49ers fan sucker punch seahawks fan

It’s understandable to feel frustrated or helpless when you’re surrounded by Seahawks fans and Colin Kaepernick throws his third interception of the night. The 49ers were going to lose anyway, and Kam Chancellor’s play ensured that the score would be even more indicative of how thoroughly Seattle outplayed San Francisco throughout the second half.

Still, there’s no excuse for a sucker-punch like this.

This assault – a charge this 49ers fan is probably going to get hit with if he hasn’t already – isn’t just detestable because the other guy wasn’t ready for it. The Seahawks fan who got drilled wasn’t even taunting him at the time. Maybe he had been earlier, maybe others in that section were making the 49ers fan miserable throughout the game, but the guy wearing the Sidney Rice jersey was just giving some high-10s to other Seahawks fans.

The victim’s reaction makes the 49ers fan look even worse, since instead of retaliating he checks his nose for blood and looks as if he has no idea why the guy next to him just ruined what should’ve been a pretty fun evening.

C’mon, 49ers fans. Most of you clearly aren’t like this, but we’ve already got a pretty bad reputation around here based on the shootings, stabbings and fights we’ve seen at Candlestick in recent years. When you watch San Francisco play in enemy territory, don’t be like this guy.