t appear the Giants will go after a veteran utility guy to spell Scutaro, so they’ll need Abreu to be a lot more durable than he was in 2013. Sanchez is a trade candidate, and the Giants could part ways with Pill if another backup outfielder impresses this Spring. Perez and Blanco would be a light-hitting platoon, but if the Giants don’t add another outfielder and are alright with giving up offense for outstanding defense and range in left field every day, Perez seems like the sensible choice (albeit one that will make the fans howl).

The Rotation

  • Madison Bumgarner – $3,950,000
  • Matt Cain – $20,830,000
  • Tim Hudson – $11,500,000
  • Tim Lincecum – $17,000,000
  • Ryan Vogelsong – $5,000,000

Average age: 31.4

Salary: $58,300,000

Notes: Nothing much to report here. Petit is the first guy in line if Vogelsong falters or any of the other starters gets hurt.

Heath Hembree SF GiantsThe Bullpen

  • Sergio Romo – $5,500,000
  • Santiago Casilla – $4,500,000
  • Javier Lopez – $4,300,000
  • Jeremy Affeldt – $6,000,000
  • Yusmeiro Petit – $1,300,000 (est)
  • Heath Hembree – $480,000 (est)
  • Jean Machi – $480,000 (est)

Average age: 31.6

Salary: $23,500,000 (est)

Notes: Those last two spots are hardly set in stone. The Giants could easily go with George Kontos or Jake Dunning. They recently added Jose De Paula and Erik Cordier, who could figure in as well. Spring Training performance will have a lot to do with the Giants’ decisions at the back of the pen.


Total average age: 29.2

Total payroll (including buyouts): $150,500,000 (est)

This is subject to change … I guess. There were a couple significant trades made yesterday, including the A’s acquiring Jim Johnson from the Orioles. So things could be heating up ahead of the Winter Meetings (where nothing will probably happen at all besides some martini lunches and cabernet dinners).

Regardless, the Giants are probably done with free agency unless a utility infielder or backup outfielder they like agrees to a short, cheap deal. Even then, the deal would probably have to be really inexpensive since the Giants’ payroll is already about 10% higher than last year’s. The roster could look pretty similar a year from now, as well — out of the nine guys making the most money annually, all of them except Sandoval are under contract for 2015.

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Its an even year, but that won't help enough. Vogelsong is Vogelgone after another problem year. 


An actual left fielder would be nice, but unfortunately it's probably Gregor Blanco. Again. The brown sugarless oatmeal of outfielders.


That $16,000,000 for Pence is looking like an albatross, having nothing to do with "Who out there was better." That is fat money for a right fielder...3rd highest right fielder salary in the Bigs. Can't help going back over the Giants draft positions, and noting the list of top flight outfield prospects arriving in the Majors that the Giants passed on to instead draft guys that are wallowing in the minors. Wasting supplemental first round picks on guys like Connor Gillaspie (2008), Nick Noonan (2007) and Joe Panik (2011) in the first are painful.


i still would like to see chad gaudin back in the mix.


Estimated 150 mill payroll right now.....not really feeling like this is a 150 mill team. But 2 world series in 3 years can't deny the results. Bounce back years from 5 or 6 guys....hopefully will be sufficient. 


@Eric When you look at what the Yankees just handed out to Ellsbury, $16mil is a freakin' bargain. The draft is always a crap shoot; a player looks good on paper but can't perform on the field. Jury's still out on Panik; I think in a couple of years he could be in line to replace Scutaro at 2nd. 


@T Not sure if it's the late-season carpal tunnel or the off-season legal issues that are making the Giants nervous, but I think they believe that Petit can take on the long-relief/spot starter role that Gaudin handled last year. Maybe if Gaudin hadn't been forced into the rotation so early to fill in for Vogelsong, his arm might have made it into September and they would have been more apt to re-sign him. 


@MrBigShot If Vogelsong can get mostly back to 2012 levels (a full off-season and spring without the WBC should help) and if Belt doesn't fall back into bad habits, that'll go a long way to at least being able to compete in the NL. Dodgers were hot from June forward after they brought up Puig; that's not going to last through an entire season. Wonder what it would take to pry Cespedes loose from the A's. 


@MrBigShot Cannot have said it better...this team feels like last years Padre's on paper. BUT after 2 World Series there is no way to bet against them. Still, hoping for everything to be perfect again with this lineup is difficult to imagine.