I will forever remember this week as the week our starting pitchers imploded. And the week Chad Gaudin turned into our savior. Yeah, I never though I’d utter that sentence either.

Madison Bumgarner and Matt Cain gave up 2813712 runs. The Cardinals doubleheader was pretty embarrassing. AND I had to listen to Eric Karros on a Fox broadcast. This week could have definitely been better.

But as usual, the G’s come through with some silver linings in the form of animated GIFs (which, if you’re keeping track, will always be pronounced with a hard G for me). Let’s get to the goodness:

5. Brett Pill will tag anything 

It’s always amusing/infuriating when Brett Pill is playing first and Brandon Belt is on the bench. And Pill was able to display some of his “talents” by panicking during this play and then tagging/knocking over Sergio Romo before finally getting the final out.

4. Brandon Crawford needs to win a Gold Glove

Brandon Crawford is so good at defense that we forget that he’s good at defense because he does it so effortlessly. This play was so awesome that it led to this epic meltdown from Yadier Molina.

3. Andres Torres is the Incredible Hulk 

I am so happy we finally got to witness Andres Torres finally breaking a bat over his knee. We had heard about it in Spring Training, but there was no actual footage, aside from this. Now we have it, forever and ever. Also, how do you break a bat over your knee without going directly to the hospital?

2. Buster Posey, reflexes of a cat 

Buster Posey rarely lets a ball get past him, but this time he did. And he could not find that ball for the life of him. While he was looking for it, he made sure to pounce around like a cat. It was amazing. Behold.

1. Andres Torres thinks Nate Freiman is too tall 

Andres Torres standing next to super tall Nate Freiman is like Take Your Little Leaguer To Work Day. Torres could not see past Freiman for the life of him. Bonus points to Roberto Kelly for helping him figure it out

With Melky and the Blue Jays coming into town, and another road trip where Marty Lurie is suggesting we play Brett Pill in left field, I’m sure we’re going to have plenty of good material for GIFs next week. See you then!