About 13 months ago I was at a press conference at Levi Strauss headquarters to announce the stadium naming rights deal the San Francisco company had signed with the San Francisco 49ers. At the end of the conference, I asked Jed York whether this partnership meant we’d see Jim Harbaugh wearing Dockers on the sidelines.

“That’s one of those things we’re going to explore,” was York’s response.

It appears that will indeed be the case, at least according to this (sorta) new commercial that urges the world to “stop dad pants.”

The star of this ad is definitely Jim’s wife, Sarah, who called into a radio show last year lamenting the pleated, ridiculously inexpensive khakis Harbaugh has been known to wear on the sideline and just about everywhere else. But even though Harbaugh has no lines in this commercial, the funniest part of the ad is easily the 49ers coach’s goofy grin here:

Jim Harbaugh Dockers sausage

Just for that alone, this breaks into Harbaugh’s top five in our (and by “our,” I mean “my”) not-scientific-at-all rankings of his acting performances based on laughs created (LC+).

Just missing the cut: 

Judge Judy

Classic Harbaugh, and funny for reasons he probably wouldn’t understand, because he wasn’t acting. He sincerely loves Judge Judy, and was “as happy as a pig in slop” (as Harbaugh has been known to say) to sit in the courtroom next to his dad and watch her adJudycate.

ESPN SportsCenter

Decent commercial, but Harbaugh is more of a prop than a comic here.

5. #StopDadPants

I guess we already covered this one well enough. The true test is whether we’ll see Harbaugh coaching the team at next week’s minicamp while wearing crisp, flat-front Dockers or his standard baggy, ink-stained trousers from Walmart.

Score: 1.2 LC+

4. Cameo: “The Adventures of Brisco County Jr.”

Here’s where some people may disagree. The sight of Harbaugh, Terry Bradshaw, Carl Banks and Ken Norton Jr. on horses is pretty amusing, but this clip isn’t all that funny … other than Harbaugh’s character’s name: Mason “Cowboy” Dixon.

Score: 1.4 LC+

3. Visa #MyFootballFantasy Commercial

The only part of Harbaugh’s performance that really counts as acting is how he’s yelling at kids instead of players. Still, he’s perfect from start to finish. Probably his best overall “acting” performance yet, all things considered.

Score: 2.1 LC+

2. Saved By The Bell


Score: 3.5 LC+

1. The best/worst Finish Line commercial ever

On a list of Harbaugh performances that caused the most laughter, how does a cameo on “Saved By The Bell” lose? I’ll tell you how.





Score: 4.0 LC+