Carlos Beltran

Poll results: Do you want the Giants to sign Carlos Beltran?

Earlier in the week we asked you if you wanted the Giants to bring back Carlos Beltran, and now it’s time to look at the results of our poll.

Question 1: Do you want the Giants to bring back Carlos Beltran?

Three-quarters of respondents would like to see Beltran back in the black and orange. Honestly I thought that this would be more split but I guess the fan base really wants the Giants to spend more money on offense even if management does not necessarily see eye to eye on that issue.

Question 2: How Many Years Would You Give Beltran?

No surprises here, with Beltran coming into his age 35 season fans want to give him a short deal (except for one person who was feeling generous and wanted to give him an 8-year deal) with the largest portion of people choosing 3 years and an average of 2.7 years.

I have a feeling that some American League team will give him a longer deal than what Giants fans would be comfortable with because they have the fallback of the DH, but I guess we will have to see things play out.

Question 3: How Much Would You Pay Beltran?

There was less consensus around the average pay but for the most part the largest amount of responses were in the $10-15 million per year range. The average salary came out $11.25 million a season with the median response of $12 million per year.

If we assume that one win above replacement is equal to $4.5 million then our respondents think Beltran is likely to be around 2.5 wins above replacement per year. That is probably not a bad estimate of what I would expect over the life of a 3-year deal and if he stays healthy there is still some room for upside surplus value for the team.

Thanks to everyone who participated in our poll.

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