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Quarterly links for sale, every sport must go

I haven’t done a links post in quite a while, so on an off-day after a wild sports weekend I figured it would be good way to get settled again. Because things are getting kind of intense.

The Giants were in Philadelphia, now they’re flying back. The 49ers are going to Carolina and then London, the Sharks just got back from Sweden, the Raiders are taking that sweet passing offense of theirs to Denver, and the Warriors were in Portland playing a preseason game nobody heard or saw (and since they gave up 71 points in the first half to the Blazers, maybe that’s a good thing). Stanford and Cal are finally playing home games again, although if things keep going like this their attendance fortunes are sure to switch places, with Stanford selling out (or close to it), with Memorial Stadium looking like the Oakland Coliseum.

And I had a bunch of work today at my full-time job, so you aren’t getting these links until you get home from work. To make it up to you, let’s start off with Andrew Luck doing his best Patrick Willis impression:

— After the, err, questionable home plate umpiring we’ve seen this postseason, many are wondering if the days of robo umps can be to far away. A tennis-like system sounds tempting, but what about foul tips and plays at the plate? I don’t see it, but something has to be done about these umpires who seem to get more nervous than the players. (Crazy Crabbers)

— Shocker: a Warrior goes down to an injury that will require surgery. The curse of Portland is now spreading to non-Blazers. This time it’s Lou Amundson, and he broke his finger in the fourth quarter of the Warriors’ recent loss. Didn’t Kobe Bryant break his finger and refuse to get surgery on it for two years straight? I’m not a doctor, their injuries may be totally different and we all know Kobe’s insane, but you have to wonder… (CSN Bay Area)

— Here’s a smart, informative analysis of Joe Thornton’s recent contract extension. Honestly, $7M/year for a guy that good? I know hockey’s not exactly crushing it when it comes to TV ratings, but that seems like a good deal to me, even if his productions decreasing a bit. (Fear The Fin)

— Ethan Sherwood Strauss thinks Stephen Curry’s turnovers might decrease if he’d stop worrying about being the next Jason Kidd. (Warriorsworld)

— Even “big Jeff Tedford defenders” are getting tired of the frequent faceplants. (California Golden Blogs)

— Headline: “Raiders can’t believe they blew this one.” I couldn’t either, until I saw Jason Campbell play in the second half. God, he’s horrible. All the sudden I’m ready to give Alex Smith another six years to see if he rounds into form. Kidding! (Inside The Raiders)

— Lew Wolff is delusional. (San Jose Business Journal)

— If the 49ers actually do sign Shawne Merriman (who hasn’t been the same player since getting popped for steroids), that means no more playing time for one of their four outside linebackers (Manny Lawson, Parys Haralson, Travis La Boy and Ahmad Brooks). Greg Manusky loves Merriman after coaching him in San Diego. Yeah, he was a beast back then, but now? (CSN Bay Area)

— Cody Ross is recruiting Dan Uggla … for 2012. How about Mike Stanton, while you’re at it? (SF Gate)

— Is there a bigger baby in the Majors than Bengie Molina? He’s going to retire … but he’s still in shape! Go ahead, dude. Just leave. We can find another slow guy to pick on rather easily. Baseball’s full of fatties, and there’s like 14 other Molinas out there, all of them less prone to melodramatic interviews. (MLB Trade Rumors)

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