With the Angel Pagan and Marco Scutaro deals done, plus the raises that are coming for the arbitration eligible players it appears that the San Francisco Giants’ 2013 budget of around $140 million has pretty much been reached.

In looking at the roster and taking some educated guesses on what things will look like going into next season, they have 22 of the 25 active roster spots spoken for. All five starting pitching spots, the eight starting position players (expect for maybe a platoon partner for Gregor Blanco in left field) and the top end of the bullpen are all locked in.

Here is a breakdown of how the payroll looks as of right now :

Lincecum, Tim
 $         22,250,000.00
Cain, Matt
 $         20,833,333.00
Zito, Barry
 $         20,000,000.00
Pence, Hunter
 $         13,800,000.00
Pagan, Angel
 $           8,250,000.00
Scutaro, Marco
 $           6,666,000.00
Affeldt, Jeremy
 $           6,000,000.00
Posey, Buster
 $           5,900,000.00
Sandoval, Pablo
 $           5,700,000.00
Casilla, Santiago
 $           5,400,000.00
Vogelsong, Ryan
 $           5,000,000.00
Lopez, Javier
 $           4,250,000.00
Romo, Sergio
 $           3,600,000.00
Huff, Aubrey
 $           2,000,000.00
Mijares, Jose
 $           1,600,000.00
Blanco, Gregor
 $           1,300,000.00
Bumgarner, Madison
 $              950,000.00
Arias, Joaquin
 $              800,000.00
Kontos, George
 $              500,000.00
Belt, Brandon
 $              500,000.00
Crawford, Brandon
 $              500,000.00
Pill, Brett
 $              500,000.00
Sanchez, Hector
 $              500,000.00
 $   136,799,333.00


  • Contract information from Cots Contracts
  • Arbitration eligible players are in orange with estimates from MLB Trade Rumors
  • Pre-arbitration players in green with their contracts
  • The gray number is the buyout that the Giants paid to Huff to decline his 2013 option

The numbers in orange could change a bit here or there, especially if any of these players sign a long-term deal that might be backloaded. The players in green are not likely to make much more than the estimates, because the Giants can unilaterally set the value of the contracts and for the most part it seems like they tend to hover around this number. Taking all this into account the Giants are looking like they have around $3-5 million to spend filling out their roster.

The Giants are currently dividing their payroll pie as such:

The Giants’ payroll will again tilt heavily toward pitching; the starting five will have an average salary of over $13 million this season, with three guys above $20 million. When you add in the bullpen the 13 guys that will make up the pitching staff will make about 65% of the team’s budget. Elsewhere the allocation stays roughly the same from past years — the big change will come at catcher where Buster Posey will be due a big raise.

Barring a change of heart from the Giants management it sure seems that those dreams of Nick Swisher are probably a huge long shot now. So too are the more bargain priced outfielders like Ryan Ludwick or Scott Hairston, at least until the arbitration process is played out and the final payroll numbers become clearer.

It sure looks like the Giants are going to go bargain hunting to fill out the roster again this off-season. That tactic has seemed to work well in the past, so hopefully the Giants can find a few more reclamation projects to man the back end of the bullpen and that 4th outfielder/platoon partner spot.