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Riley Curry appears in her second press conference

Riley Curry Stephen Curry press conference NBA Playoffs

The Golden State Warriors are headed to the NBA Finals for the first time in 40 years, so what better time to reintroduce Riley Curry, daughter of NBA MVP Stephen Curry, to an international viewing audience?

That’s a trick question. Forget what a few ESPN blowhards said. The nation … no, the world, demands more Riley. If you missed it, I filmed a good portion.

She was really into the microphone this time. Any microphone would do.

The smooth-scalped gentleman is the head of Warriors PR, Raymond Ridder. His job was not over, as Riley handed him her gum and proceeded to go behind a black curtain and walk slowly toward her dad, more than once.

Included in the second video somewhere in the middle is Riley uttering her favorite catchphrase from her first press conference: “Daddy, be quiet.”

And here’s a Vine of the end. After Riley saw Warriors GM Bob Myers, she ran over. Myers picked her up, and the fun part of the press conference was over.

Does this have nothing to do with the game? Sure. Was Riley the one most of the media focused on with their cameras? Of course. We’ve seen a ton of Stephen Curry press conferences, but only two with Riley. It’s kind of fun to watch her antics make one of the coolest players in the NBA squirm a little.

Steph Curry Riley Curry press conference

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