ric flair niners

Ric Flair turned heel as far as the Carolina Panthers and their fans are concerned, and all it took was a request from Justin Smith.

The wrestling legend lives in Charlotte, and until recently the Panthers celebrated every win with “two claps and a Nature Boy.” No, really.

So when Flair came to Appleton, WI and spoke to the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday night, Panthers fans were very upset.

With the 49ers playing the Panthers on Sunday, a question *naturally* follows: how many points is Ric Flair worth to a football team? Three? Six? And is Flair’s power and influence worth points in a positive way? Meaning, is it possible that the 49ers would’ve won by a larger margin if Flair spurned them in the name of Panthers loyalty?

These are all important questions, to be sure. Here’s another:

What’s your prediction for the final score of the 49ers-Panthers game?

Either let us know your prediction — and/or share your thoughts on the Nature Boy — and you’re entered to win a Pizza + Champagne Party for 20 people, catered by the good folks at Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria. I’ll pick a winner on Friday.

Also … this is probably a good time to let you know that we’re having a BASG Meet-up on Sunday morning at Northstar Cafe (click here for details). Amici’s will provide pizza for everyone at halftime, because they’re always on your side. Definitely not “traders,” no sir.