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Quit squirrelin’ around!

The title of this post used to be my junior high P.E. coach’s favorite expression. If we didn’t line up along the baseline for roll call: QUIT SQUIRRELIN’ AROUND! If we were loud in the locker room: QUIT SQUIRRELIN’ AROUND! If we interrupted him with a question while he was flirting with one of the cuter eighth graders: QUIT SQUIRRELIN’ AROUND! Although if you ask me, there’s nothing more squirrelly than a 40+ year old with a blond mustache flirting with a 14-year-old wearing L.A. Gears with two pairs of socks.

Yesterday at Target Field, a squirreling around is exactly what was going on, as an actual squirrel ran around the field and scared the bejeezus out of Minnesota third baseman Brendan Harris (and as someone who actually had a squirrel sprint out of a bush directly into my foot as I was running on a trail one time, I don’t blame him). The squirrel’s antics actually delayed the game in the middle of an A-Rod at-bat, and the first pitch after the squirrel left the field (fair territory, anyway) was strike three. Check out the video here.

— While he seems to be in a creative slump lately (perhaps he’s spreading himself a little too thin), I agree with something Gary Radnich said this morning. Everyone’s lining up to hoover Aubrey Huff for playing left field last night with little to no preparation, but what other choice did he have? It’s not like they asked him to do the impossible, like pitch or hit a home run in a key situation.

— The Giants simply scoring a run was the lead story last night, but the bullpen boasted the most striking contrast. Sergio Romo took advantage of the park he calls home in a rather shaky effort overall, while Brian Wilson looked as dominant as ever. (El Lefty Malo)

— Since the Giants might want to start a shortstop under the age of 94 sometime in the next couple seasons (or maybe not, but bear with me), here’s an excellent post about Brandon Crawford, who’s increased patience at the plate could raise his ceiling from becoming a defensive replacement in the Majors to a potential good MLB starter at short. Hopefully that’ll happen soon, since Edgar Renteria’s hamstrings are made of frozen Charleston Chew bars. (Bay City Ball)

— Evidence that the “sports media” is a different world altogether than the one we experience as fans: the woe-is-us reaction to the NFL giving the Meadowlands the Super Bowl in 2014. I’m sorry, but I couldn’t care less that sponsors and media members have to experience cold weather instead of a week-long party in Miami, San Diego or New Orleans. Snow games are awesome on television, and that’s where I plan on watching every single Super Bowl for the rest of my life. So Jay Glazer and Terrell Owens to wear a jacket to the Maxim Party. Why should that matter to 99.99% of the country?

— Couldn’t have been easier to predict the Lakers would lose last night, at least after watching the first quarter. Kobe Bryant tried to get everyone involved, but Pau Gasol picked up two ticky-tack fouls, Derek Fisher played his worst game on the road of this postseason, Lamar Odom continued his poor stretch in Phoenix (does he miss Khloe?) and Channing Frye (and every other Sun) finally started hitting threes.

— While I’d be surprised if they didn’t at least win the two remaining games in L.A., it’s hard to imagine how this year’s Lakers team beats the Celtics in the Finals. It’s almost as if nothing has changed since 2008 — Bynum’s injured, the Lakers’ bench is thin and the only time they play with heightened intensity is when they’re rolling offensively. I foresee a lot of missed threes from Artest, Farmar, Odom and Shannon Brown against Boston (if they even get that far).

— I never thought Phil Jackson would leave the Lakers, but with all the interest (the Bulls, Nets and Cavs are already kicking the tires) and how listless the non-Kobe Lakers looked last night, it’s hard not to imagine Brian Shaw coaching the Lakers next season.

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