Dave Flemming

San Francisco Giants just won’t die

Just when I thought I was out…they pull me back in.

He may not be a cleanup hitter, but Bengie Gibson Molina sure makes a great gimpy pinch-hitter. Up to the point when Juan Uribe clubbed that Andres Galarraga-like home run to left center, it looked like any of of about 30 Giants games this season. A decent effort from the starting pitcher (this time Jonathan Sanchez, who struck out 9), and a newly shuffled lineup that producing the same results as every other newly shuffled lineup: impotence.

It’s been said that the Giants are a team that waits for the 3-run homer, except they can’t hit 3-run homers. Well tonight, Bengie not only hit a 3-run shot, he did it with 2 outs in the eighth, down two runs and on only one leg. Watching Molina take off out of the box (relatively speaking), then pull up lame and drag his battered body around the bases wasn’t quite cathartic, but it sure lessened the pain of Monday night at least a little.

It also helped that the Dodgers gave the Rockies a much-needed 6-1 smackdown earlier in the evening, marking the only time I can remember that a Dodgers win could be deemed satisfying to Giants fans. Well, maybe not satisfying, but highly tolerable anyway.

Admit it, you weren’t going to stop watching this team. It’s been a tough season, but a tough season with bits of joy like tonight’s is far better than what we’ve dealt with over the previous four years.

Back to your regularly scheduled snarkiness:

— Nothing sounds more out of place than those times on Dave Flemming’s “Giants Talk” postgame show when they play the instrumental version of Ice Cube’s “Today Was A Good Day” as they go to commercial. What’s next, “Hit ‘Em Up” when Ray Woodson fills in for Damon Bruce?

— I’m not epileptic, but if anything is going to give me a seizure it would be that Comcast commercial where that kid that’s supposed to be in a Latin American country of some sort records all those whistles and street noises for his mom to listen to over the phone. It’s the TV equivalent of that “We make the phones ring…we make the phones RING RING” commercial on KNBR.

— Speaking of KNBR, I’m getting pretty tired of Rod Brooks’ act. How after every single negative thing happens to the Giants, Niners or Warriors, Brooks is the guy preaching saying, “Relax, man. There’s nothing you can do about it.” Fitz may be a shill for the Warriors, but at least he gets worked up from time to time, while Brooks does his best Joe “I’m above the fray” Buck impression every afternoon. Listen Rod, if you don’t care, why are you still doing this? Oh yeah, you make decent money and all you have to do is talk sports for three hours.

— I love how Kuip doesn’t even pretend he cares when the postgame wrap is televised, and how he or Kruk are always pushing Flemming to end the wrap before he’s ready by saying, “So what’s on tap?”

— Rob Neyer not only thinks both Chris Carpenter and Adan Wainwright have a better chance to win the Cy Young Award than Tim Lincecum, but he says Matt Cain doesn’t have a chance. Why? “It’s not likely that Cain will do anything extraordinary, because (frankly) he’s not an extraordinary pitcher. Not extraordinarily so, anyway.” That sentence probably sounded a lot better in Neyer’s head.

— How many phone calls will KNBR receive this season wondering why Nate Davis isn’t the starting quarterback for the 49ers, or at least the primary backup? 200? 1,000? Looks like Matt Maiocco is already getting tired of fielding questions about the former Ball State star who doesn’t put one finger on the laces when he throws.

— Totally unrelated, but I have to give it to KFC for having the balls to give the world a breadless chicken sandwich. Yep, instead of buns, a mixture of cheez, bacon and “Colonel’s Sauce” is shoved between two breaded and fried chicken breasts. That’s what I’m talking about when I talk about America!

— Finally, you have to check out this video of a Little League World Series pitcher asking his coach if he can plunk the next batter, then if instead of switching to first base if he can just be taken out of the game.

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