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San Francisco forecast: wind, with chance of Holmgren

As I sit here at my desk, watching a storm zoom towards San Francisco from the west with a windswept quickness that can only mean a weekend full of rain showers, the always changing sports cycle comes to mind, particularly when it comes to the (understandably) cynical fan base around here.

Mike Singletary has been the toast of the town for five days since the 49ers’ improbably victory over the Favres. Yet with DeShaun Foster likely to start in Frank Gore’s place in the unfamiliar environs of Miami, Samurai Mike’s crazy eyes are staring at a 24-9 loss right in the face, followed by the inevitable call throughout the week for Cower/Holmgren and skepticism over X’s and O’s and other such things.

The way opinions can shift can go either way, like in the case of the Warriors. Nine straight losses and a rash of injuries meant fire Don Nelson, Robert Rowell and Corey Maggette simultaneously. A win over Milwaukee and a Monta Ellis-shooting-midrange-jumpers-in-Alameda video later, and the W’s are a young team with a bright future.

The possibilities were endless after the Giants signed Jeremy Affeldt. Sure, they were overpaying for a lefty reliever who may or may not be any better than Alex Hinshaw, but the Giants were first. If they were going to be that aggressive immediately after the free agency period started, the Bill Neukom era would certainly start with a huge signing of some kind.

Now Brian Sabean is about ready to slap the first beat writer to look at him the wrong way, the Giants seem like they’re set on capping their off-season by signing a 45-year-old pitcher, which would make the average age of their four newest free agents at 37. With an offense featuring a 3-4-5 of Sandoval-Molina-Lewis going into 2009, the only things Giants fans have to look forward to are Tim Lincecum starts and an awfully nice and classy sign commemorating the Big Unit’s 300th victory on the outfield wall (with accompanying bobble-head for the first 15,000 fans under 14).

Perhaps all this negativity is just an overreaction brought on by too much KNBR and the fact that Pierre Freaking Thomas of all people scored 26 points against me last night in my fantasy football playoffs. I should look at the bright side. This storm is flying towards my apartment, while the 49ers will be playing 3,000 miles away where it’s 75 degrees. Maybe Foster will look like he did as a UCLA Bruin. Maybe Marco Belinelli really is a starter after all. Maybe the Giants are actually working on a secret trade for Carl Crawford. Maybe the A’s are thinking of bringing the Frozen Doc Otis back to the Coliseum. Maybe Al Davis’ recent knee injury will force him to sell the team. All we need is one bit of good news, and things always look a lot better.


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