If we thought the radio wars weren’t very competitive before, we will need to come up with a new way to describe what happened last month.

KNBR not only bested the sports radio competition, they were heads and shoulders above everyone else in the San Francisco market. It sure helped that this month’s results covered everything from Game 5 of the NLDS to the end of the World Series for the Giants.

Here are the numbers updated through November covering the October 11 – November 7 dates (numbers on demographics or specific shows aren’t available to the general public):

San Francisco












KNBR-AM 5.7 974,800 6.1 990,900 8.1 1,506,700 Cumulus
KGMZ-FM 0.8 245,800 1.4 418,400 0.7 268,600 Entercom
KTCT-AM 0.5 231,300 0.8 347,000 0.8 365,600 Cumulus

*AQH is Average Quarter-Hour Share or the average share during any quarter-hour during the course of the day. Reach is the total number of people that tuned in during the course of the week.

For those who are more visually oriented, here are the ratings in graphical form for the last year:

KNBR had a huge jump this month in listeners and share. By my guess this was driven primarily by the Giants’ run to their second World Series title in three years. This month was by far the best for KNBR since I have been tracking and I am very curious as to how this compares to the 2010 time frame. I am also curious about how much of this bump KNBR will be able to keep going forward; the 49ers are doing well, but if last year is any indication it may not help all that much.

Over on “The Game” the ratings took a bit of a nose dive this month, with the A’s ending their run right as the recording period started. It seems that 95.7 wasn’t able to capture much if any of the Giants excitement and settled back into their regular ratings share. On the plus side they did manage to hold on to a solid amount of the total listenership.

Here are the YOY Changes:

November 2011 – November 2012
Ratings Listeners
KNBR 58.0% 48.5%
KNBR 1050 -37.5% 1.7%
KGMZ (the Game) -14.3% 39.4%


Looking at the year over year numbers, KNBR had huge gains over last year. At this time last year KNBR was going into it’s winter hibernation where they hemorrhaged listeners and rating share. Both KNBR 1050 and “The Game” saw drops in ratings but a gain in listeners.

Changes have been made at both KNBR and 95.7 to their shows and schedule, and further changes may be on the horizon with CBS Sports Radio launching their full lineup in January. If 95.7 FM “The Game” wants to continue with their current sports talk format, they’re going to have to hope the ratings gap closes a bit in 2013.