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Regular KNBR guest Adam Meyer indicted for fraud, extortion

Adam Meyer

The odds aren’t good that Adam Meyer, the betting tout who’s appeared on KNBR (as well as several other radio shows across the country) several times over the years, will be able to talk his way out of this one.

Meyer was arrested Tuesday on charges that he defrauded and threatened a Wisconsin man out of $25 million, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, which has a copy of the full indictment. The details are almost hard to believe, unless you’ve sat through any of his radio spots and felt Meyer’s sliminess ooze through the speakers.

The indictment is not Meyer’s first run-in with federal law enforcement. In 1996, he was sentenced to three months in federal prison followed by 12 months of probation after he was charged with extortion, racketeering and threats, according to online federal court records. He was indicted and convicted in Louisiana. No additional information was available Tuesday.

The most recent indictment charges that a Fond du Lac-area man began buying betting tips from Meyer in 2007 and that Meyer referred his client to bookmakers to take wagers. Meyer “falsely represented” that he was not connected to the bookies.

In 2008, the indictment said, Meyer told his client — identified only as “Victim A” — to send $1.2 million to accounts controlled by Meyer. Those funds later were seized by local law enforcement agencies in Florida, the indictment said.

Later, after Victim A cut back on his gambling, Meyer claimed his own life was at risk because he owed big money to a bookie. Meyer said a man named “Kent Wong” was demanding payment, the indictment said. Kent Wong actually was an alter ego created by Meyer.

“Meyer also falsely told Victim A that the bookie believed Meyer and Victim A were gambling partners and that the bookie was holding Victim A equally responsible for the debt,” the indictment charged. Sometimes, the indictment charged, Meyer identified himself as Kent Wong when he called Victim A demanding money.

Victim A responded by sending millions of dollars to various bank accounts, the indictment said, noting that “Meyer, in turn, used the funds for his own purposes.”

When Victim A balked at sending more money, Meyer and an associate flew to Fond du Lac from Florida to meet with Victim A in April 2012.

“During the meeting, Meyer’s associate brandished a firearm and demanded Victim A send Meyer more money to pay off a purported gambling debt,” the indictment said. “In response to that threat, Victim A agreed to provide $9.8 million to Meyer.”

Meyer was arrested at his Fort Lauderdale-area home early Tuesday. After complaining of chest pains he was taken to a hospital and then released to the custody of federal agents. He is being held by federal authorities in Florida and is scheduled to appear at a hearing Friday.

Meyer paid to appear on KNBR, and was heard on a weekly basis on the Gary Radnich Show (with Larry Krueger), as well as Fitz and Brooks. Score one for Radnich in this case — he refused to speak during Meyer’s segments, something he and Krueger often joked about.

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