This idea first came about when I heard Kruk and Kuip discussing Hunter Pence’s scraggly look last week. They had compared his appearance to that of a golden-haired lion named Ser Jamie Lannister. My ears perked up immediately. They had just combined two things I really love — Game of Thrones and the Giants.It doesn’t get much more awesome than that.

Actually, if someone can figure out how to incorporate cats and cheese in here somehow, please give me a shout on Twitter..

I digress.

With the Season 3 finale of Game of Thrones just wrapping up with one of the most epic moments in all of television history, I decided it was absolutely necessary to provide a few mock-ups of Giants as Game of Thrones characters. Thankfully, I work in a creative agency that encourages my nerdy behavior and love for photoshop (props to Will Hung who helped me with these but requested no credit be given — no chance buddy!).

Here are a few Giants players who would for sure be cast in the Game of OverThrowns and live in the NL Westeros:

Hunter Pence as Jamie Lannister 

I totally see the resemblance. Also, I think Hunter’s face gives this character a total “edge”

Huter Pence Jamie Lannister

Angel Pagan as Khal Drogo: 

Seriously, the casting for this is spot on. I can see him being a brave warrior who leads his people into the great unknown. Also, what I wouldn’t give for Angel Pagan to please grow that facial hair. PLEASE.

Angel Pagan Khal Drogo

Brett Pill as Joffrey

This is my favorite because I literally can’t tell the difference between the real Joffrey:


And the Brett Pill version:

Brett Pill Joffrey

Seriously. Please tell me the difference.

Brandon Crawford as Jon Snow

You know nothing, Brandon Crawford. Just kidding. You probably know a lot. But who can think of a better handsome protagonist than Brandon Crawford? Watch out Kit Harington. Brandon Crawford is coming.

Brandon Crawford Jon Snow

Andrew Baggarly as Stannis Baratheon 

I know Baggs is a big fan of the show so I just HAD to incorporate him somehow. How about noble, wise, and sometimes misunderstood Stannis Baratheon? I’ll take “Melisandre Facts for 300, Alex.”

Baggarly Stannis

I’m not gonna lie. I wanted to do one of Hank Schulman as Hodor but resisted. Oh well, maybe next time.

If you can think of any more, let me know and perhaps we’ll do a Part II of this in the future.

Let’s hope this road trip doesn’t end up like the Orange Wedding. I mean, Red Wedding. George R.R. Martin, is that you?