With FanFest, Spring Training, and the beginning of the season within reach, the Giants have announced their complete 2013 promotion schedule and special events.

As a frequent liner-upper for these events, I was really excited to see what the team had on the docket.  Well, I was not disappointed. Gnomes, bobbleheads, sombreros, even a World Series charm necklace for the ladies. Based on the reaction on Twitter, it seems the Sergio Romo and Tim Lincecum Gnomes (long or short hair?) are generating a ton of excitement, but my favorite has to be the World Series Ring replica. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of those bad boys.

Ready for more good news?

All bobbleheads will be given to 40,000 fans instead of the usual 20,000. That means less waiting in line, thinner crowds at the entrances, and a happier fan base as only about 2,000 stragglers will be left out. The organization could not have picked a better “Thank You” to their fans. Funnily enough, when asked last year if he would ever be willing to have a bobblehead created in his likeness, KNBR host Marty Lurie said yes – but only if they would give one to everyone instead of making die hard fans wait 3 hours before a game to receive one. Looks like he finally got his wish.

While I’m super excited to get a lot of the promo items on the list, I can’t help but long for a few that AREN’T there. For example, McCovey Chronicle’s Grant Brisbee had suggested a very simple idea but outstanding idea – a Marco Scutaro Rain Globe (a la Game 7 of the NLCS). He even included a drawing to help drive the point home:

Marco Scutaro Rain Globe

Last I heard from Grant, it sounded like he had a call with the Giants Marketing department and this would likely be handed out as a special event promo versus a straight giveaway at the gate. Nonetheless, I believe this will be one of the hottest ticket items on the list.

Now for a few more ideas that I would love to get on the Giants Marketing team to-dos:

  • A Santiago Casilla Wind-Up toy – the mechanical running will naturally simulate the awesome base running during our favorite bullpen at bat (please see below for awesomeness):

  • Hunter Pence brand sunflower seeds
  • A Sergio Romo Jack In the Box, where you crank the box to the musical sounds of “El Mechon” and then crazy Romo-bombing Sergio Romo pops out and scares the pants off you.
  • Matt Cain Seat Cushion – to reserve your seat to make sure Brandon Belt doesn’t sit in it when you’re trying to pitch a perfect game.
  • “Team Brandons” shirt – just because.

If anyone knows someone inside the Giants organization, see if you can get some of those pushed through, would ya?