NaVorro Bowman 49ersMaking GIFs is a time-consuming process, especially after a performance like the one the 49ers gave us against the Rams. There were so many GIFable plays in the 35-11 rout, and although I made a handful, only a few of them are worthy of bogging down our poor servers.

The runners-up include Donte Whitner’s “unnecessary” hitAhmad Brooks coming out of nowhereAnthony Dixon’s incredible touchdown dance (I’ll be using this one A LOT), Tarell Brown’s wiggle and Glenn Dorsey setting a record for most head nods in a single game. Plenty of reasons to celebrate, right boys?

Now for the good stuff. Let’s start with the offense, which finally got back on track Thursday night.

5. Anquan Boldin breaks the slump

The 49ers played nearly an entire 60 minutes of football without a score leading up to their touchdown drive in the second quarter. Colin Kaepernick and Anquan Boldin took the onus upon themselves though, and after an unnecessary roughness penalty from Alex Boone put the 49ers into a 3rd and 19 hole, Kaepernick hit Boldin for an incredible catch and finish:

4. Weekly Frank Gore update

Frank Gore seems to be just fine, especially after rushing for over 100 yards … in the first half. Here’s his 4th-and-1 backbreaker-of-a-touchdown:

3. Colin Kaepernick is feeling good

Kaepernick didn’t scramble much on Thursday, but he did cause two Rams to collide when he slid underneath them on this play. When he got back up, he had some words for the men who tried to take his head off:

That smile at the end tells me he’s having a little fun again.

2. Okay, Tramaine, you’ve got my attention

Donte Whitner was the victim of some pretty unfortunate luck when he dropped a sure interception right into Jared Cook’s hands early in the game. But he didn’t miss his opportunity when Tramaine Brock perfectly defended an underthrown Sam Bradford pass right into the safety’s hands:

The way Brock looks at Whitner and pushes the ball in his direction tells me he was designing an interception on this play. Either way, it’s one of the most beautifully defended passes I’ve ever seen, and definitely worthy of top GIF billing.

1. NaVorro Bowman is beastly, Demarcus Dobbs is clumsy

There’s at least one play in every game that has fans jumping off of their couch, screaming “YES! NO! YES! WAIT! NO! YESSSSS!” NaVorro Bowman’s sack fumble was one of those plays:

Man, Demarcus Dobbs wanted that touchdown so badly. It’s every defensive lineman’s nightmare: the football bounces in crazy directions, and this one really got away from Dobbs. It made him look pretty stupid. Here’s a close up look at his gaffe.

The difference between 1-3 and 2-2 is colossal, and the 49ers are feeling good with plenty of time to prepare for the Texans. I’ll keep the GIF machine warm and ready for next weeks highlights.