Marcus Lattimore

Q&A with 49ers rookie RB Marcus Lattimore

Marcus Lattimore 49ers minicamp

As a few of the 49ers were packing their belongings in preparation for a flight to frigid Green Bay, I walked over to Marcus Lattimore’s locker in hopes of finding out how he planned on surviving the cold on the sidelines. Luckily for Lattimore, he won’t have to worry about that. The 49ers’ non-roster players travel with the team more often than what one will see with most NFL squads, but those guys they won’t be making this trip.

After Lattimore informed me that he’ll be staying home this weekend, we talked about how he’s progressing in his quest to get back to the field. He also had some interesting things to say about his best buddy on the team: a humongous blond offensive lineman who, like Lattimore, has spent countless hours in the rehab area and weight shed getting ready for — and talking about — their future with the 49ers.

Also, and this is for those who wished Lattimore was available when Bruce Miller got hurt, based on the timetable he mentioned to me it looks like he’s still a ways away from being fully healthy. However, baring a setback he should certainly be ready by the start of training camp if not a lot sooner.

Q: So you’re making the trip to Green Bay, right?

Lattimore: No.

Q: Is that because of the weather?

Lattimore: I think it’s because of the weather.

Q: Because that was my next question, how do you stay warm if you’re not moving?

Lattimore: (laughs) Heck no. I have no clue because I’ve never been in weather that low. I’ve been in 25, 30, but below 10? Never. So I don’t know how that’s going to work out.

Q: Are you guys going to watch the game together here?

Lattimore: Yeah. Me, Luke (Marquardt), Lawrence Okoye. Should be some more guys, we’ll watch it somewhere.

Q: Individually, how’s your progress going?

Lattimore: Getting stronger, getting quicker, getting faster. Just the same routine. My main thing is just getting stronger, getting quicker, getting faster right now. When the offseason comes around I’m ready to hit it hard. Hit some hills, do a lot of different stuff.

Q: Are you going to train with anyone in particular on the team?

Lattimore: Probably Luke Marquardt. That’s my boy. We’ve formed a very good friendship. I see him every day, that’s my boy.

Q: Is that because you’re both together in the rehab area?

Lattimore: Yeah, we’ve spent a lot of time talking together about everything that’s happened, what’s going to happen. We’re really excited about it.

Q: You probably get asked this a lot, about percentage or whatever, but you talked about getting stronger. Do you feel like you’re at the level you were at in college, or a little bit below?

Lattimore: I’m almost there. I still need three or four more months, but I’m almost there. I feel it getting better.

Q: What about pass protection? What have you learned this year from being on the 49ers?

Lattimore: Tom Rathman. He did it the best. He did it at a high level. They won the Super Bowl because of him and Roger Craig, pass protection. So I’m learning from the best, and of course Frank Gore. He’s the best pass-protecting back in the league, in my opinion. It’s just all about technique. You can be the smallest guy and you can block the biggest guy if you’ve got the right technique. So I’m well ahead of where I was in college as far as that.

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