Randy Moss certainly made waves when he said he didn’t necessarily like his role, and his remarks about being the best receiver ever became a huge story that drew the ire of Jerry Rice. However, Moss has talked quite a bit this week and a lot of what he said has trended toward the positive.

Take his thoughts on Colin Kaepernick, for instance. Alex Pavlovic wrote a good piece about Kaepernick’s arm strength, with a particularly interesting quote from Michael Crabtree.

“It’s like this: When we are doing individuals with the quarterback and the receiver, guys go to the back of the line when it’s Kaepernick’s time,” wide receiver Michael Crabtree said this week. “They try to time it out so that if Kaepernick is (throwing) third, they want to go fourth. It’s a lot of heat coming.”

Moss had a pretty cool anecdote of his own. After talking about how Kaepernick dislocated one of his fingers during the Bears game, he talked about one of the 49ers’ equipment managers, Doc, warming up the 49ers’ QB without wearing gloves.

Moss also talked about how “his future is very bright,” how long the Pistol offense can work, and how he pulled Kaepernick aside in April or May and told him that he saw something in him. While Moss doesn’t take anything away from Alex Smith, he also said, “When it comes to sports, I think, you take advantage of your opportunities. And one thing that Kap did is he took advantage of his opportunity.”

Lastly, Moss talked about Kaepernick taking the loss in Seattle incredibly hard. He remembers Kaepernick standing in the shower with his head against the wall, and Moss told Kaepernick not to take it so hard because it was a team loss.

I asked Kaepernick about what Moss said to him after that loss to the Seahawks, and what he means to the 49ers’ locker room.

Two morals here:

1. Moss may not like his role, but his impact goes far beyond catches, yards and touchdowns at this point in his career.

2. Moss was a lot more talkative than Kaepernick this week, and every single thing he said was interesting. A lot of 49ers fans have written him off for, in their minds, insulting Rice. In my view, we can’t complain when athletes give generic soundbites, then turn around and complain when they say interesting, provocative things we may not agree with.