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I can’t believe I’ll be heading back to San Francisco tomorrow. I’d say I was happy to be returning home, but that would be a lie. Life on the north side of Kauai is perilously easy to get used to, as I’ll surely miss these gentle, tropical rainshowers the next time I’m trudging along Divisadero between Fulton and Grove, the windiest stretch in San Francisco … other than a Candlestick Park concourse in April, of course.

I’ll even miss “White Lightning,” the rooster pictured to the right who patrols the beaches at our hotel and cock-a-doodle-doos guests out of their afternoon naps.

rooster KauaiA lot is going on in the sports world, as per usual, so here’s a few notes so I don’t feel guilty about going two full days without content (our flight home is on a United plane without WiFi or TV screens, so I’ll be stuck reading a — gasp — book on the journey back).

— I’ve tried to stay on task as much as possible as far as BASG goes, writing when I can and editing/formatting the stories our writers were nice enough to contribute. But Giants games are blacked out in Hawaii for a bunch of stupid reasons.

— I don’t really feel like going into the details, mostly because I’m leaving tomorrow so I don’t really care that much. But a lot of pertinent information can be found on this blog, including a couple columns from a guy who writes in Honolulu and a 2010 column from Scott Ostler about how stupid the blackout is.

— How stupid? Our hotel room had Fox Sports West, which carries Angels games. I was able to watch Giants games on my computer with when I was in Los Angeles last month.

Yep, that’s baseball.

— The last baseball game I watched was Saturday’s weird extra-innings win over the Padres on Fox (shudder). I missed the entire Bay Bridge Series besides a few snippets I listened to on the beach, which might have been why I got this Facebook message today:

“Why isn’t there a new story about the A’s dominating yout precious Giants? But instead you have one about Oaklands attendence? Makes no sense.”

Every time I consider putting in a little extra effort to cover the A’s, I think about their unwelcoming PR staff and the rudeness of (some of) their fans. Can’t cover everything every day, and feedback like this makes my daily decisions on what to write about that much easier. Juuuuust kidding. I’m going to do my best to narrow the divide between Giants and A’s coverage on this site. I think. Maybe.

— By the way, I’ve seen one Dodgers hat and at least 20 Giants hats in Princeville and Hanalei. No A’s or Angels caps.

— It’s 2009 all over again: Tim Lincecum is the best player on the Giants and LeBron James is the toast of Cleveland.

— Seriously, 20 hits in Lincecum’s last 42.1 innings. Paul Goldschmidt going 0-for-2 with a walk against him tonight is even crazier, though.

— With the rest of the Giants looking mono-stricken for over a month, the addition of Marco Scutaro is a move made for “swag” purposes as much as anything else. They can’t rightfully expect an old guy with a creaky back to fill the No. 2 spot and send the offense soaring, but they could use a boost from Scutaro’s ultra-confident, incredibly dry (and don’t forget familiar, which this team loves) personality.

— Meanwhile, half the A’s are on the All-Star team. Despite the (mostly) tongue-in-cheek comments a few ramblings ago, what they’re doing (including that trade they pulled off, geez) is incredible.

— Sure feels like if Kevin Love to the Warriors was meant to be, it would have already happened. With the LeBron dust settling, Chris Bosh spurning the Rockets, and Carmelo Anthony probably heading back to the Knicks because of the money and Phil Jackson and it’s New York, the competition for Love will be fierce. And it sure seems like LeBron gets just about whatever he wants.

— Since Klay Thompson is much better than Gordon Hayward, he’s going to get paid. A ton. If the Warriors want to roll with Stephen Curry and Thompson, that’s fine. But I’m having a tough time remembering the last championship contender that didn’t include a star frontcourt player. (Hint: that team doesn’t exist. And don’t bring up the 2003-04 Pistons, either — Ben Wallace was the best defensive player in the league for years.)

— Thanks to Richard Sherman and Ahmad Brooks for making my job easy while I was here, thanks to Eric He, Chelena Goldman and James Arcellana for helping out with content while I was gone, and thanks to Kauai for being incredible. I’m going to miss this chicken-infested island.

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