Another month of radio ratings has been posted, yet the story remains the same. KNBR rules the sports radio world while “The Game” saw their numbers continue to remain flat.

Here are the ratings numbers updated through what Arbitron calls the “Holiday” period covering the December 6 through January 2 dates (numbers on demographics or specific shows aren’t available to the general public):

San Francisco












KNBR-AM 8.1 1,506,700 4.2 713,400 3.8 686,600 Cumulus
KGMZ-FM 0.7 268,600 0.7 225,700 0.7 189,200 Entercom
KTCT-AM 0.8 347,000 0.8 365,600 0.6 211,800 Cumulus

*AQH is Average Quarter-Hour Share or the average share during any quarter-hour during the course of the day. Reach is the total number of people that tuned in during the course of the week.

For those who are more visually oriented, here are the ratings in graphical form for the last year:

Radio Ratings through Holiday 2012

The changes for the holiday reporting period were not very drastic compared to what we have seen in months prior.

KNBR slowed the listenership drop it saw last month and is well above their ratings from this time last year. The 49ers were in pretty much the same place a year ago as they were this year, so I am not sure if that can explain too much of the 25% ratings increase. Perhaps the surprising Warriors, who went 11 and 3 during this span on their way to their best start in a generation, are acting as a decent radio draw.

Over on “The Game,” the treading water act seems to be continuing. For the third straight month KGMZ posted a 0.7 rating with falling total listenership numbers. This time last year it seemed that “The Game” might be closing the gap with KNBR a bit. I was cautiously optimistic that come the winter of 2012-2013 that 95.7 might start chipping away at KNBR’s listenership lead. Two reporting periods into the winter months, that hasn’t seemed to happen. With just a month remaining before Spring Training and two to go before KNBR is ready to get fat on Giants regular season broadcasts, there isn’t much time for “The Game” to make up ground.

Looking forward, with the 49ers headed to the Super Bowl both “The Game” and KNBR should have no trouble coming up with topics to discuss. This year both stations will even carry a radio broadcast of the game (I’d love to see the head-to-head ratings comparison during the Super Bowl), although not that many people will actively choose radio over TV for one of the biggest TV events of the year.

YOY Changes:

Holiday 2011 – Holiday 2012
Ratings Listeners
KNBR 26.3% 4.3%
KNBR 1050 -16.7% -47.3%
KGMZ (the Game) -14.3% 9.8%


When you take a look at the year over year changes, KNBR has had strong gains from what was one of their lowest months last year. A 26% increase in ratings is very strong and I am sure that they hope it is something that they can build on with the 49ers playoff run in the next reporting period. Over on the “B” station things are bleak, ratings and listenership are both down as they have been for most of 2012. Perhaps things will change some fresh programming from CBS radio to spur some new listeners.

Things have not gone as well for “The Game” — for the third straight month they posted lower ratings than what they had last year and those ratings weren’t all that impressive to begin with.

With 2012 in the books we now get to move our attention to the relatively big changes that took place with “The Game” becoming the Bay Area ESPN affiliate and KNBR taking on CBS Sports Radio programming. I don’t know if either of these will show up in the numbers, but it does provide something to new to speculate about.