As I’m sure all of you know, San Francisco 49ers Alex Smith was told he’d be fined $15,000 if he continued to wear his San Francisco Giants cap during postgame press conferences. It’s a strange situation that makes the NFL look really greedy and petty, made even stranger because former 49ers All-Pro safety Merton Hanks is the guy who let Smith off with a warning during playoffs. Yes, the same Merton Hanks who once chicken-danced his way through an E-40 video.

Today Shane Loux and Bruce Bochy showed up in 49ers hats. “Alex supported us so I’m going to support him. I’m honored to wear it. This is our way of saying thanks,” said Bochy, who had to have the 7 3/4 hat stretched to fit his 8 1/8 dome.

Bochy and Smith have San Diego ties as well, Bochy as a player and manager for the Padres while Smith grew up in the region. In fact, Smith’s allegiance to the Giants (he once wore a Padres cap while cleaning out his locker after the 2010 season) has been called into question by Padres fans.
Smith has attended several Giants games this season, including April 14 when I was given a ticket (I won a bet, actually) near the Giants dugout a few rows away from Smith, Joe Staley and their significant others (as seen in the picture).

The two San Francisco teams haven’t been this successful at the same time since, I don’t know, 1993? Perhaps as a result of all this winning, we’re seeing repeated instances of 49ers and Giants sporting each other’s lids.

Just in the past couple months I’ve asked Brandon Jacobs about his (SF) Giants cap and Sergio Romo about his 49ers hat. In non-hat related news, Jim Harbaugh has recently spoken of wanting to shake Willie Mays’ hand and in this video offered congratulations to Matt Cain after the perfect game.

One of the highlights of the press conference (which I missed for perhaps the most pathetic reason ever: I realized just as I was leaving my apartment that I had forgotten to feed our neighbor’s cats — and my neighbor left a baseball in one of the cat’s food dishes, which I can only assume is to make sure I actually came and fed the cats) was when someone who showed up late asked Bochy, “Do you know that Alex Smith got fined for wearing a Giants cap?”

This, after the entirety of the session up to that point had dealt with Bochy wearing the 49ers cap in support of Smith. You gotta love the media sometimes. The fact that Bochy listened to the guy’s question and didn’t clown him mercilessly is a testament to the guy’s patience.