Sometimes sitting in the bullpen during the middle of the game is like riding on a crowded bus that isn’t moving. Actually, the last part of that sentence is a pretty good description of MUNI. During today’s game against the Milwaukee Brewers, the newest man on the San Francisco Giants’ 25-man roster sure looked like he committed a bullpen breach of etiquette.

Well, @carmenkiew just outed Jean Machi as the guy who came to Milwaukee and perhaps ate one brat too many. If Jose Mijares stinks in his next relief appearance, we’ll know who to blame.

When I saw this first GIF (I missed the moment on TV, probably when I was writing about Golden Gate Fields canceling their All-You-Can-Drink Saturday promotion), I thought Mijares might be framing the rookie. That’s right, the old “He who smelt it, dealt it” trick. But Machi seemed to own up to his flatulence in Carmen’s second GIF.

At least the odor wasn’t strong enough to force Mijares to cover his nose with the front of his sweatshirt — that’s when you know it’s bad. Machi may be forced to tote around the Hello Kitty backpack as long as he’s with the Major League club for this offense. That is, unless the rest of the relievers worry about leaving that precious item so close to Machi’s posterior.