“We’ve been kind of down on getting turnovers and sometimes things just kind of start breaking right for you. Kind of like the olive jar. Everybody’s familiar with the olive jar.”

I’m not.

“Well, you open it up and a brand new can of olives and turn it over and no olives come out. They’re packed in there so darn tight, but if you just get one to come out, just pluck one out of there and then they want to come out, they’re just flying out of the jar. So, hopefully that’s the case for us defensively. You just wonder, are you ever going to get a turnover, or interception or fumble and how can we get one. Then you get one and then you get, then they start flying your way. So, hopefully that’s where we’re at.”

Jim Harbaugh 49ers standing straightThis was the latest unique anecdote from a Jim Harbaugh press conference, and there have been many over just a few years’ time. He also has plenty of catchphrases.

  • Mighty men
  • Humble hearts
  • Iron sharpens iron
  • Competes like a maniac
  • Trusted agent
  • A-plus-plus
  • The team, the team, the team
  • Enthusiasm unknown to mankind
  • Who’s got it better than us? Nobody!

He even changes the names of things, like how he publicly referred to the practice squad as both the “developmental squad” and the “opportunity squad.” Even certain words have become used repeatedly as of late, like “ascending” and “precision.”

Reporters have learned not to expect news about strategy or relatively minor injuries during Harbaugh’s press conferences. He doesn’t like to compare players, teams or eras, especially when he’s asked to draw a line from something that’s happening now back to what he dealt with as a player.

On the other hand, Harbaugh really enjoys telling certain stories and will drop his favorite catchphrases at every opportunity. Harbaugh rankles many when he speaks with microphones present, but the obvious pleasure he derives from uttering these “Harbaughisms” is part of his unique charm (sort of like his love for Judge Judy).


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Are you a “maniac”? Does nobody have it better than you? Let us know your favorite story, line or word that has become a Harbaugh trademark during his coaching career (I’m sure I missed several good ones), and on Wednesday night you could win one of our biggest giveaways yet.